Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Have My Cake and Eat it Too

I wrote this earlier today, and then life happened and so did a few thunderstorms... so here we go:

Today is a red-letter day for me.

I used to think two things about aging:
1.  that I would NEVER live to be FORTY
2.  that I would NEVER live to see the year 2000

(because the world would probably end by then.)

Well, I made it.

And then some.

Today my very first pension cheque from the teaching profession, albeit only half a full pension amount, got deposited into our bank account. I also used to believe in the early years of teaching, that I would quit by 50 because that is just SO OLD, and I need time to do all the things I want to do! Well, I'm a few years past that "old" age (it's so not old!) and I feel much the same as I did at about age 28-30; however, I'd like to think maybe a little more wisdom and serenity have settled upon me.

So we bought these two beauties to celebrate:
Note the shrapnel from a couple of the storms that passed through! These two got a little drenched.  Mandevilla vines.

Maybe I'll take my husband out for supper as a further celebration.

Or maybe we'll stay home and enjoy a homemade supper with maybe a second glass of wine for moi!  Rebel.
(We did, and I did.)

What do I mean by the title of this post?
Of the 30 years of teaching I did, from age 22-52, several were part-time years.  This allowed me to stay home for all, or chunks, of the days when my girls were babies and growing up.  I had the best of both worlds:  mummy time (SO many good memories abound), but also adult time, (SO many friendships made with both colleagues and students and still kept today), validation that I was contributing to the good in the world by teaching young people, yet validation that I was able to spend a decent amount of time, IMHO, with my daughters.  Yes, I only get half of what I could have got, had I, either not been part-time, or taught until age 61.  I don't mind; I have my sanity, my health, my optimism!

I wouldn't change a thing.

I managed to snap a quick photo or two on the porch of the Hands2Help quilt I finished this afternoon.  It was raining pretty hard at the time!

More tomorrow once I've washed it.  Here is the back:

Today is also a red-letter day because I am about to upload a pattern of mine that has been accepted...more on that pretty soon!


PugMom said...

Congrats on your first retirement check! May it be the first of many! I'd love to give up the rat race and work part time...I think the Pug Pack would benefit from some more "Mommy time"... not sure how Mike will feel about this... Can't wait to hear more about the pattern... I'm on pins and needles!
Pugs and kisses,

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Congratulations on your red-letter day! I have 1 and 1/2 days left! So hard to believe! But I am definitely looking forward to more sewing days in my future! I love your Hands 2 Help quilt. Is that an original pattern? I would live to make one!

Georgi said...

Isn't retirement wonderful!? I've been retired for almost 8 years (since I was 58) and I've been loving it ever since. I just got into quilting three years ago and I feel like I've got SO much to catch up on!! Thanks so much for being one of the bloggers who has inspired me. :) Enjoy!!

Dody said...

Congrats on your red letter day. I wish you many more.

Deal.licious Real Food Debby said...

I left teaching 3 years ago, but not to retire. Instead, it was because I added baby #3 to the family. I thought I would be teaching forever, but I am glad to be doing something else for work from home. Enjoy your time!!


Mokki said...

I never thought the year 2000 would ever come either, it just seemed soooooo far away! My mum was so happy when she got her pension for the first time a year ago, it was something to celebrate. I think she got about 90p but celebrate we did.

Lara B. said...

Happy red letter day Sandra! And how wonderful that there are more reasons for celebrating to come!

Pat said...

High fives on the retirement!! I worked way past the normal time but 8 years of it was at home so that worked out well. Just retired last September, moved to retirement home in March, finally settled (well, almost settled) and thinking how much I love life!!
Your H2H quilt is really sweet and I love Mandevillas. :D

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

LOL, isn't it amazing to think about what we thought way back when? I remember hearing Prince's song 1999 and thinking that is SO far away, it will never get here! LOL YAY retirement and YAY for doing it early enough to enjoy it!! :)

Your H2H quilt is awesome!! I just love that backing fabric!!! LOVE it!

Mary Ann said...

I am 65 and can't believe I am that age!! In my mind I feel 40!! Enjoy reading your blog............

barbara woods said...

Congrats now you can enjoy retirement

Sandra Walker said...

Thank you! And yep, what you think and feel and act is directly proportional to your overall well-being. Sixty is the new 40! In that respect I'm a baby still, lol.

Jasmine said...

Isn't it wonderful looking back and knowing you made the right choice? I only taught for one year, but I am so grateful I am able to be home with the boys. Love the looks of the star quilt. What a fun backing.

Cheryl said...

Congrats! Your quilt is beautiful. Finding the balance between a professional working life and a home, mommy life is difficult, it looks like you really achieved that balance well.

Linda C said...

Yay! On all points above! Your cup overflows. <3