Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Beothuk Star QAL Fabric Requirements

Let me just say I am so glad you've joined me! Whether this is the first time or the third time quilting along with one of my designs, I am truly grateful for your presence, for taking the time out of your already-busy quilting life, not to mention personal life, to make something pretty!

This week you will be getting the fabric requirements. There are three ways you can make this quilt, and I guess a fourth: going off entirely in your own direction!

The quilt is 42" square.
Important: whatever fabric you choose for where my eggplant fabric is, the centre star that sort of 'appears' be sure it has good contrast with the other fabrics. It can be subtle as in my original, or more of a pop, as in Option 3.

Option 1
This option is the original quilt:
There are four fabrics: the eggplant (centre 'pop' star and cornerstones), the orange, the navy mottled (four Evening Star blocks) and the background.
You will need:
Background: 1 3/4 yards
Eggplant: 1/4 yard or a fat quarter
Orange: 3/8 yard
Navy mottled: 1/2 yard

Option 2
Use my November Blogger Bundle, no additional fabric except background.

Background (either order some more from Bernie at Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics or raid your stash!) 1 3/4 yards
Eggplant: 1/4 yard or a fat quarter
Diamonds Fabric: one fat quarter (this will make two stars the same fabrics)
Yellow: fat eighth
Green: fat eighth
Turquoise: fat quarter *note: you will cut the inner cornerstones that are turquoise in the above quilt, from the eggplant

Option 2
Use my November Blogger Bundle and purchase the kit extension. It's not too late to order this or the new kit; Bernie ships fast!

This gives you four different stars and has enough sand for background. You're good to go!
If you want to use your own fabrics to make a quilt like the above, you need:
one fat eighth per Evening Star
Background 1 3/4 yards
Eggplant 1/4 yard or fat quarter
Turquoise: 3/8 yard

Option 3
New kit curated by me.

You're good to go if you purchased this one!
If you want to make this version using your own fabrics, you need:
one fat quarter will do two stars
Background 1 3/4 yards
Yellow 1/4 yard or fat quarter
Turquoise: 3/8 yard

Batting: 48" square (allows for 3" extra all the way around)
Backing: Enough yardage to make a 48" square, 1 1/2 yards (42" useable width, will be pieced)
Regular Binding: 1/3 yard (cut at 2 1/4") 3/8 (cut at 2 1/2")
Flanged Binding: (as my original quilt) Main fabric: 1/4 yard; Flange (mine is eggplant): 1/4 yard

Here is a link to a colouring page you can print out.

Just in: I have another sponsor! Tish of The Madd Quilter is offering a PDF copy of her pattern, Star Blossom!

See you on the 17th for the cutting step!


  1. Think the original will be for me, but instead of orange, either green or purple shades?Should have enough batik here to lay them out and see if the colours will work for this.

  2. Time to raid my stash for some fabric. I'm in!

  3. I'm thinking about combining your pattern with the Pantone Living Coral quilt challenge! I can't wait to get started. :)

  4. I going Tula all the way. Happy that I got more of the background when I was at the Red Deer quilt show. Let the fun begin.

  5. I'm looking forward to getting started! I don't have your blogger bundle, but have a different one I'm planning to use. I purchased background (Kona Butter, yum!) and then need 5 fat quarters for the stars, yes? Thanks, Sandra!

  6. So many pretty options! This is going to be so fun :)

  7. Just can’t decide....but tomorrow I am off to candy land, so maybe something will strike - MQX is quite the show. The eye candy in the quilting is just beyond words. Also, think I may narrow down a quilting machine....too exciting.


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