Saturday, April 27, 2019

DrEAMi! #27

Well? What squirrels have you chased during April? I was unable to for a few reasons I'm not getting into. Suffice it to say that real life took up a lot of time and tromped a bit on our spirits this past month, but we are muddling along and doing okay! Thank you for all the kind words and behind the scenes chats with you, my dear friends. Two things I stumbled upon while doing some cleaning and moving stuff due to renovations, which are causing a bit of the behind the scenes angst, were worth photographing and videotaping for this very post! I think my friends and family know my squirrelly, distracted nature, more than I realize.

This is a black slate, I believe, coaster my mum gave me many years ago, like when I lived at home still. So it's easily 35+ years old. Yep, those are tea stains on it that did not come off with a cloth and warm water, so will try baking soda next! With this much-loved, though not at all realized WHAT animal it was, coaster, come on into the squirrel-chasing realm...

I think I've mentioned how Mum used to say, "eee, Sandra, you'd forget yer 'ead if it weren't screwed on!" because I was a bit of (ha) okay a lot of, an absent-minded professor, easily distracted. Menopause seems to exacerbate it, or bring that squirrel-chasing nature, back!

Last month you wonderful squirrel-grabber-nabbers showed off your bounty so well.
Anne Marie, of Stories from the Sewing Room, had the sweetest, perfect example of a 'throw every plan out the window and make this now!' project:

Diann of Little Penguin Quilts had a purple and green spring-themed DrEAMi! too. Seeing this display has me wanting to make some more of my own! Like she said, one can never have too many pincushions.

Well, show off your prowess below, and you'll probably have some of us ADD quilters chasing your squirrel too!

One more wee squirrel... (affiliate link) just in case you need inspiration... Personally I think this is better than the free weekends Craftsy used to do.

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  1. Sandra, thanks for featuring my little pincushion! And, isn't that a fun squirrel coaster?! Sometimes life just prevents us all from doing what we love the most, but thank goodness, it will always be there waiting for us. May there be a squirrel in your future! :)

  2. So glad I followed a link from Little Penquin Quilts and discovered there were other squirrel chasers in the quilt world. Thanks for giving us a place to share our DrEAMis!

  3. Cute coaster, Sandra! Hope you get the marks off.
    No squirrel from me but I love to see what others make, thank you for running your link up party!
    Barbara xx

  4. Hi Sandra! No DrEAMi for me - no working sewing machine. But I sure did enjoy reading and seeing the other posts. OMG - JanineMarie's project is just stunning and awesome. WOWEE doesn't cover it. Happy Saturday to you, friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Well, sometimes life just gets a little complicated. I think some of your squirrels hopped a flight and came to visit my squirrels! Haha. A good time was had by all! Your coaster is perfect. Soon you'll be squirreling with the rest of us, I'm sure! Thanks for hosting the linky!

  6. Would love to link up, but for some reason inLinkz doesn't like me and my browser any more - I never see the linky buttons for any of their link-ups. But I did have a DrEAMi! moment you can see here:

  7. I've actually been doing quite a bit of spontaneous sewing, but the one thing I can't get those darned squirrels to do is write my blog post for me! Squirrels, UFOs, whoop-whoops...all kinds of stuff needs to be documented, darn it. Oh well. I'm squirrelling with everyone in spirit this week :)

  8. Oh, this is precious, Sandra! You, who invite us each month to share our squirrels, did not realize your coaster was....a squirrel! Love it, and am fascinated by carved (etched?) slate. I have no idea how that’s done. You may not have squirrels to chase right now but I think any sewing you can do in your real life circumstances is whoop-worthy!

  9. No DREAMIs for me this month...was focused on getting stuff done. I'm sure I'll be back to link up in the future though LOL

  10. I had a wee squirrel moment but I didn't get it finished - maybe realising I was stuffing bunny ears (!!) instead of legs threw me off track with that one a little!


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