Friday, July 10, 2015

More 3-D Sewing

I've been having some fun in my basement sewing abode over the past couple of days.  I had these two bowls cut out when I decided to make the ones from the Timeless Treasures fabric first, as those were the ones on my Q2 Finish Along list, the Fabric Nesting Bowls pattern I bought from A Cuppa and A Catch Up.  I went back to them and made both.  One is for a friend; the sunflowers one is for me.  I think.

Sadly, I didn't have enough of the pretty red floral to line both.  It takes rather a lot of lining fabric for these bowls!  These two are the 8" size.
I had some fun again with quilting; this time the ribbon candy mostly shows at the bottom!

Of course, Bella got all excited that I was actually making her a bowl...
She is getting as tired as my family is of me taking photos of everything...
Not a good fit; she prefers the 9" size!

I also made one more so that I now have a trio of the original bowls.
6", 9" and 4" all with different linings
I decided to flip the order of the fabrics so that I could do some cool quilting on the black panel.  Sigh. Well, it doesn't show that well unless the light hits it, and I really am not thrilled with the overal look; it needs the pink sewing print to be the feature.
Inside under the Ott-Lite
I had some really thick shiny thread, a YLI, I believe, left over from a quilted jacket I made about 10 years ago.  This thread goes into the bobbin.  I just did straight lines instead of the original feathers plan because of the thickness.  The pink is a Sulky Holoshimmer.  I've missed quilting with these fun threads.  I did (I think) Mesh Curtain out of Leah Day's first book along the bottom edge.

Lined with more of the sewing themed fabric--eww! See the freaking dead fish fly that wormed its way, pun intended, into this photo?  They are still around, not many, but enough already!
Setup for sewing with Holoshimmer threads
Here's a tip: this thread likes to feed horizontally, as it is a flat ribbon-style thread.  If it goes on my horizontal spool, it comes off the end, and twists, as a result.  This way, unwinding in the same fashion as does a toilet paper roll, keeps it more flat.  I also use a Schmetz Metallica needle.  My good friend figured out how to make a holder using a small knitting needle and two holders made from painters masking tape!  I use an old candle holder that mainly serves as my pencils, scissors, etc. holder when not in use as this.

We also made a new salad, Spicy Southwestern Salad, Wednesday night.  It can be found on Pinch of Yum, here.  It is easy to make, healthy and delicious!  What's not to love about roasted sweet potatoes, avocado dressing and some spiciness?  I love her blog.
Ha, the Hint of Lime nachos are in another bowl I made several years ago, a fabric one from Linda Johansen's book -- gotta keep the bowls theme, right?
Just gotta say taking this photo got much the same reaction from my husband as Bella gave me earlier in this post.

I also had some totally playing-type sewing in between making these bowls.  Kind of a leaders and enders project, and I always wanted to make one of Amanda Jean's (Crazy Mom Quilts) small adorable pincushions, so this one kind of happened with small pieces left over from cutting out my mystery quilt:
It is about 3 3/4" square!  Adorable.  Yep, there's some Sulky Holoshimmer and rayon threads on this baby too, and the red strip finished at 1/4" wide! Crazy, but fun.
I have to find some walnut shells to put in it.  That or maybe some silica sand(?) which is what we put in the pincushion that is on the thread-catcher I have beside my machine.  That might be why you see a small pinhead and a bit of rumpled look at the top edge of the pincushion.  This will go with Avril, as I need a pincushion there (might sew on a wrist strap) when I'm pinning quilts onto the leaders.

I also might have started her Scrap Vortex now too...  and I might have started and made some decent progress on, Cynthia's Scrap-a-Palooza quilt #16...  Next, or, concurrently, is Bento Box, and a heart quilt I'm making for a dear friend.

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday and with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop!  And also with WIPs be Gone at A Quilting Reader's Garden, and with TGIFF at Quilt Matters.  So much inspiration and "Oh, look! A squirrel" distractions. :-)


  1. I love all your projects. And I have to say that I love the way you reversed the fabrics on the third in your set.

  2. Oh Bella...but good to know she prefers the 9" LOL Have a great weekend.

  3. Judging from your blog description, we sound like we're on the exact same page! What lovely quilted cat bowls! (Or for whatever other purpose one has in mind!) They are really lovely! Of note, I also did a DIY horizontal spool holder for my Juki, which really made a huge difference with certain threads.

  4. Bella is just cracking me up!
    Love the bowls, and the thread holder idea is very cool. And that recipe has my name all over it. (I'm changing my name to avocado, ya know...)

  5. Your bowls are just scrumptious!! I too would like to start Scrapapalooza #16 but I just can't right now, it is on the someday list! I am going to work really hard these next couple weeks on finishing up WIP's-I hope!!

  6. I'm going to have to admit, seeing Amanda Jean's Scrap Vortex quilt makes me want scraps. . . LOVE that quilt! SQUIRREL! LOL The "Bella Baskets" are adorable and made even more so by Miss Bella trying to get her butt to fit :D

  7. Sandra your lovely baskets are really coming right along, I love the quilting with decorative threads, adds a nice touch.

  8. Oh yay! More Bella Baskets! Yes, this one was a bit snug around the derriere, sorry Bella, :)
    Thanks for the great tip on positioning the metallic thread!
    Yum on that recipe Sandra! We're going to have to try that out. Bean is coming visiting the first week of August and I need good vegetarian recipes like this!

  9. What an interesting and varied post, Sandra. Love those baskets - they look very handy. Thanks for all the links and for linking to WIPs Be Gone - you've made a lot of progress and finishes.

  10. Great way to use that thread. Love your bowls, like one hour baskets, they are additive

  11. Those bowls look fanTASTIC! Mmm so does the salad!


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