Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Postcard from Sweden and 30 Quilt Designs Updates

One week today marks the start of the Postcard from Sweden QAL! The original post with the dates is here. Are you in? Did you choose your fabric? I know of a few that are making it with prints, others with the solids on hand in their stash, others that have ordered or traded fabric, and still others who have bought kits.

I've made us a button! Feel free to grab it and post it on your blog.

I made this in Canva, and I am pretty tickled with how it turned out! I used the photo of Kelly's (pattern designer) original quilt. 😊 If you could link back to my blog, I would greatly appreciate it.
In case you missed it, I have two sponsors for the Quilt Along!
Tayva of Stitch Stash Diva tracked me down after she suddenly started selling a bunch of kits for this quilt. She wanted to sponsor the QAL with a grand prize: a quilt backing and binding set to one lucky winner, OR, if you've finished your quilt when the big draw happens, a $75 gift card! Both come with free shipping! If you are thinking of joining in, you've still got time, and Tayva's made up some more kits!  Go here to snag one from Tayva's shop. The price is just excellent, and note that you'll qualify for free shipping if your order is $60 or over...

Kelly of Jeli Quilts, (that's an affiliate link, although I don't make anything if you purchase a pattern from her) the designer of Postcard from Sweden, is also offering a pretty sweet prize: $30 of patterns from her shop! You may want to take a look at her gorgeous designs, many of them beautiful rainbow-themed.

UPDATE: I now have THREE sponsors WOOT! WOOT!

I got contacted by one of the ladies who works at Mad About Patchwork, who is a reader of mine. She saw the announcements of the QAL I'm hosting, and talked to Pam, the owner. Well two amazing things! One is that they are also sponsoring me by offering a gift certificate to their shop for $50! They ship anywhere, but the shipping is not included. The second thing is that they have kits for Postcard from Sweden at a terrific price of $87.50CA! AND best yet, is that for my readers only, if you use this code: MMMQAL, you will get free shipping within Canada if you order a kit before Feb. 28! Sweet deal for the sweet month of February, n'est-ce pas?😍💕💘

Here is the schedule once again:
  • February 14 - Step 1: Gather your fabrics, and cut your HSTs.
  • February 28 - Step 2: Make the HSTs; press and trim. Link up your fabric and HSTs from Step 1.
  • March 14 - Step 3: Assemble top. Link up your pieced HSTs.
  • March 28 - Link Up for finished flimsy
  • April 18 - finished quilts or tops final parade. Link up the beautiful quilts! Prizes will be drawn!

30 Quilts Designs Challenge Update
The challenge is going strong with several new people joining in this year. I am so happy, everyone! In general, we are on our third or fourth design now, some more, some less.  There is no official sign-up. All the rules and details can be found here. In my organizational-zany way, I have split up the challenge time period roughly into thirds, so you can have an idea as to how to pace yourself, and also for when I will draw for the prizes. Note that these dates may vary by a day or two depending on my real life, ha!
  • February 26 - First 10 designs draw: $15 gift certificate from The Little Red Hen
  • March 22 - Second draw; 20 designs: $15 gift certificate from The Little Red Hen 
  • April 17 Final prizes draw! Those who have completed 30 designs are eligible for the three final prizes: $50 gift certificate from The Little Red Hen; $25 from Clinton Modern Creative; fabric from moi, mmm! quilts

Remember to tag me, @mmmquilts and use the hashtag:

I've been so pleased and got loads of warm 'n fuzzy feelings at the comment love and chitchat on Instagram with those participating, as well as those looking on from the sidelines. Thank you so very much you guys! You girls... Ladies... You lovely people!! There.

Here's my first doll quilt! Still a flimsy but that will change today. Yesterday I had my head down, butt up, working on my OMG.
I added the blue (one of the tiny HSTs is this same blue) at the top and bottom to make it rectangular. It's about 18X24 now, perfect size for a dolly quilt. It's a little wild, but it's fun. For more information on this oh-so-worthy cause, the reason I had a DREAMi! -- Dropped Everything And Made It -- this month, head to Bernie at Needle & Foot.

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  1. Wow, I'm tempted by this Sandra. I've had this pattern forever as well. I'm flat out though. If it was a longer time frame... Anyway, may have to put it back on my wish list.

  2. I have pulled and put back more FQ's for the postcard and still not sure about it, but am tempted.

  3. Well I was tempted but I just can't do it. Have fun with it though.

  4. I have my fabric for Postcards and I'm ready. I really need to get caught up on Squiggles so I can be done with that and get to Postcards. And then there's that donut; now I want to make it! Haha!

  5. Pretty and fun, but unfortunately, I can't fit it in my current schedule. It will be exciting to see everyone's quilt though

  6. I'm doing wayyyy too many BOM's ...but....I'm in!

  7. oh I love the Postcards from Sweden quilt and this is just what I need to get my top out and get it finished !!

  8. Guess I better get moving on some designs. I have graphic paper and coloured pencils at the ready.

  9. I got the pattern from Craftsy over a year ago. After seeing your info about a kit being available, I just ordered from Tayva. Looking forward to this projet. Thank you for doing the sew along. momoftana at yahoo dot com

  10. I saw you, head down, butt high up in the air. I figured - it is just one of her yoga poses :-D
    Congratulations on a fabulous start to the QAL.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day and remember to breathe :-)