Saturday, February 3, 2018

RSC and OMG and Share the Love

This has been a post-heavy week...because it's been an activity and event-heavy week! This is my second post in one day; well, I actually wrote the 30 Quilt Designs Challenge post yesterday. Still.

Okay, as they say, let's get down to brass tacks...

1.  RSC - aka Rainbow Scrap Challenge 
The colour for this month is purple. I did not bring any scraps with me other than a little bit of blue, whites and creams, and my drawer of 2.5" squares. You can see that the purple section is pretty small.

I could have made a second block, barely, but it would be mostly deep purple as is the one I did make. I know I have my little bit larger but not as large as a fat quarter baggie of purples, with lots more light ones, so I will make my second block once I am back home. Here is the first purple one. I love it!

Here are my first three blocks on the design wall. You can also see the start of my niece's quilt, which I've been doing as a leader/ender for now.

So bright and cheery, much like she is! It has been removed though because I have a quilt ahead of it... more on that in a second. But first, making the RSC blocks means that I have had to make several of the HSTs using just my 2.5" squares. How does one get a 2.5" HST from two 2.5" squares? Easy! Draw a line on the diagonal right through the centre of the 2.5" square with a marking tool (I like my Hera marker) and sew ON that line. Trim 1/4" seam and you are left with one 2.5" HST (ya!) and a pair of small triangles. They are not small enough to become cat mat stuffing, so I've been sewing them back together.
Pretty tiny!
Each measures 1.75". We'll see what they grow up into...pincushions, mug rug, mini, doll quilt... more on that in a bit.

2.  OMG and Update on January's Fail... now a Success!
The design wall has been cleared to make room for my aunt's quilt. Her 80th birthday was last April, so I have to get it to her by this coming April! My goal is to get the top together this month.

I took a picture of it on my design wall at home, and carefully stacked the blocks in order as I took it off. Yesterday I put them back up with the photo's help, in the order they'd been on my Kingsville design wall! Love an idea I get that works out perfectly. Here they are as of today:
Dutch Garden quilt kit on Craftsy (affiliate link) - Note that the kit I bought is no longer available, and besides, I'm not doing the pattern in that kit anyhow LOL! It's the lowest price I've seen it btw...

I failed again, miserably so, in my OMG for January. It was not a big goal either. I got one of the two kitty mats done. Two days after the deadline, so yesterday, Feb. 2, I had the second one done. I loved making it! It's a block out of the book, Stash Lab by Tonya Alexander, that I made rectangular (12X18") for the mat size.

I kept the quilting very simple, stuffing one half with fabric and thread and batting bits, quilting down the middle, and then stuffing the other half. I was going to do grid quilting on that more open half, as in Christina Cameli's Quilting the Grid Craftsy class (affiliate link), which I bought about a month ago and have yet to finish and review for you, and let me tell you it is way cool. Let me also tell you that Craftsy has started a new way to gaining access to their hundreds of classes: Craftsy Unlimited. You pay a monthly fee, much like Netflix, and then watch to your heart's delight. They have a 7-day free trial on right now, in case you weren't aware of it...a good way to determine if this might be the thing for you. I love my Craftsy classes, and go back to them time and again.  I emailed them yesterday because my Craftsy button on my sidebar has not been updated since Christmas, very odd. I put a new one there myself. However, I found out that big changes have occurred and are occurring with them, so stay tuned for more developments there. They have a new collection, their biggest yet, Boundless Collage (gorgeous) and, just because you might need to know: one I own a fair amount of, Boundless Blenders, is on sale at a screaming great price, CA$5.19/yard.  That's an affiliate link to it. In case you wanted to just check😉😈 that info is correct...Anyhow. Where was I?!!
Cat mats!
Both in light blue for the RSC colour of the month! Top one has more quilting, a little hard on the sewing machine to go through lots of bunched up fabric and batting bits.
There they both are. Nice and plump for nestling down upon. So my goal was met, just 2 days late. No worries; the cats won't mind. My favourite piece in the one strip is this butterfly, a part of a Laurel Burch kitties fabric scrap from a dear friend. Both have lions on blue flannelette on the back so they are actually reversible.

These are going to go to either the Englewood or the Bradenton Humane Society for cats to sit upon in their crates as they await adoption. Bradenton has an entire building with a couple of rooms, one a playroom, just for cats. A cat is more likely to be adopted when sitting upon a cute homemade mat apparently. And I like making them for these sweet souls. These two are given in memory of one particular sweet soul, my friend Lorraine's cat, CoCo, who passed away a few months ago. Lorraine always included a cute picture of CoCo adorned in a Christmas outfit, with her Christmas cards, and I missed that this year.
CoCo in 2015
3.  Share the Love
Sweet souls. Small quilts. Warning: I am going to throw you a squirrel and cause you to have a DREAMi! (Drop Everything And Make it!)
Speaking of sidebar buttons, there is another new one on mine. Clicking it will take you to Bernie's post on her blog, Needle & Foot, that will explain everything you need to know about her project that runs this month. I know I am definitely having a DrEAMi!/DREAMi! (doesn't matter how you write the acronym, I'm having one) this month, despite some looming deadlines coming my way. You may have seen doll quilts popping up on Instagram, and in QBL. They are being given with the adorable dolls that Amy of makes. Please go and read all about Bernie's project, to include a quilt for each doll that Amy makes for these special kids who are SO affected when they receive a doll who looks just like them, whether that means missing a limb, having a large birthmark, or having burn scars, etc...visit Amy's site and watch a video, and you will be profoundly affected. As I said to Bernie, there is much need for comfort in our world, and every little bit counts, and every little bit matters. I hope you will spread the word, and I hope you will make a doll quilt or two and send it to Amy to be included with one of her incredible dolls. All details are on Bernie's post.

I am linking up this lengthy post with Angela at soscrappy for RSC!

I have also signed up for Patty's Postcard swap at Elm Street Quilts! Click that link to find out all the details. It will be fun! I am also linking this post with her OMG for February.

Come back tomorrow for Sunday Stretch which is also late 😬 because of this crazy week I've had! Monday (or maybe Tuesday LOL) I plan to let you know some more exciting details about my Postcard from Sweden QAL, and another Quilt Along, which may be the start of the annual QAL here at mmm! quilts as it's the second one...another shadow quilt!

Oh! I had to remove a few third and fourth comments (only 2 per person) but after that I did the draw Saturday morning as I said I would for the Wonderlust fabric bundle. The first number the random generator spit out was...

Yay Janine! She has been contacted and I'll just say that it was a great pick-me-up for her for personal reasons so that makes me even more happy. Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful appreciative comments. The cushion sits on a chair in our living room and so I see it multiple times a day, and it lights me up inside each time. If you haven't read the post, click here to take a look at Paula Nadelstern's gorgeous fabrics, and find the links to other posts using this fabric.

Funny photo if you've made it this far:
Bella was actually reclining partially on her cat own mat, and I gently placed the just-made one on top of her to see what she'd do...she didn't move a muscle! Must've loved that soft fuzzy flannelette...that or seen another photo op knowing her! Look at her twinkle toes!


  1. The cat buried in cat mats is too funny. Doesn't seem to bother her a bit.

  2. I feel better now. I failed my January OMG, too. Hope you're enjoying the warmth and sunshine! I know I am and that's why I failed. I ran out of days at the end of the month.

  3. Your Aunts quilt looks great! Love the purple block! I signed up for the postcard swap too, should be fun.

  4. Your Aunt's quilt is pretty. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  5. I don't know how you can keep up with all your projects. I used that star pattern many years ago to make a baby quilt for the first grandchild. I like your RSC scrappy blocks. They are going to make a beautiful quilt. Your leader/ender project is looking smart and I can't wait to hear more about Postcards from Sweden. I hope to try your other QAL, too. But time is one of those things that is in short supply.

    I appreciate the work that goes into each blog post and know that it takes time away from other sewing. Thank you.

  6. Wow! Do you have time to even sleep? You've got so much fun stuff going on this month. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fun blog posts over the next few months. Enjoy!

  7. Cocoa was so pretty. I know your friend is missing her kitty. I got my Elly at the shelter. She is my shadow. Your purple block and the yellow stars are my favorites.

  8. You've been going great guns this week, Sandra! Love the kitty mats. The one on Bella is so modern. I hope those cats realize they are sitting on ART :)

    I'm so glad Janine won the fabric! She is just the nicest person, and I always enjoy our email convos. Yay, Janine!

    And yes, of course, I fell head over heels in love with Amy's project, brought to QBL by Bernie, and I've finished three little doll quilts. My niece had open heart surgery as a baby and carries a large scar on her upper chest. There were a couple of years when that was so, so hard for her, that physical difference. A doll would have helped! So my donation is to honor her.

    I really wanted to get the doll quilts in the mail before we head offshore. That seems to be big motivation for me this week, since I've mailed six quilts already and the three doll ones make nine out the door. Whew!

  9. Not a bad start on PURPLE for the RSC!! Those blocks for your niece are SEW cute. That's going to be a much-loved quilt!

  10. Bella is such a ham, and a great sewing support! You've got lots going on, and happy sewing projects underway. Enjoy your journey!

  11. You had such an active month, Sandra! All lovely. Love those cat mats. Oh Bella!! :)


  12. Wow! You’ve been so busy! I’m inspired!

  13. I have visions of your having 3 suitcases in your travels. Three cases full of fabric and scraps, and a corner of your handbag for your toothbrush