Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Hodge Podge

Seems like that is the phrase for the past week or so.  Life stuff, and a little bit of a hodge podge in the sewing department as well.

The first order of business is that it is Week 4 of the New Bloggers' Hop as of yesterday, with more prizes in the giveaway.  Check out our hive mamas' posts:
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I've been picking away at Cynthia's Scrap-a-Palooza quilt #16 and so far have made 24 blocks, just when I feel the urge to piece something.
I love her circle layout.  I haven't played with other layout possibilities but they're going on my design wall in the circle pattern for now.
After I made the rich royal purple block, I decided to do a forest green one.  It doesn't show up as rich here even though I adjusted and enhanced the photo.  Eventually you'll see.  I always am so intrigued by what happens when you randomly mix several shades and tones of colours.  The mustard in the yellow didn't work as well as the gold with the brights.  I don't mind; it's staying with me  most likely and I do love little glitches like this.  I also love thinking of all the quilts and projects these fabrics were a part of...some I recognize, but can't bring the quilt or project to mind!  Need to dig out my quilt photo album.

I'm also picking away at Scrap Vortex.  It's going to be a very slow-growing quilt. I'm okay with that.  Mindless, grab a few small scraps that I keep tossing in one of my Nesting Bowls and put 'em together.  Ahh.  Massage for the creative part of my soul.

Part of my soul...my pitbull, pibble, Rocco, who decided to take advantage of my footrest since I wasn't yet out there using it:

The sunshine has been calling, so I make sure I get a 20-minute or so dose of vitamin D apart from Rocco and my daily walk.
Lake Erie was pristine this morning.  I could have sat on that new stone bench for some time
Another of the hodge podge event of life and in this post is the classic car show at Lakeside Park on Sunday.  Workmanship, pride, appreciation for the past, detail, inspiration, this small local show had it all.  Massage for my husband's creative car-building soul.  Like a quilt show for me.  I love these shows too.

Could not resist this Chevy coupe from Rocco's (!!) Speed Shop
Or this Chrysler Saratoga from SUCH a good year, lol:
My colour too!
To end this Hodge Podge post, which, like a good goulash, all blends together in the end for a fantastic flavour, here is a sneak peek of the heart quilt.  Quilting is all done. I just am SO in love with the minky Cuddle I got.  Thank you to Jasmine of Quilt Kisses for her expert help and advice in this new-to-me fabric.

All right! Hope you found a common thread in this post, and I hope you check out those new blogs for more great inspiration and like-minded creative souls. I've now made my final decision (I think, ha ha) on the binding for this quilt, so I'm off to the basement, out of my chair on the patio (Rocco's out of my footrest) to finish up this quilt so I can take it to our Erie Shores Guild meeting tonight!  I will be linking this post up with Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.  :-)


  1. Seriously digging your Scrap-a-Palooza quilt blocks! And the Cuddle backing - LURVE the quilting! Your ribbon candy looks awesome around the heart - way to rock the candy and the swirls. . . and the dot to dot. . . and the heart meander in the center - you nailed it! :D

    Nothing better than wondering around looking at old cars - you picked two very fine specimens to show ;) And Rocco, just hangin' :) What a great picture!

  2. Jasmine does have a lot of great tips for cuddle / minky fabric; how awesome that she helped you with tips and advice! The back of the quilt looks great and soft. :)

  3. Love your circle blocks. They make me want to start another quilt! And beautiful job on your quilting!

  4. Beautiful projects and place.Those cars are an eye candy!

  5. I've always heard that Minky is tricky to quilt with anything fancy, but you sure did a great job Sandra!
    Love your circular LC blocks!
    Rocco is so funny and looks quite content.
    Jim and I think 1960 was a very good year too. Antique Auto shows are amazing... a trip down memory lane now that I am antique too, LOL.

  6. Really love those blocks and IT had reminded me I've joined a bee for those starting in January . I'd genuinely forgotten that

  7. That quilting looks really lovely - I haven't tried minky yet but it looks lovely and soft!

  8. Wow...the quilting is amazing. Great job!

  9. Back from some R & R and trying to catch up on some blog reading! Glad I dropped in to see your progress on the LC circles and your quilting on the heart quilt-LOVE it!!

  10. Your circular log cabins look great! And you already know I love the quilting on the heart quilt. Loved reading all the hodge podge.

  11. Omg Rocco.....LOVE him so much!!!! In the footrest, too funny! All your projects are gorgeous! Oh that quilt!!!

  12. " Ahh. Massage for the creative part of my soul."
    I think I may have to add this to my favorite quotes book.


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