Sunday, June 23, 2019

Beothuk Star Prizes

Wow! Eighteen beautiful versions of my design. I am truly honoured that each one of you made this quilt, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shanawdithit would be so pleased, I am sure of it.

There are eleven sponsors, and a few are offering prizes to more than one winner, so there are a total of fourteen prizes to be had. Each participant will also get the pattern in PDF form. It will soon be for sale in my Etsy shop, but the instructions will remain as for all QALs, here on the blog under the "Quilt Alongs and TBT" tab. All right, drum roll please!
Or windblown Beothuk Star aka Sherbet Stars quilt...

I have my darling grandson Brady here, so he has picked the winning numbers. I told him he could call out random numbers between 2 (I was #1) and 18, and I wrote them down beside the prize list. I am amazed that he chose an American for the Needle & Foot (American shop) prize, and a Canadian for Mad About Patchwork (Canadian shop)! This just saves on postage which can eat into your winnings if you're having to ship internationally right?

Also, I just cannot extend enough gratitude to my sponsors for their generosity in providing prizes and for their support, many of them over all three years of my QALs.

All winners have been emailed. Then I was supposed to publish this post.

But this happened:
Brady: Nana, could you and I go to the beach and we could skip rocks?
me: Um YES!
So we did. We may have got a little wet. We may have also gone for ice cream...😊 The beach (Seacliff) was the busiest I have ever seen it, but it was a glorious day and the water so refreshing.

I even caught the rock mid-flight!

And the winners are!

1. The first prize is from Needle & Foot, a $35 gift certificate to her shop: 9 Tracie

2. The second prize is a $50 gift certificate to Mad About Patchwork: 15 Laura

3. Next is a winner's choice of two PDF patterns from Canuck Quilter Designs: 8 Pat

4. From Cooking Up Quilts a winner's choice of one PDF pattern: 12 Rochelle

5. From Devoted Quilter a winner's choice of two PDF patterns: 6 Diann

6. Make Modern ezine is offering a 6-month subscription: 14 Helen

7 & 8. From Meadow Mist Designs two winners' choices of two PDF patterns: 7 Anja, and 18 Nancy

9, 10 & 11. From Sew Fresh Quilts three winners' gift certificates valued at $25US ($33CA): 2 Wendy, 5 Roseanne, 17 Jean

12. From Stitchin' at Home a winner's choice of her newest pattern: 10 Barb

13. From The Madd Quilter, a winner's choice of a PDF pattern, 'Star Blossom': 11 Gail

14. From me, mmm! quilts, a winner's choice of a PDF pattern: 13 Ioleen

I truly am so grateful for these quilters, both 'regulars' and newbies to my QAL. Thank you for taking some of your precious sewing time to quilt along with me. It's wonderful to 'stitch' the globe together as we do with quilt alongs!

See you next Spring!


  1. Thanks you so much Sandra, and for fun by the water, that is a super looking young man there. I am thrilled with a prize from Lorna, how lucky I am, and congrats to everyone who started, finished,or saved the pattern for later. It is another winner, Sandra.

  2. So glad to know that Brady is visiting! Thanks again for hosting this fun QAL, for your lovely design, and for the "frosting on the cake" - a prize! My quilt is in the midst of quilting right now, and binding won't be long after that. I'm excited to have a finish!

  3. Hi Sandra! Thank YOU and thank you to all of your sponsors. Winning a prize is just the extra frosting on the brownie because doing the QAL was so much fun. I really enjoy seeing how other quilters select their fabrics and finish off their quilts. It is so generous of you to offer up your design and tips. Thank you again! And skipping rocks with Brady looks like a fabulous way to spend the afternoon. Great photo too! Wasn't Rufus along to play in the water? ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Congrats to each winner and each finisher! It's sew much fun to see all the quilt tops lined up together. And too much fun with your GS--yay!

  5. Thanks Sandra for the QAL and the pattern. Brady looks like he’s having fun at the beach.

  6. The beach and skipping stones AND ice cream? You are one fun Nana! Sounds like a great day. The QAL was such a nice success Sandra! Congrats to you for a job well done. :-)

  7. Thank you, Sandra, for a beautiful pattern and fun QAL. And thank you to your wonderful sponsors for generously giving these wonderful prizes. I viewed all the quilts submitted and have to say they were each beautiful and unique. And tell Brady he did a great job. How big he is getting!! So happy you are having fun with him.

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

  9. It really was a wonderful treat to sew along with each of you, looking at your various fabric choices and seeing how each made this pattern shine. Thanks to Sandra and the generous prize donors. I am over the top excited to be the lucky winner of the gift card from Mad About Patchwork. Will browse and dream and then buy myself a treat. Looking forward to future sew alongs!

  10. So glad you said yes to Brady, skipping stones, and ice cream! Those days go by too fast, so make the most of them! Thank you for the design, the QAL and the fun! I'm so tickled to have won somethiing, but it was fun to read through the other winners too. Congrats to all! Got the next one planned yet??? :-D

  11. Thank you, Sandra, and Joanne at Canuck Quilter for the lovely prize! I sew for fun, not prizes, but two new patterns is fun, fun fun. Looking at the photos of Brady makes me want to go to the beach ... :) Pat

  12. Water and ice cream a beautiful combination. Congrats to all winners!