Saturday, February 24, 2018

DREAMi! #13

Well, second month in of 2018, and I hang my well-behaved little head in shame. Shame? For being focused. NOT distracted. Ignoring those adorable little squirrels. Like how? Well, deadlines. Commitments. I had to be that focused that this past week when Tish wanted to make another one of our Sewcial Bee Sampler Blocks, I actually said, no can do.😳

It is not for a lack of distractions, oh no. The #30quiltdesignschallenge is going strong on Instagram! Many are past the quilt #10 mark. The draw for the first 10 designs happens on Feb. 26. Melody has once again this year, sponsored the challenge. One lucky designer will win a $15 gift certificate to her shop, The Red Hen Shop, in this first draw!

Along with some quilt focus, I've enjoyed some sun, sea and sand.

MacGyver and I rented a kayak and explored the idyllic waters of Lemon Bay and Stump Pass, which is the extreme south end of Manasota Key. We saw a couple of dolphins, osprey and various other seabirds. We stretched our legs here, wading around in the refreshing clear water before getting back in the kayak to paddle back. The wind and tide were with us so that was lovely.

And this weekend, I'm actually not in Florida, but I am typing the rest of this post from Nashville, Tennessee! I forgot all about DREAMi! until just before leaving for the airport, so it got started typing IN the airport, and now I'm finishing it here.  Why Nashville? I've met up with Dayna, who flew down from Detroit, to stay with Casey, her sister-in-law to be, to spend the weekend wedding dress shopping. This is a Christmas present for Dayna from Tyler and from Casey, who has arranged a whirlwind of a weekend for us. It's my first time in Nashville, so I am super-excited. Apologies, but I may be taking a little extra time to respond to comments, and to Instagram posts...

All right....let's see what threw your well-laid plans out the window this month! I've heard and seen some pretty sweet distractions...

That's uh, my regular life brain so often these days...LOL

Update: When I saw Janine's doll quilts in the link-up, I realized hey wait a minute, I did have a DREAMi! I made a doll quilt for Bernie's Share the Love cause this month, and it certainly wasn't a planned project, and I did drop all the scheduled projects! Go here to read about the quilt, and go here to read about the project.

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  1. Your kayaking looks heavenly! And I'm so glad that you get to go to Nashville this weekend for that overdue shopping trip. Have a lovely time! Hey, I thought you did have a DrEAMi moment this month. Your doll quilt! You've been so focused, you forgot you were being DrEAMi!

  2. Oh I am so behind, instead of chasing squirrels I should have been cutting triangles and quilting my secret project, but I couldn't resist such a good cause. I am like the cows tail, always behind, sigh...........

  3. I should have finished my placemats, one monthly goal for February but I learned how to do this at a sew day and I had to finish it. I really wanted to see the outcome.

  4. It sounds like you'll be having a wonderful weekend, Sandra! Enjoy every minute!

  5. Love those shots of the shallow water! I'm glad you saw some wildlife on your kayak trip :) Have a great time in Nashville!

  6. I hope you're enjoying your mini vacation. I, too, made some doll quilts.

  7. Oh that looks like a wonderful place to kayak! And woohoo, I can picture where you are as my brother lives in Nashville and I have visited him there :-) Glad you let yourself have one of those moments to make the doll's quilt!

  8. Hope you had a very fun weekend with the dress shopping!


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