Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The "f" word

Yep.  That oughtta get some attention!

Been known to utter it on occasion.  Occasion of appliqué that will never end...


The name of my round robin.

Here's the next round done!

"Excuse me?"  you're thinking, "I thought you weren't a fan of appliqué?"  Well... this idea germinated.  The directions for this round were "add some words or phrases to your quilt".  Oh, it had already had plenty of those flung at it!  Didn't think the ladies in the guild would appreciate me appliquéing the f-word you were thinking of when you read my title.  Sitting in the back seat of our car last Sunday, Dayna riding shotgun so she and her dad could yak, I let my mind free-associate for a name for the quilt.  Voilà.

Apologies for the poor lighting, but again, it's darker than the inside of a cow outside.  I plan to quilt "fleurs" on the other 3 sides in the same lettering, and then quilt the snot out of the surrounding so it pops.

In case it's not apparent, the centre block, my orphan block, is hand appliquéd, stitches so tiny that I doubt I could replicate them today with my deteriorating close-up vision.  The four corners of appliqué is by machine, but edges turned under a scant 1/4".  I did the "fleurs" letters raw-edge appliqué using a blanket stitch on my Bernina.  So three different methods of appliqué on one quilt!

Next round is to add pieced curves.  I might just get this baby done yet.

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!


  1. This is gorgeous and somewhat hilarious! Darker than the inside of a cow?! I have never heard that saying before :) hah! I love your project so far. Thank you for sharing :) I'm stopping by from WiP Wednesday.

  2. There's more applique and applique techniques in this one quilt than I have tried in all my quilts ever. I need to start stretching my skills a bit!

  3. Love your applique - it is such a beautiful design!

  4. LOL, Great post title!! Your solution to your 'f' word is perfect :) You are almost there! Judy

  5. Sandra, you are so funny... thank you for the laughs! Your round robin is coming along beautifully!

  6. LOL, yes, you're using one of our beloved Dad's phrases there - darker than the inside of a cow. I seem to recall him saying that about a polar bear's rear end too LOL!!! Darker than the inside of a polar bear's bum! Good grief! And other unmentionable phrases related to the dark which are so blatantly politically incorrect but just flowed out of his mouth...... sigh, how I miss him! ANYway, LOVE the "fleurs" and the font you chose for it; couldn't be a better word to place on the quilt.


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