Monday, April 20, 2015

Reflections on Winter in Florida

Another one has come....and gone.  Interesting to see what I did over the past almost five months. This is the longest we have ever stayed.  And by now, we all know why!
My 6 "sandwiches" basted and ready to take to tomorrow's Dot to Dot class with Angela Walters!!
A couple of days ago, I hauled out my two tubs and started emptying drawers and cabinets.
Cue the freak-out
Rocco, the sensitive soul that he is, wigs out when we start packing.  Not only do the tubs and a suitcase make him nervous, our vibes, which he picks up on before we even realize we are emitting them, also add to his general anxiety.  He usually stops eating.  Has to be coaxed into slowly nibbling.

Naala does not like to let my husband out of her sight; 

she got pretty frantic on the two recent occasions we left in the SUV without her and Rocco. She wouldn't even prick her ears up for this photo.

Outside of some batting, I can't believe it all fit back into the containers it came down in!  Um...thoughts:  is there something wrong with this picture:  a couple of projects from last winter that didn't get done then, not even during the summer, made their second trip down with me this winter....and yep, are going back north, still no further ahead than over a year ago?  Proof, as I said to Judy, of Quilt Paradigm, that I am too easily diverted  and tempted!  She replied, and I quote, "You aren't doing this for any other reason than for fun - so you bring back more than you bring down. . . isn't that the nature of this habit we have? LOL"  Wise words, my friend.

Fun.  Absolutely. Guilt-free happiness, enjoyment and satisfaction that feeds my soul.

Our last trip to the beach, on Manasota Key, was yesterday.
Looking south, into the steamy southern breeze
The colours of the Gulf never cease to take my breath away.  These were taken with my 4-year-old iPhone 4, so it doesn't do justice to the beauty, yet you still can appreciate how stunning it is.
Looking north.  Some lovely wave action!
This guy, has visible evidence hanging from his beak in the form of fishing line, that he is way too tame.  I got this close, no zooming in; I could have reached out and touched him.

The guy who was fishing said they have learned, from humans feeding them, not to fear us, and they do swipe fish right off the line, with the hook and line still attached.  I hope his gut will digest it and not leave him to die a painful lingering death.  Clearly the fish was already in his belly.

It's hard in some ways to leave the beauty of the Gulf, only a 35-40-minute drive from our home.  I'm so glad I got to see so many ethereal jacaranda trees in bloom, and (yes!!) to inhale the heavenly fragrance of one of these stupendous blooms in our neighbourhood:
Magnolia grandiflora
This one was only about 9" in diameter.  They are often 12" across; I refer to them as dinner-plate-size flowers.  They are just now bursting forth everywhere.

I read 15 books since December 1 and I am into #16!  It is another Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything.
Those I read from my own personal library
I also read several from our local library here, three non-fiction and three fiction by Harlen Coben, as well as another Jo Nesbø.

As for quilt projects, I completed 6 of my 8 goals in the first quarter, I also completed my ALYOF goal I had in January (I didn't sign up again until this month, April), I finished the binding on Savannah and we've slept under it every night, I finished the flimsy for Fleurs, I've started a cows/farm quilt, I have another secret quilt top finished but for the border, I made 3 cat mats for cats' cages in the Humane Society, I created 5 little bags in various sizes, knitted two pairs of fingerless gloves, I've got a start on the current Scrap-a-Palooza quilt, and I have a set of placemats, a cushion cover, and two other placemats or perhaps a bag, all ready for quilting at Angela's class.  I'm pretty happy!

Bella decided to pack herself into a rather fitting bag. She has expensive tastes, what can I say.
The bag measures 8X10".  I mean she's a small cat, but really...


  1. LOL! that picture of your cat! HEhe...

  2. Ha Ha, being newly subscribed to your blog, I'd forgotten about Bella so my first thought was "What's that?!". She is a winsome little critter, isn't she?

    I hope the bird is not harmed by a fish hook as I thought right away that he was indulging in rather dangerous behavior.

    I noticed a Diana Gabaldon book and now have to figue out if I've missed this one. It's been awhile since I've read any of hers and am not too sure what the last one was. Must figure that out as I don't want to miss any. :-)

  3. Have a safe journey north! I think you were quite productive this winter. I know I would have to be leaving clothing behind to pack all my new acquisitions!

  4. An incredible sojourn... you definitely know how to use your time richly Sandra!
    We have a heron like that visit the pond behind us from time to time. I hope this one will pass the hook without harm done.
    Bella is way too adorable in that bag! And the pups too pitiful.
    I love that book "A Walk in the Woods" Back in the day, it made me want to hike the whole Appalachian Trail.
    May you and Joe and all your critters have a peaceful and safe trip home!

  5. You got a tremendous amount accomplished!

    Love those furry kids so much!

    So glad you're (finally lol) reading Short History of Bill Bryson's; I know I've raved about it to you so often! :)