Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Heart Is Full

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

~Mahatma Gandhi                        

This weekend:
Clematis at Dayna's
Fresh from a local greenhouse
Last night:
H2H quilt top is done

Rhododendrons in Amherstburg

Incredible sunset (this does not do it justice) over the Detroit River, Amherstburg
Just to relate this to quilting, as if the colours are not enough, Amherstburg was the last stop on the Underground Railroad to Canada and freedom, quilts hung over porch railings or on clotheslines with symbols sewn in to safely lead the way.

This morning:
7 am:  Greeted by...a cardinal, (that brilliant red spark by the stained glass sun?) his mate in the tree above him. The lower red spot is a quince flower
Rocco soaking up the love of these adorable munchkins, who he ADORES; they don't see his breed, just a loveable soft doggie
That's a beach picnic and toys wrapped up in that quilt!!
Made by her oma, the girl told me this quilt sadly got literally eaten (shades of Nugget, no names mentioned) by her dog in one spot.  It's all handquilted, such bright happy fabrics.

More bright happy
and icing on the cake, shortly after I got home from our walk, this arrived!
Perfect!  (uh, notice the Rocco photo-bomb again?
I won this in Julie's (Pink Doxies) giveaway a few weeks ago, for linking up on her Pet Project Saturday.  It is BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL.  Colour choices, fabrics, FMQ and workwomanship.  It looks just terrific on the cream loveseat against the wheat-coloured walls.

Can you get the sense of just how round and fat my happiness bubble is...


  1. So many beautiful things to share Sandra! Gorgeous springtime blooms and I love the pillow Julie sent to you!
    Hey, did you know that Lewiston was one of the Last stops on the Underground Railroad? Yep. We have a lot of fascinating stories in our town about outwitting slaver hunters.

  2. So happy you're happy! Love the H2H quilt top! It looks so sweet.

  3. May all the happies last and last!

  4. Oh I love this post!! Such beautiful vibrant colours, nature is bountiful and beautiful! Oh Rocco <3

  5. You have some beautiful photos here. I love your sunset and the clematis pic especially.

  6. Just looking at all those lovely photos makes my heart full. :D


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