Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ALYOF July Goal

By the time my mum reads this, she will have received her new bag.  This is my July goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes at Sew Bittersweet Designs.  You can see the original post about the project here.

I couldn't be more pleased with how well that green batik went with the pink floral - dogwood(?) -  fabric.  They were not bought at the same time, probably not even in the same year!

Here is the inside:
This green fabric is left over from the backing of Summer Scents Mosaic, under which I'm sitting as I type this...in bed!  Green is my mum's absolute favourite colour.  I made the inside pocket with a piece of the front bag body fabric. The bag has interfacing ironed to the bag body.

For the bottom insert, I used a piece of blue camper's foam cut to fit, and covered it with the same green lining fabric.
It's removable so the bag can easily be washed.  You could handwash this bottom piece too.

I love it, and I know she will.  She thinks she is getting a new bag from Serenity Lavender Farm...which I will still get her if she really wants it.  Just thought this would be a nice surprise!

I added a magnetic snap to hold the bag closed.  I used velcro in her first one, but these are nicer.  I also did some 1/4" spaced quilting with Sulky Holoshimmer in green on the bag band.  I also did the straps a bit differently than in the pattern, adding in Warm 'n Natural batting strips for a softer but more durable strap.  I have made this pattern at least 7 times, once for me, the rest as gifts.
Love the bit of sparkle when the sun catches the Holoshimmer thread!

Bag stats:
Size:  10 X 15 X 5"
Pattern:  "Hold Everything" Quilts 'n More Premiere Issue 2005
Fabric:  bag body - Timeless Treasures "Illumine"; bag band - batik; lining - scraps
Thread:  pieced with Coats & Clark All Purpose and Gütermann; Topstitched with Sulky Holoshimmer and green Sulky Rayon on the handles


  1. The bag turned out wonderfully. I'm sure your mom will love it. Congrats on achieving your July goal.

  2. The bag looks great and I can't wait to hear how your mom likes it; I hope it is a great surprise for her!

  3. Love it, it's so pretty! I better get a pic of my goal's finish-but it's raining cats and dogs and dark here, might have to take it inside this time.

  4. What a cute bag. Congrats on your finished goal and with days to spare :)

  5. Perfect! Mum will love it. We walk over there pretty much daily so I can't wait to check it out in person!!

  6. Lucky mom. :) I love how the bag turned out, especially with the magnetic closure.

  7. Great bag. I love the dogwood fabric

  8. Your mom is sure to love this bag. The batik certainly does match the dogwood fabric. It's great when you can use your stash. Isn't it?

  9. The fabrics really do make each other shine, don't they? Lovely bag!

  10. These are great fabrics, perfect for your bag, I love it!

  11. Congrats on your finish, and the bag is lovely. Fun to have it finished.

  12. The bag looks great! I'm sure your Mom will love it. I bought some fabric to make my Mom a bag. Maybe I will get to it after I finish Strip Therapy.

  13. Your fabric choices are beautiful. I am sure your Mom will love it. Is the camper's foam, the stuff you would find as a sheet to lay under a sleeping bag? I have used car headliner cloth as a stiffener in a bag before. You can purchase it a JoAnn's. I used it in a shotgun case too.


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