Saturday, August 25, 2018

DrEAMi! #19

Yikes! Nearly forgot about DrEAMi!; how can August be nearly over? But next Saturday is September 1...

Welcome to the 19th linky for those squirrelly distractions in your quilty life. No guilt here, just pure celebration of our quilter ADD natures right? I was thinking just now of how my DrEAMi! came from a DrEAMi! of Anja's, and so squirrels breed more squirrels, just like rabbits....

Does that make my DrEAMi! this month a squabbit?! 😂

That's 'our' bunny, a gorgeous, huge, clearly used-to-be-domestic rabbit we see quite often who lives on the side of the road by where we park to walk the Greenway. And that's a hind end of a black squirrel, common here in southwestern Ontario. I need to brush up my melding skills, ha!
Yay for Rose of Something Rose Made! My new art department...
Funny caption forthcoming. OMG be sure to check out the graphic on her DrEAMi! post!

Here's a sneak peek because I do want to show you the finish, so I'll update this post in about an hour or so. Had to do some major reverse-sewing, aka frogging (ribbit, ribbit) this morning because I wasn't happy with fabric placement and choice of one of the three. Had to just about dismantle the entire project...

Once this thunderstorm passes, I'll get back on the Bernina and finish it!

"about an hour" 😂😂😂😂😂
Try one day, Sandra. Here we are! This is my squibbit. Anja's DrEAMi! from June I just knew I had to make one of these days, and this weekend was it! This is Town Square by Jenny Doan.

Another case of oops I couldn't just do the straight lines... How could I not with all that beautiful inspiration in Amanda's fabric?
I followed most of the lines in the white fabric, except for the centre, where I FMQ-ed a curvy space on a diagonal, echoed it twice and then just freehanded the geese inside. To make the geese pop a bit more I did micro(?) lines about 1/16th" apart. All four sides have the three lines of stitching; it's the angle of the light that doesn't show the left and right sides. 

It's not exactly a DrEAMi! because I did want to make a cushion cover to go with the bed runner I made for the hop, so it wasn't an unplanned, blinders on, pedal to the metal get it DONE! I just didn't have enough time to get it done before Thursday this week. However, I certainly did drop everything, to the point that I nearly missed making and posting my block #50 in the 100days100blocks2018 on Instagram!

The back:
Wouldn't that be a great fabric on which to practise pebbling?! With cool designs inside random pebbles?

Here is one last shot of the texture.
Warm 'n White 100% cotton batting just as in the bed runner
I purposely tried to make the crescents in the lime NOT even, but that was harder than I expected! I did a row of circles about an inch in diameter between two straight lines in the teal, and then picked four rows of bricks in the turquoise to stitch along. I used Aurifil 100% cotton throughout: white 50 wt on the white, and two 28/2 wt, a lime and a turquoise for the rest.

Quilt Stats
Pattern: Town Square
Size: 18" square
Fabric: Free Motion Fantasy by Amanda Murphy by Contempo for Benartex
Batting: Warm 'n white 100% cotton
Backing: Free Motion Fantasy
Quilted: on my Bernina, FMQ and walking foot
Threads:  pieced with 100% cotton Aurifil 40 wt on my Bernina; quilted with Aurifil 50 wt 100% cotton and Aurifil 28 wt turquoise and green, Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin.

Last month we had some beauties. This one, 'Clover at Dusk' from Andrée at Quilting & Learning - What a Combo! is my favourite:
Fabulous, n'est-ce pas?

Sarah of Cedar Fork Stitches had the quintessential squirrel which she named 'Scrabble':
Oh how I love a good quilt-in-a-tree shot. Even more so for a squirrel project!

Another favourite (I can have more than one!) was Ann's of Laughing Gas Quilts:

From impulse buying (love her description) of the deer fabric to making the placemats, this was definitely a DrEAMi! project. I love her owl (Hedwig?) mug too!

Giveaway Reminders!

Two giveaways are still on, one ending tonight at midnight A Roll of the Dice my project for the Benartex hop showcasing Amanda Murphy's newest line. You can win a bundle of 8-10 fat quarters. My other doesn't end for a couple of weeks yet, Maple Leaf Rag, my stop on the new releases for Island Batik. Clicking the quilt name links will take you to my own giveaways, and the fabric company links will take you to the giveaways on their sites, as well as links to all the stops on the hops!

Another freebie is last month's Island Batik project, Beothuk Star, whose pattern is now available in my Craftsy store (affiliate link). 😘 Obviously I don't get any commission on free product, but if you do take advantage of their end of the month/end of the season sale, I get a small (very: 4% ha) commission. It helps to pay for postage for giveaways, (which is why I open my giveaways to the world), and the thumbnail linky parties. Thank you so much to those who do support my blog!😘😘 Connecting Threads tool and wide backing sales are still on, and have you seen the new line, Heirloom Bouquet? Tempting for sure.... More squirrels!!

All right, what grabbed your attention this past month? Link up below!

Linking my cushion up with
Clever Chameleon
Cooking Up Quilts


  1. Aw, what a sweet rabbit! How long has it been there? Usually domestic rabbits don't have a chance of lasting through our Ontario winters. I hate that people just dump their pets, they are terrible people.

  2. Poor little bunny. I hope he does okay in the wild. I love your blue/green color combo in that quilt. I can't wait to see more of it. Those squirrels from last month are amazing.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more about your DrEAMi project! It definitely has pretty colors!

  4. Wow! You have a special talent for color. We have a Liver Schnauzer same color as our local jack rabbits. From a distance they're hard to tell who's who.

  5. I love the pillow! And again, the quilting is just genius!

  6. I love your squabbit! The quilting is gorgeous and those colours are so pretty together.

  7. Hi Sandra! Oh my, you had me on the edge of my seat wondering how long it took you to update us. HAHA! I just love your sense of humor. Storm is here now so I'll probably be booted off the internet any minute now. LOVE the fabrics in your pillow - I adore those colors together. And your quilting is always fabulous and inspiring - oh to even have the thought to quilt flying geese, let alone be able to do it. Maybe one day! Happy Sunday to you! I'm off to check Rose's inspiration (great graphic by the way)! ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Wow, Sandra! What a fantabulous squabbit, not to mention, an absolutely delightful post!

  9. Oh WOW! That's a gorgeous pillow! The quilting is perfect and love the fabric combinations. At least that squirrel isn't adding to the UFO list.

  10. I love your version! And you did a great job quilting.

  11. Your pillow is lovely. Fine pattern, attractive fabric, but your quilting is EXCELLENT!

  12. I love your pillow, Sandra! Your quilting is amazing! Love the colours too!
    Barbara x

  13. Ha! Got distracted chasing squirrels. Rose's squirrels to be precise, thanks for the recommend. I love your DREAMi series in general and your cushion this month specifically. Lovely fabrics, great quilting (again!). :)

  14. Hi Sandra, love the pillow and its amazing FMQ! Thanks for the shout out....sorry I missed this month :-(

  15. Perhaps your franken-bunny-squirel is a "Squabbel". There are plenty of those in my house somewhere... I hear them very frequently, especially at dawn and dusk...... and to think I've been blaming the kids all this time......

  16. I saw that block and thought it looked fun. Love how yours turned out.


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