Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guild Orphan Block Raffle

A week ago, at our guild meeting, we had a raffle for the orphan blocks the executive has been collecting for a few months.  There were 37 or 38 sets!!  I was shocked.  I was even more shocked at the quality of the orphaned blocks, and of the quality of the fabrics used.
My winnings - I have that navy Buggy Barn fabric in the flying geese unit...

I think (okay, I know) I have too much of my dad in me, because I could not give that kind of workmanship up.  Maybe the fabric...I have donated fabric, I have sewn up beautiful fabric into quilts, and given them away to others, and even to charities.  Okay, I might be able to work up to something like this, I guess... All right, wait, hold the phone, I DID once already.  I gave away fabric to make a complete set of blocks for a Magic Tiles quilt in Cynthia's Orphan Adoption event.
My daughter, Dayna, has claimed this I managed to grab a photo last time I slept over. Look at that gorgeous Sulky Holoshimmer thread!  circa 2001 from the faded label

She's having another!  Next month!  (which is only a mere 6 days away)

So each member and guest got a string of 10 raffle tickets.  Each set of orphan blocks was beautifully packaged up on foam core board, tied with a strip of batik fabric, on which was threaded a spool of Mettler cotton thread.  Each set had a numbered paper bag into which you could drop as many of your 10 tickets as you liked.  If you wanted, you could buy more tickets, think they were 10 for $1 or something.  I just kept my 10; seriously, did I want (yes) or need (no) more orphan blocks?  There were some beauties.  Well, I won one of the 37 sets!  We had about 55 people present.  My package is the first photo.

Inside were 3 various sets of orphans.  The executive packaged up what they thought kind of went together, related by style or choice of fabric.
The flying geese are huge, measuring 5.5X10.5".  There are 2 or more of each print with various neutrals.  43 in all.  Odd that it's an odd number.

These make me think of crocheted granny squares.  Each pair is the reverse of the other.  I was given some leftover strips sets for the pink/brown ones.  No clue what this pattern is, kind of Trip Around the World, but on point.

This appliqué block is exquisitely done.  The stitches are so tiny!  I love the fabric choices, and the embroidery details are so beautifully done as well.

Now what?

Well, the challenge is to have a finished quilt for the September meeting using your orphan blocks.  I'm not clear on whether they all have to be in one quilt or not.  (I guess I can ask at my first executive meeting this Thursday evening!)  A fat quarter stack was dangled in front of be given to someone who finishes a quilt.  If there is more than one, then they'll draw. 

Fun, right?  I immediately thought that those big flying geese would make a great wheelchair quilt.  What do you think? Separate them?  Put 'em all in one quilt?  I can see possibilities for both.  I'll admit, I really want to keep that appliquéd it into a table centre or maybe a bag?

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  1. I think I would keep them separate. The flying geese would make a nice quilt. You could make blocks with them add some sashing and have a smaller quilt. I love the applique block and making it into a table runner would be perfect.

  2. there's even a flying geese cow block! You have to use that somehow! I'd separate the applique out - it really deserves to be showcased on its own!

  3. Love those granny square blocks. Can they surround the appliqué? The geese look like they would be a hard stretch to incorporate with the others. Lucky you!

  4. It really does seem like the pieces belong in separate quilts; the geese are so large they sound like a great place to start to make a lap quilt. I hope you have fun figuring out what to do. :)

  5. These are all beautiful. I too would keep them separate, and use them in a way that works best for me. That applique is gorgeous.

  6. I would keep the projects separate. The granny-type blocks remind me of my color wash quilt. I love the appliqué, and think the flying geese are great! I must say that I love how big they are. Have fun planning.

  7. Thanks for sharing my event! You won some great blocks with tons of potential. Consider using the geese as an outside border.

  8. What a fun event! In my guild we have an unloved fabric swap where we trade fabrics we no longer want in our stash but we have not tried a orphan block swap, what a great idea.

  9. Sandra, you hit the orphan block lotto!! I'd be inclined to do separate quilts if the rules allowed - especially that applique piece - it is magnificent!! That butterfly!!!! That being said, the granny square blocks put in the middle with flying geese around it might be kind of interesting :) What a fun challenge! Can't wait to see what you turn these great blocks into!

  10. What a fun idea for a raffle at your guild. I'm so glad it is turning into something great for you Sandra!
    You won a great bunch of blocks!
    I've picked out my giveaway for Cyndy's Quilty Orphan Adoption event.

  11. These blocks were a great win. I really like the granny square style blocks. Is there enough of the pink and brown strips to make a third block and make a table or bed runner with the three matching or coordinating blocks? The other two could be pillow tops? The geese look like they would work in a separate project.

  12. Flying geese would look beautiful no matter what you decide! And oh my goodness I LOVE that stained glass quilt that Dayna, my sneaky niece LOL stole!! I would too! It's magnificent!!!!

    1. Oh! Meant to add that I can't believe those Granny square thingies are the reverse of each other!!! Who knew??!! How the eye/brain behaves is amazing!


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