Saturday, July 27, 2019

DrEAMi! #30 A Passle of Pouches and Placemats

Wow, this is a special Drop Everything And Make it! The 30th! That means DrEAMi is in its third year...who knew.
There are a lot of us quilters who chase squirrels. A lot. We see a project that just GRABS our attention and we go a little nuts (pun intended) drop the regular programming, and succumb to tunnel vision to get this new shiny project made and made NOW! That's a quintessential DrEAMi! but there is another type of DrEAMi, that you do Drop Everything but the Making it takes a bit longer than one sitting. I shouldn't take a few months because that isn't a DrEAMi, although it is a distraction and I've had my fair share of those! 
So, once again, with July being full of summer celebration, I'm sure there were some fantastic fat squirrels begging to be 'fed'... but first we need to revisit a couple of quintessential DrEAMi! projects from last month.

Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life had a quintessential DrEAMi! She won a gift certificate to Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts pattern store. She had to make this one pattern as soon as it got downloaded, and she literally dropped everything and sat down and made this from start to finish in one afternoon.

This is Lucille. If you didn't meet her, you need to; she's one spunky li'l llama.

Here is one that grabbed Bernie at Needle & Foot. I love these types of squirrels, requested by a family member, and a darling 2-year-old granddaughter sparked this one:
If you missed it, hop over (link above) to read the post describing this quintessential DrEAMi! where Bernie quite literally dropped her current line of sewing and sat down, rifled through her shop and stash and made it!

This past month I had several squirrels to chase, none of which were my own 'sightings'... I could ill afford to go off-course as I not only had the July Island Batik project to finish and blog (it is here) but I also had to start, finish and blog the August one for the 'Beat the Heat' hop. Of course, my turn to post happens when we are on vacation... Not the time to Drop Everything (Island Batik) And Make it... but the first one was tossed my way by Brianne who decided she really needs six placemats, and so I had to make yet another two for her...

At this point Dayna was miffed that Brianne had gotten six placemats, and she hadn't gotten a one. I said that I just could not take on a thing more, but somehow I did, and I made the first two of um, two sets she's requested, some for her outside table and some for her inside one. Demando Dayna, as Rose said, who also has a Demando of her own, has a good ring to it! Hers I had the idea to quilt with this beautiful Aurifil variegated turquoise thread.

I used almost the last of the grey from Good Neighbours by Amanda Jean for the backing for these two. Her others will get a different grey.

The third one was dropped in my lap by Brady, who asked around the second week of July if I could make a pouch/ little case for his new iPod and charger, and it needed to have divisions within it for those items. He's very organized. 

So that was on the back burner while I worked on Night Watch. I knew I had to squeeze it in somehow because I was going to be mailing a (late) birthday present to his mum, so it could go in with that. 

I hope the pockets I made will fit his various items.

Before that DrEAMi was even started, however, I had another urgent request, this one from my sister. A very good friend of hers, only 52, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she wanted me to make something, ideally a quilt, but time and money quashed that idea, and then over a day or two, she decided upon a little makeup pouch like the one I made her in 2014. The pattern is now here, as Moda Bakeshop has put old patterns into Archives which are under development... I just could not; it made my heart start to race contemplating how I was going to get all this stuff done... but how can you say no in a situation like this?
Sparkly Sulky metallic thread, and her name, Tania. 

Some of the pieces in the bag body as well as the lining are scraps from my mum's quilt My Mother's Lilacs.

Within two days of this request, Brianne called me to tell me a very close friend of hers, just 36, with whom she works, and they've travelled together a few times, had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer....I just couldn't believe this. I knew that if I'd made time for Linda's friend, I certainly needed to for Brianne's... 
Two more panels, this time Mel is FMQ-ed in
Sparkling thread again, this time Sulky Holoshimmer metallic. You can see in the photo above that I used a laminated Kona that I had in my stash, great for a makeup bag!
I also quilted Mel's name in the bag bottom.

My heart was breaking, thinking of these two women and their families.

When I was looking for blue fabric I came upon leftovers of this line, Color Calypso by Kanvas, with which I had made Pinwheel Placemats for the ezine Modern by the Yard last summer.
Blue for her friend, and pink for my all-things-pink daughter. Two matching pouches popped into my head, one for Brianne and one for her friend.

Brianne had mentioned a couple of months ago that if I had any leftover Game of Thrones fabric from making her cushion for Christmas, she'd love anything made with it, so I thought why not line her pouch with it!
Using the new labels
The photo above actually has another blue one that got made as well, but it wasn't a DrEAMi, since it was already on my mental list of need-to-make items. Those observant types may notice the quilting is a little different on each of the blue pouches. More on this another time.

As I made Tania's and Mel's, I sewed in good vibes, healing light, positive thoughts. Years ago, like 15 or more, I made my good friend Marianne a quilt when she was diagnosed, a second time, with cancer. That quilt went to every treatment with her. She's still vibrant and such an important part of my life, and I know that the healing I stitched into her quilt helped. She actually told me, unbeknownst to what I'd been channelling while I sewed, that she felt such healing power in her quilt each time she used it; it was a tangible thing. Then I revealed what I'd done, and we both glowed in the shared acknowledgement of the power of that healing I was privileged to tap into. I pray I've tapped into it again for these two women.

These first two, the purple and the first blue, took the longest as I wrapped my head around 3D sewing and this pattern again...not a fan of putting in zippers even though I've put in a few hundred, in garments, home décor, and in personal items.
The two I made fro Brady and Brianne.
Here are three of the five I made over four days. That Calypso Color fabric is that vibrant! I love it.
All are winging their way or have already reached their way to their new owners. You can see from the photo above that I love thread and I am partial to none, though I do love the Sulky specialty ones, and that I love Schmetz Metallica needles for the metallic threads.

Foof! That's a whole lotta squirrels; makes me tired writing about them nvm making them all! So, let's see what type of DrEAMi! projects you made this past month! Link up below. Since I'm on vacation in a rather different time zone, I will only have limited time to visit you and won't be leaving or answering comments, but I will read them when I can.

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  1. WOW! 5 bags in four days! Forget the energizer bunny you used energizer squirrel batteries for sure!!

  2. Congratulations on the #3 birthday ;) Beautiful bags, you were busy ;))

  3. BEAUTIFUL bags! Will have to make some :)

  4. Hi Sandra! We just pulled the fabrics for an alpaca to make for a friend. Lucille's cousin if you will. You seriously said, "I cannot take on a thing more?" Obviously, Demando Dayna knew better and I would have as well. {{Hugs}} I love the bags and pouches, too. You're a good egg! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. You make everything with such heart and emotion - of course they each have healing power! I love your pouches - they're the perfect gift for anyone!

  6. I thought I heard my squirrels yell "Party at Sandra's house" and fly out the door, and I'm right -- boy, you were busy with squirrels this month! But what lovely little projects, with so much love sewn in. Those pouches are so pretty, and I'm sure will bring comfort. Brady's pouch is cool; love how he knew he wanted pockets. Gotta love a guy who's organized! Enjoy your vacation, Sandra!

  7. Wow, you are one amazing and caring woman. I am sure your efforts will be cherished.

  8. Beautiful bags and they will be loved and much appreciated.

  9. A lot of squirrels, but so glad you made the time to make them. Healing thoughts for those who are ill. I practiced writing my last name! I plan to "sign" all my quilts now. Thanks for the idea and the encouragement.

  10. Squirrels with a lot of heart. Thanks for spreading love!

  11. good going with the bags! They are lovely. All of a sudden I seem to be hearing about people, women, with breast cancer too. A dreadful thing to have to contend with. On a lighter thing, love the placemats, and I have a demando too in my life!

  12. That's a lot of sewing and a lot of emotion to add to a busy schedule. I hear you on the pulse rate some days. Thanks for your caring actions.... in the end these are the things that make the world go around.


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