Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Q2FAL List

Wow, we are into the second quarter of 2015!  Time to make a list for this quarter's finish-along over at On the Windy Side.

How did I do with my Q1FAL list?  I had 8 projects on it, and I completed 6 of them!! I am very happy about that.  I will move two of them over to this quarter.

Here is the new list:

1.  Stack 'n Whack quilt from Q1FAL
You always have enough fabric to make two quilts using Bethany Reynolds' method.  I made my brother-in-law and sister-in-law one with these fabrics, but with a dusky coral-pink rather than the deep coral I have.  I think that was 10 years ago?!  Worked on it again last year, or the year before, but still have a ways to go.

2.  Brrrrr Park from Q1FAL
I would say I am about 1/3 of the way done of the quilting.  I did quite a lot last quarter, but it got put to the side in favour of a couple of more pressing projects.

3.  Charity String Quilt
These are a bunch of blocks I have made so far using Cyndy's Scrap-a-Palooza Quilt #8 from August 2014.  I intend to give them to a seniors' residence in our town, along with a second as-yet unplanned or started quilt.  They will both be lap quilts for residents in wheelchairs.

4.  Bento Box quilt for one of my nephews

This has been in the works for a year now; my friend, Nancy, and I shared the pattern.  I have since learned the original colour scheme I thought would work, won't.  So most of the blacks and whites are staying, I've added a couple meaningful ones, and totally changed the colour run.

5.  This is a small project that I've seen floating around quilt blogland, but I saw a good tutorial on Molli Sparkles blog.

6.  Secret Quilt Project #1
This is going to be a star quilt out of Pam and Nicky Lintott's Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts book, but I might modify the pattern as I will not be making it out of a jelly roll.

There will be some more fabric in this quilt; I just do not have it, um, available for the photo.

7.  Secret Quilt Project #2
You've seen some glimpses of this baby.  'nuff said for now.

8.  Hand-quilted runner
I'm doing the walk of shame right now...I had this last year as my goal for a month in ALYOF.  I did make a fair amount of progress on it, but it got set aside, I believe for the "Fleurs" flurry (ha) of work.  I have not touched it this winter, although it has sat, alternately forlorn and glaring at me, in a basket in my sewing room.  I hope to quilt while we travel for the day and a half north back to Kingsville.  Then it will just need binding.

9.  NINE??!!  Fabric bucket
Last year I bought the pattern, Nesting Fabric Bowls, from Nova at a cuppa and a catch up and I did buy some Amy Butler fabric at that time with the bowls in mind. Then at fabric.com I saw this, and thought, 'Ooh, that would make some cool fabric buckets.  Because I had quite the success last quarter with creating pouches, I think why not make some more buckets/bowls in the second quarter?

I also have a charity quilt to be completed for this quarter for Hands2Help and my placemats for my April goal at ALYOF (see sidebar buttons).  This a lot to do, I know, and for 12 days in early May, my mum is coming down to visit us in Kingsville!  I'm excited for many many reasons, but one is to show her how I quilt on my longarm.

One last note about the cutting backwards technique that I mentioned in my last post.  Here is the method I used yet again this morning.  You can do this in any increments that result in your desired measurement.  Here I needed 3.5"X6.5" rectangles, so I cut a 13" long strip out of my WOF fabric, but I could have cut a 19.5" strip.

13" line and then cut in half to yield 2 6.5" rectangles by 3.5" wide
Because you have more length of your ruler along the side edges of your strip, you have a better chance of getting precise pieces.  When I was cutting 3.5" squares, I used the 10.5" line, cut, backed up my ruler to the 7" line, cut, then backed it up to the 3.5" line and cut one more time to yield 12 3.5" squares (oh yes, I had a double WOF strip under my ruler!)

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  1. Sandra - this might just be the longest and most ambitious list of FAL goals I've ever seen. I bet you will make great headway with it too!
    How wonderful that your Mom is coming to visit - I hope you enjoy your time together and do a lot of fun things!

  2. This is so ambitious! I love the quilting on Brrrrr Park, I can't wait to see that done.

  3. You'll get them all done! Always astounds me how much you get done.
    Mum will have a great time with you, she'll enjoy everything while I watch her house while she's gone!!

  4. Wishing you the best with your list. Looks like fun projects.

  5. good luck to you on finishing up a whole bunch of things, it'll feel great!

  6. Brr Park is looking fabulous!! Such an ambitious list! If anyone can knock it out YOU can! Great projects on the go! Good luck!!


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