Friday, July 3, 2015

Nesting Bowls - A Finish

Yay, and it's on Friday, so I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.  This was on my Q2 list, but didn't get made in time.

This one is the biggest, a 9" bowl, which means 9" high X 9" wide. It's the only shot that sort of shows the quilting I did in the black lower section: 8 rows of 1/4" wide spaced lines with a line of pebbles and another of ribbon candy.  The ribbon candy is a third eaten up in the boxing of the bottom, with the remainder showing at the very bottom and under the bowl.

Of course Bella came sniffing around, "Something new! Something new!" and so I popped her in to see what she'd do....oh yeah, Bella likes...
She loves these nesting bowls; however her definition of "nesting" is rather different as compared to the name of the pattern.  Purring like a jet engine, she got comfy in her new nest, only to be routed out within half a minute.

She hopped in it once more, this time of her own accord, once I'd finished it.

Sorry Bella, but this is not for you...I don't think... jeez louise the cat has several beds and nests around this house!

Here is what I threw in it for the photo op:

That Stephanie Ryan jellyroll is what I won last Fall...need to do something with it!

Here are the two bowls side by side. One is 9" and the other is 4":
I'm pretty happy with the way the seams and stitching line up

And the inside view:

This biggest bowl takes a 27 3/8 X18 3/8" piece for the lining, and sadly, I didn't have enough of the Jinny Beyer fabric I used for the first bowl.  I do intend to make a middle size, maybe 6", so I'll have enough for that one.  This pink is left over from Summer Scents Mosaic, and it worked great.  Maybe I'll make four more, so I'll have two of each lining.  I like symmetry.

Speaking of "I like" I keep forgetting to say that we enjoyed this delicious recipe, Texas Caviar, on Father's Day when Dayna and her boyfriend came out for dinner.  This was our afternoon appetizer.  I didn't have any black-eyed peas but threw in black beans and added some cilantro.  Yum!
You can find the recipe on Lara's Buzzin' Bumble blog.

Bowl Stats:
Pattern:  Fabric Nesting Bowls from A Cuppa and a Catch Up
Size: 9" and 4" are the two I've made so far, the largest and the smallest
Fabric: black, not Kona, a very very good quality, finely woven black actually purchased for stained glass quilts, oops, from my stash and Timeless Treasures "Fabrics of Soho"
Lining: "Vintage Collection" from Fabricland years ago, and "Coral Reef" by Jinny Beyer scraps from my stash
Batting: Warm 'n Natural scraps as well as Pellon 808
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:Robison-Anton black rayon, Sulky pink rayon, Sulky metallic on the large bowl in the feature panel

I'm also linking this post up with Sarah's Can I Get A Whoop Whoop, and with Julie's Pet Project Show.  Buttons under the tab up top.  Follow the links here to this week's full of inspiration parties.


  1. Your nesting baskets turned out great! I love the fabrics you used!

    That salad looks delicious!

  2. Bella is going to wonder why you keep putting stuff in her new bed...
    Love both bowls. What a fun project!

  3. Your bowls are very cute, I love A Cuppa and a Catch Up's bowl pattern too.

  4. Great nesting bowls. Looks like you'll have to make one for Bella.

  5. Your bowls are great. More things added to my want to make list. At this rate i'll never get to the bottom of the list.

  6. Sandra,
    Your bowls are quite fabulous. And although I am not a cat person, I am IN LOVE with Bella! She is just the cutest!
    Pugs and kisses,

  7. Love your bowls, have you made the one hour basket?

  8. Lovely bowls and your salad looks delicous!!!

  9. Bella looks great in your lovely bowl.

  10. Oh those bowls are GORGEOUS! Bella lol!

  11. Your bowls look great! And Bella looks so at home. Like, "you're going to let me stay this time, aren't you?"

  12. You should make a fleece sherpa lined bowl for Bella - she is so adorable! Great nesting bowls Sandra! It has to be fun to come up with fabric combos for those.
    Kaitie will be delighted that you like dher Texas Caviar! (Minus cilantro - she is one of those who taste it differently. Alina loves cilantro though, LOL)


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