Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sad on One Hand, Happy on the Other

Somehow between volunteering at, and attending the first annual Kingsville Folk Fest all this weekend, plus being away all last week, I have to get two posts out by tomorrow.  Here is the first!

I am sad because I missed the deadline at Melissa's A Lovely Year of Finishes for August with being away in Cottage Country last week.

I am still going to put my goal on my blog, however.  I did accomplish so much last winter by blogging about all my UFOs I took down with me!  I will finish the flimsy at the very least for my Round Robin guild project.

I think I have 3 more rounds to complete after this one.  Piece of cake, right?

On the other hand, I am happy, because I was one of the winners for Melissa's July ALYOF!  This was my finish, as you might recall:

My "Gears for my Gearhead" quilt wallhanging I made for my husband.  I was the winner of 3 PDF patterns from Green Fairy Quilts!  So cool.  I haven't had a chance to look yet, but I will let you know what I choose this coming week, when things slow down a little around here!

I am also so very very happy to be a part of our little town's inaugural Folk Fest.  We do so much fantastic stuff in Kingsville,

and this new event is just another one of so many exciting happenings.  So many of the artists performing last night commented on the beauty of Lakeside Park.  And it is.

Looking south at Lake Erie; the main park is behind me
A cute sign from the Festival last night:

Here is another picture from last week with our friends at their cottage in Cottage Country.  Beautiful scenery.  Canadian Shield granite, crystal clear lakes, trees--!  Ahhh.

Some of the "cottages" were 3 or more times the size of my house.
Own your own island!
With all the rock, trees, and clear lakes, I found it odd not to see an Alberta Rocky mountain in the background!  I did, however, notice a quilt-themed B&B Retreat on one of the winding roads!  Gotta love that!


  1. Bummer that you missed the deadline!! But your pictures make me extremely jealous!! What a beautiful place to be! I'd say a pretty good reason to miss a post deadline :)

  2. Congrats on your ALYoF win. The gears are so intricate!

  3. Ooooo yay! Congratulations on your win!!! Great pics of your getaway!


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