Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday #2

Yes, this is the second post today; the previous one was supposed to happen last night, but I ran out of steam.

First of all, I am thankful for finishing this scrap quilt in Cynthia's Scrap-a-Palooza series on Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework!  I understand it's called a "flimsy finish" because it's only the top that is done.  Oh, I do love the way it turned out!!  It is going to my darling grandson, who loves red.  I am so very very thankful for him; words cannot begin to describe how much he enriches our lives, and the lives of all he comes into contact with, really.  He is a little gentleman of such depth, such personality, and only 5 1/2.  Hmm, I have not named his quilt yet!

An advantage to getting a late start to her series is that I can peek at others' quilts.  This one came together because of inspiration from a couple of other quilters who made this Scrappy Ripple Quilt #2.  I wrote about that inspiration in my earlier post today.

I was so happy that the math all worked out, and that after adding the first round of sashing to the blue centre, my green round fit perfectly!  Gotta love that!

On the second round of sashing, I had planned to pop in a few leftover 2.5" squares here and there like someone else did.  Well!  I did put in a strip of 4 on the right side....

but I suddenly thought, hey! I wonder if any of the other little "pictures" on that black snowman print would work. . . presto!  The mitten patch was a perfect 2.5",

and although the snowmen on the right side had to undergo a little trim, but they still worked and look adorable, I think.

Now to get Summer Daze finished quilting and then this one can go on.  It will bump out two other tops I finished this winter in Florida, but it's okay.  I already know what I'm going to quilt in the sashing!  :--)

So what else am I thankful for today?  My eyes.  I got a thumbs-up from my ophthalmologist on Tuesday, so I only have to go back next May, yay.  I am thankful for the optometrist who discovered that I needed to see the ophthalmologist.  I finally ordered my new progressive glasses and they arrived yesterday.  I love them.  So I am thankful for my new glasses that let me see in the distance as well as up close!  I am thankful for Clearly Contacts that has such good pricing, such a good return policy as well as try-on policy on glasses.  No, I am not getting any kind of $$ for writing that!

I am thankful for the rain, even though I am craving a good dose of sunshine and heat!  Green has a wonderful, pungent smell, and I am thankful that I have Rocco, who forces me to go outside for walks, even short ones, on rainy days, so that I get to tantalize my olfactory sense with the moist, thick smell of rain on grass and earth.  The lawns just glow today.

I am thankful for this blog, and for those who read it, basic as it is still, and for those who take the time to comment.   It means a lot to me!!  Now, I think I am going to tackle adding some pages tabs up top!  And, I am sooo thankful to Karen of Sew Many Ways, who has a tab of all kinds of blogging tips that I use, and am going to make good use of right now!


  1. Sandra, I just came across your blog from Leah's and went back to the beginning of this month. I love your comments and I love the title of your Blog! Not yet retired and much older than yourself, but working on enjoying life and being as thankful as possible for every day. Your quilts are great and giving me ideas that I hope to start incorporating into my retirement. Not a blogger but love to read all types of quilting blogs. Want to free-motion with Leah, finding free time is a chore. Keep up the great work and quilts, I will check in again. Sorry for the length. :-|

  2. Ooooo i LOVE the quilt and the little mittens and the little snowmen; you're right, they're ADORABLE!! Great job!
    Always so much to be thankful for! :D <3


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