Saturday, November 30, 2019

DrEAMi! #34

I have a confession: I didn't catch my squirrel this month. I got bitten by a big fat one, but try as I might, I couldn't quite catch it. It's my Pumpkin Patch quilt and it had to get set aside because ... commitments. Here is where I left it:
Two rows sashed but not sewn together yet, the other two rows joined into columns, no sashing. I have no idea why I just HAD to make this quilt, but make it I did, riffle through scraps I did, and even use up some older beige stash yardage, I DID! The commitments to which I refer peeks out from beneath the pumpkins.
Welcome, regardless, to Drop Everything And Make it! where we usually do catch our squirrels; I mean that really IS a true DrEAMi where you do not stop until you have a completed project in front of you! Once in awhile, however, squirrels disappear for a little bit. Evasive tactics.

I love this photo, which is not of a squirrel, but of a quivering dog nose sniffing for squirrels. Much like us right?! This is a great organization too, Stand Up For Pits, founded by Rebecca Corry of standup comedian fame. They do terrific work for a wrongfully maligned group of 'just dogs'.

We had a few bags again last month. Brady has put in a request for a library book bag, so that will most likely be the squirrel I need to chase this month, no tomorrow, as he and Brianne are here for a little visit, and they go home on Sunday, so hop to it Nana.

Pippa of Pippa's Patch on Instagram made this terrific backpack out of the cutest sloth fabric!

Janine of Quilts from the Little House made this incredible leaf block.
It's going to grow up eventually into a nature-themed quilt of some kind Janine thinks. This is how my Island Batik project (the one peeking out from beneath the pumpkins) ended up going this month, in a direction I did not foresee. It was both a bit scary and a lot exhilarating working like this, so I look forward to seeing where the leaf leads Janine!

And now it's your turn! Did you get waylaid by a tantalizing must-make project in November?

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  1. Sandra, both quilts will be so pretty! I bought fabric for a pumpkin pillow and runner, but I didn’t have time to even cut into the neat stack. I’m taking a little break to clean my sewing room and then I’ll finish a Christmas gift. I promised myself that I’d slow my pace and enjoy my family. (But there are a few squirrels taunting me.) Have fun with Brianne and Brady!

  2. Hi Sandra! I can absolutely understand why that pumpkin quilt was and is calling your name. Yoohoo?!! Step back and just enjoy those two rows for a minute and you'll be pulled back in a hot minute. I managed to get my two commitments completed in spite of this jump-to-the-front-of-the-list squirrel project that really did need to be made. How fitting to share it on your website with just a gentle nudge to get this made into a pattern. Please. {{Hugs}} Enjoy your time with Brady and B. I know you are! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. No squirrels in my sewing room this month. I'm looking at my UFO/WIP list and thinking I have to figure out how to finish stuff!

  4. Those pumpkins will be done in time; you're still holding that squirrel by the tail, and that counts in my book! I actually just finished my second DrEAMi project, but haven't gotten a post written yet. Hopefully today, so I can sneak it in for November. Stay tuned!

  5. Oooh, I love those pumpkins, Sandra!! Nice squirrel even though you didn't quite catch him! I had a squirrel but not that I can show right now - maybe next week!!

  6. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and "try it" even if you don't finish! I love your pumpkins, and will be happy to see you making them all year!

  7. Hi Sandra, good luck with the pumpkins. Squirrels can be rascally! I'm sure that it will get done....or turn into a UFO :-) Good luck and thanks for the party!

  8. Oh my, I am sooo far behind in reading blogs. Thanks for the showcase of my leaf. Nothing more has been done with it, but we all know those squirrels show up again and again. I do love your pumpkins, but those triangles beyond! I'm pretty sure I'll read more about those as I catch up!


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