Thursday, March 26, 2020

I Like/Love #38

Welcome to my monthly post of gratitude. I collect likes and loves all month long and sum them up on the last Thursday of the month. I link up my post, as do several others who express public their gratitude, with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color.

1. I love my cat Bella. She's a diva, a goof, a minx.

It was a bit of a process to get into that bag.
I was doing yin yoga, and she decided to do cat-in-a-bag pose with me.

She loves when I meditate.
Brady calls sitting cross-legged, 'criss-cross applesauce' which I adore. Bella calls it, criss-cross-cat-in-lap.
She likes taking sunbaths, even when it means she puts herself in an awkward (to us humans) spot. She couldn't see a problem with perching there.

2. I love the early signs of Spring here.
March 10

Below: a huge old magnolia tree at the end of our street, March 15, buds just waiting.

I think this is a red maple. I love how vibrant the little red buds are in spring. It's another massive tree, at the bottom of the road that makes the other half of our little loop.
Look at the houses, the van, the power poles, and you get a sense of just how massive the tree is. I love the trees down here, as there are so many that are so old, and so massive that it takes my breath away.

3. As you all know, I just love Lake Erie, and am so fortunate to live a 2-minute stroll to her shore, though it's a bit of a cliff. This view is from the little loop next to ours. I like how each loop has a public access pathway to the lake's shore.
March 16
4.  I love homemade veggie burgers. This is a great recipe I found online somewhere I think... Beet and Black Bean burgers. Yummy. I should put the recipe in a post here methinks.

5. I love my QBL friends, as you also know. I love it when we quilt together, whether it's a shared project, a quilt along, or testing one of my patterns! Helen of Midget Gem Quilts tested my recent release, Grace, and she's just finished hand-sewing down the binding. With her permission, I have to show you this gorgeous rendition of my pattern! She made a full half heart, rather than the broken half heart. The pattern has instructions to make both.

Just take a look, drool over the glorious riot of colour, and that fabulous quilting! I love the rays she did in the large green heart. For more eye candy, check out her Instagram. If you'd like to purchase a copy of my pattern, visit my Etsy shop.

6. I'm liking Rufus a lot more these days. Oh he still goes from jerk to lover several times a day, but the lover side and the calmer side has been getting more 'on' time.
March 22 age 1 year 8 months

A big part of his starting to finally calm down is the loss of two things: balls.  Yes, he was neutered at the beginning of this month, and while he was there the vet removed his rear legs dewclaws which were weirdly formed and dangly. He's finally gained a little much-needed weight, mainly due to his not being able to go for a walk for two weeks, and not being able to run. He still runs just a little as he has to be pretty careful; removing dewclaws is pretty intense, as they take some bone because the dewclaws are attached.

7. I like technology. When it works, which is usually. We have been self-isolating for over a week now. Ontario shut down as of midnight Tuesday, March 24, meaning everything but essential services has closed and people are not to be going out unless it's absolutely necessary. You can walk your dog, as we do, go for a walk in your neighbourhood, but no groups, just the people in your house. The provincial parks are now closed to the public, and we are to stay at home. It's really not that hard, nor is it unreasonable. So I continue to practise and teach yoga. I asked my teacher if she would consider doing a class together with our little Ashtanga group, and so she investigated, and we've now practised a couple of times using the video conferencing app, Zoom.
It's pretty cool! Saturday we had eight of us.

I am teaching just two of my five yoga classes per week, online through Live on Instagram. It's kind of weird, and I was terribly nervous the first two times, but I am so happy that it's helping people, and so many have written to me to thank me and say how good it has been! So that makes it worth it. Last week and this week I taught at my regular Tuesday/Thursday class time which is 6-7 am, but I think starting next week I'll do 6:30-7:30 am. That gives my friend Helen of Word Weaver Art an extra half hour of sleep, as she is in CST in Arkansas, and it means 11:30 for my England friends, and my students who have to be 'at work' from home at 8 am can easily make that.
To join me live, you just have to have an Instagram account and follow me. Know that I always am uploading these to my YouTube channel so they will be there for whenever an hour of Yin works for you. Anyone can do Yin; I give lots of modifications.

8. I love my husband. For so many many reasons. He is transforming this little house into the oasis that he promised. Last week he was busy creating in his garage, and came up with a temporary island countertop of scrap wood and leftover paint (sounds familiar to us quilters) that I think will not be temporary as I love it so much.
We brought down my sewing room stool for now until we are able to buy some similar to this. He even used a bit of the Opal Silk turquoise paint that is on the back wall here and there on the wood along with the tea leaves dye he made and other bits and bats of leftover paint. There are five boards there that comprise the top with seating on two sides. I wasn't sure wood would look right with the granite but it does, in part, I think, due to the leather finish we have on our granite, not the high polish/gloss that is common.


Now for the Giveaway of three of my patterns from my Bohemian Rhapsody quilt post. There were 33 entries. Now that struck me, as 3 is my favourite number, has been all my life, my birthday is the 3rd, I went to England for the first time and celebrated my third birthday there...
So I decided, since Brady who was going to pick three numbers as winners, is still asleep as I finish up this post this morning, that comments 3, 13 and 33 would be the winners.

So, 3 is Beth, 13 is Kathryn, and 33 is Nancy. All have been emailed and sent a copy of my Pocketful of Sunshine pattern which you can still snag for just $6CA. Watch for the re-release of it very soon; it's nearly ready to send to Yvonne for editing and then the new one will go to $10. Thanks for all the lovely positive comments on that Bohemian Rhapsody quilt post. I hope you all entered the giveaways at Benartex on their Instagram and Facebook.

I just have one more like, sent to me after I published my post, but so important that I need to share it. This was published on March 24. Please please take the time to watch it. A doctor made it. I've put a few notes, letters, advice on my Instagram from the head of the ICU in a Toronto hospital, now here's a very good advice post on begin safe as far as grocery-buying goes, from a GP in Michigan. Also remember that many stores offer online buying with either home delivery or pickup. However you still need to sanitize everything.


  1. Oh, lovely lovely post. Bella was so sweet in the first yoga video (haven’t gotten to the others yet). I just loved watching her. Rufus is doing his elegant dog pose - love it. Neutering is a good thing, and we do have to just accept it. Namaste.

  2. What is it with cats and small spaces? Bella knows her stuff, and she's beautiful. You are finding your new routine while we go through all this weirdness. I'm getting there. Enjoyed the post, Sandra! Love those quilts! (I think I need to entertain a squirrel today!)

  3. I have started writing down my gratitudes, just so my brain doesn't get totally jumbled up with the all the negative 'what if's'. So I do enjoy your posts. Glad your puppers is doing better. And what a delight to see your home develop into your haven. I saw that video yesterday, and was glad to know exactly what to do with our groceries, as that seems to be a stickling point to Sheltering In Place. Stay well!

  4. Your home is really coming together and I love the kitchen island! Bella brings a big smile to my face. Stay well, friend.

  5. I, too, love Lake Erie. We have a cottage on the US side an hour south of Buffalo. We've been going there for over 60 years. We get the lovely sunsets while you must get the lovely sunrises. I appreciate the pattern and look forward to making it sometime soon.

  6. Oh Bella you are a diva! Love that counter top McGyver made!! I would keep it too! Stay healthy!

  7. Lovely post & I do one with my friend Kate every so often on a Friday. Your pets are so sweet. I do like your Grace pattern & may pop it on my to-do list. I've a spare stool just like yours, but don't think I can give it to you as post would be extravagant (giggle). If you pop over to my blog, my second last post was showing off the chest of drawers Keith made for my sewing room. It was made from second hand bits'n'bobs, except 5 knobs, the I decorated it. Take care, stay safe & huggles. PS, wish I had instagram & could follow your yoga, but our time difference is also way off.

  8. I love your new island! During a past kitchen remodel, the designer recommended a wood top on one section to break up the “sea of granite.” It did make the room feel cozier! Thanks for posting the video because food/grocery safety has been on my mind.

  9. Awww, Bella looks so cute!
    I need to make a big bag for my cats. One of them tried to get in my “wool” bag. That was funny, the bag was waaay too small for him. Trouble is if I make something specially for him he probably won’t even look at it!
    Lovely post Sandra, especially the video at the end. Thanks for that!
    Barbara xx

  10. What a wuzzy kitty! Black beans and beets have quite the color together! That island counter top looks terrific! Rufus is handsome.

  11. Hi Sandra! Aww, I love the photos of Bella. I would have stopped everything to watch her climb into that bag. And speaking of bags . . . you have truly inspired me into making my own after your previous post. I have a block from a friend to build on. Anyway, back to your likes. Love seeing the trees starting to bud. That is my favorite time to see - Spring is definitely here then. I can hear all the birdies chirping, and I'm hoping that the cardinals will return outside my office window. It is a time of rebirth in spite of the virus. {{Hugs}} Stay healthy and safe, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. I agree all the old trees around here are awe inspiring when you realize how truly large they are. Bella is so pretty, and your comment about Rufus made me giggle. Lucy the cat and Bobbin do not adhere to social distancing in my house. Zoom is awesome I have a group that used the app the other day it was so fun. I love your island it is gorgeous. Great likes!

  13. I love your photos of Bella, especially getting into bags! Cats are so funny! Beautiful Lake Erie and signs of Spring so needed right now. I did watch that video, just yesterday, and it freaked me out. I should have been doing that weeks ago, and didn't realize it. But after shopping today, you can be sure I did! I hate being afraid.

  14. Wow, that countertop is amazing! Not temporary, for sure!

  15. I love that you love my quilt !
    I also love Bella , your kitchen and your husband although I have never met any of them

  16. Catching up on your posts lovely much to see and adore...I love everyte, Helen's quilt, pooch and kitty and especially love the work top..he's a keeper for sure 😀 love your friend across the pond xx


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