Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fall Pillow Cases OMG

Yay for an OMG that is finished in plenty of time before month's end. And yay for a WIP  that is also finally done. I should have had this on my Q4FAL List, but didn't think of it until after I'd posted, and well, that would be 'double-dipping' in the enter-to-win linky parties, so I didn't, not that I've ever won an OMG... I did win once in the FAL, and hm! I still have to go visit Mad About Patchwork and spend my moola. But I digress. Here is my finish:
When I spied a bit of snow still left on these junipers, I thought the red would look good against it... and it does! Actually kind of Christmassy, right? Good thing I got that shot when I did, because there's very little snow left only a few hours later, just a bit on the north-facing side of places. I'm good with that because this snow came way too early.
The maple leaf blocks were made two years ago when I made a block for Island Batik when I applied to be an ambassador. I just love this ancient red batik that I've used in a couple of quilt projects, big and small. I have no idea where I got it, nor do I know where I got the gold batik which is lovely fine fabric. The two kind of fell together when I was pulling fabric for the IB block, and I thought ooh, pillow shams would be great for Fall in these colours!

I made the Roll it Up! pillowcase from All People Quilt. I have made it so many many times you'd think I'd know the measurements by heart... It's a slick construction where you make a tube around the body of the pillowcase with the pillowcase band:
Looks a bit like a sausage!

Pull it right sides out and...
all the seams are encased within the band! You then sew French seams so that there are no exposed edges at all.

I had to do some math to make the 10.5" unfinished maple leaf block into a 26.5 x 41" I believe pillow case body. That's okay, good for the brain to work! I also had to make my brain work to ensure I had the bands on such that the two maple leafs would tip toward each other when on our bed. I used the same construction method to make the leaves as for my Freefall QAL, but I did add a stem. I used Crafted Appliqué method, my favourite.
One pillow is not as fluffy as the other, so the leaves don't look even, but each pillow case is identical in size.
When I set them up, I realized it's a little Canadian in our room lol! There's a little 6-pound Himalayan Canadian in our room too, taking her afternoon nap.

These won't be on our bed for very much longer, just until the end of the month, because then I switch to my Christmas ones. I now have four sets I've made, autumn, winter, and two summer ones. I love using quilts to decorate seasonally.

A little sidenote: I chased a squirrel, a big seasonal one, this past month and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I finished all 20 blocks for my pumpkin patch quilt! This squirrel bit me baaad. I plan to take the blocks which are laid out on the design wall, to the library today where I'm meeting a couple of friends to sew for a couple of hours. I should have a flimsy by the end of the get-together with any luck.

MacGyver took a break from installing drywall upstairs and got busy sanding the kitchen. He is so good at drywalling now that he only sands once after all his painstaking mudding. He has a couple touchups to do and it'll be ready for primer!!! Here it is as of Monday afternoon.
Rufus is finally eating like a Rottie and starting to gain a little weight, though he's still way under what he should be. It doesn't help that he thinks he's part-jackrabbit the way he tears around the yard, burning up the calories. You may notice the one rail at an angle; that's where the patio table hit, so MacGyver has a patch job to do but he's moving the stairs next spring anyhow when he builds the lower level of the deck. Always another project, kind of like his wife with fabric!

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  1. So pretty. That's a great idea to use quilts and shams to decorate for the season. I've been watching your pumpkin patch grow on IG - tempting, but I'm resisting all squirrels right now.

  2. Great way to make those pillowcases, it's so much nicer to have the seams enclosed. Love the maple leaves on them. I chased a squirrel this week and last too, much smaller than yours, but nonetheless. I look forward to seeing your passel of pumpkins all together. It's been fun seeing them roll into your quilt room :-) Housing projects are quite a bit like quilting projects, now that you mention it! There's always another!

  3. Those are fun pillowcases to make. Our guilt guild makes 200+ of them every year to give to a statewide organization that brings kids with cancer to an outdoor camp for a week each summer. What are you doing for cooking with that kitchen in that state of flux? What a task!

  4. Those pillowcases are such a great idea, and it sounds fun to decorate seasonally with pillowcases! Thanks for sharing the link - I want to try some of those, too.

  5. I've always heard that pillowcase technique called the burrito method. I've made quite a few of them. Can't wait to see the squirrel pumpkins.

  6. Great pillowcase and great photo! I love that method and really should do some stash busting with it!

  7. I just love those pillowcases, now if you wanted snow I could share we still have a coating on the ground. It is starting to go but oh so slowly. Is winter done yet??

  8. Lovely! I never thought to make pillowcases for my own bed!

  9. You're right that the red batik is incredibly rich! It almost looks like velvet in the photos. And I had a big smile seeing Rufus sitting there like such a good boy :)

  10. Such pretty pillow cases. I just finished making a big batch for Christmas presents using the same pattern. The only difficulty was the ones I sewed with flannel. The french seam where the cuff, trim and body join was super thick and challenged the machine! love those colors and have always had a love of maple leaves!

  11. Hi Rufus! Oh, and hi Sandra! He looks so sweet, sitting outside wishing he was in by you. Whatcha doing and why am I out here by myself??!! Love the pillowcases, and what a slick process to turn the rightside out. Hmm. Almost makes me want to make a few. Almost. Nope. Not letting that squirrel bite me right now! Wendy, the temptress, was sharing a tempting project today as well. You two queens of the squirrels - good thing I like you both. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Love the maple leafs. Great idea to make pillow shams. I wish I had a MacGyver. LOL

  13. These look great! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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