Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Q3 Finish Along - My List

Half of this year is gone!  What happened?  Hopefully I will have a little better success rate in this quarter.  Q2 had 9 projects, 5 of which were completed, 4 by June 30, the 5th three days late.  Here is this quarter's list for Adrianne at On the Windy Side.  If you do nothing but check her blog on a Saturday for her Caturday Wisdom, it will be worth the trip.  :-)

Without further ado, here we go.
#1.  Bento Box quilt for my nephew.
Absolutely nothing got done last quarter, nor the first.  That in itself, is shameful.  And I am having a hot flash just admitting that I hope you know.  That is why it is #1.

I've even had the pattern right beside my sewing machine...I am motivated by guilt, you bet.  Clearly not enough guilt.  Yet.
#2. So, based on a tiny block someone used for their guild nametag,  I designed a quilt for my daughter Dayna's graduation from Wayne State University this past May.  It was my mystery quilt in Q2, and you've seen hints of it, but never the flimsy thus far.  Here it is.  More info when I get the borders on and have a finished flimsy.  Suffice it to say, she loves it, as do I.
A ton of negative space waiting for FMQ, which is in large part why I've held off on this until I get Avril totally shipshape.

#3.  I picked up this "Cherie" fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics a couple of months ago in Florida to make a couple of makeup bags for my daughters.

#4.  I got this Olaf fabric in the same order, with pj shorts in mind for Brady.  Maybe the remainder will grow into a pillowcase. He loves the ones I've already made him.  Don't tell him it's a girl pattern!  The pants have a button fly in them though, so we're good, and I've used it twice already to make him long pants pajamas, which he loves.

And that is it, believe it or not.  Ya, not. There are a few others on my "hope to do" list, some which have been on the previous quarter lists, but I'm going to keep this short and hit publish before I go and add some more.

#5.  Okay.  16 hours later, and I'm going to add one more.  I realized after I published this and jumped in the car to drive to yoga that I really should have Over and Under on the list.  I want to quilt it as practice before I do Dayna's quilt.  So here it is in its flimsy state.  It's been a flimsy for, cough, a little over a year.  Slept at Dayna's last night, sans computer, so I'm adding it now I'm home from my morning Ashtanga.  That is such a great way to start a day.  Mmmm...   More yoga talk coming this week.
Taken in our condo (sold now) in Florida, March 8, 2014. Think I stood on a counter stool to try to get a full-on shot.  Lots of Tula Pink fabric in this.


  1. Love love love the purple stars quilt! I would have to call it "Falling Stars", or something like that! Have fun with all your sewing!!!

  2. I enjoyed viewing your Bento Box fabrics because I too am starting a black and white print quilt. I actually just ordered them and was really loving your picks.
    Good luck with your goals!

  3. I didn't even join in last quarter , missed the sign up never mind any finished . Probsbly too late this time too . Love your quilt for dayna . Your dressmaking pattern reminds me I started a skirt for my daughter two years ago

  4. I hope you have a great quarter. Can I just say that I Love the design for your daughter's quilt. (and not just because it is purple).

  5. I also love those purple stars! What a great design idea, with the shadows behind the stars. It's going to be beautiful!

  6. Love the purple stars! That Cherie fabric will be great in makeup pouches!

  7. Good luck making progress or finishing up all of these items. I can't wait to see you quilt the purple star quilt! :)

  8. Love the purple stars! Your other projects look like fun, too, but I'm in it for the stars...

  9. Bento Box Bento Box!!! ;) Can't wait to see this one come together - I will be cheering/nagging you on this one ;) Love your fabric pull - I do think I have a few of those fabrics in my stash! hehe You know I absolutely LOVE Dayna's quilt top! I just know you are going to do something amazing with all of that negative space! As for Brady's jammie shorts - the fabric is what is most important, not the pattern ;) haha

  10. At least you have fabric pulled for Bento Box LOL The purple stars are awesome. Good luck with the next quarter.

  11. Your Over and Under is my favorite here. The scrappiness of it is so appealing, and the blue/aqua sets the center off so well. Yum!


  12. Love a Bento box quilt - great manly fabric choices there and Olaf is so cute!

  13. Oh Gosh Sandra! Dayna's Stars are just spectacular! I love the gradual fade out effect you created with your layout. And I'm a huge fan of all your scrappy gorgeousness in Over and Under! Bento Box will look great in those fabrics. Great choices for the makeup bag... is that one for Brianne? Brady is going to love those Olaf Jammies!

  14. Oh wow all these projects are wonderful!! LOVE Dayna's purple stars of course! Great work!

  15. I might just know a thing or two or three about quilting by the time I "reach the present" on this blog! Good thing Google is my friend to tell me what's what... flimsy... FMQ... LSQ... WIP... UFO... STASH (Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden... LOVE this one!)...


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