Saturday, March 28, 2020

DrEAMi! #38

All right I have a PSA for everyone: just so you know, I have my Queen of Squirrel Chasers crown set back straight on my head this month. Foof! Look out!

Did I scurry around or what! Just like the one below who I spotted on Thursday on my walk with my dog around the 'hood, I feel like I've scored a donut the size of me with the joy of madly dashing off in all directions.
Zoom in some more... wait, I did.

What is that black squirrel holding onto? It's an entire donut!! Tim Horton's of course ha!
I watched her struggle with it; she started up the tree, stopped, readjusted, started again (I'm walking by with a dog so she wasn't hanging around on the ground)... dropped the donut! It rolled across the lawn; she raced after it, snagged it, and back to the tree she went. It took some deliberate effort, but she eventually made high up there and started to snack on her score. Which is the size of her!

March seems like it's been an entire year, does it not? You think back to one week ago, and it is like wait, what? That was only seven days ago? It feels like a month. So much happens daily that it's a blur. I've still been just allowing myself a couple of 5-minute newscasts on the hour from CBC, and maybe one article off their site. It's not that I am ignoring the plight of Italy, Spain, NYC, I just cannot consume myself with all of it all day, so I block it and think of happy things and do happy things and stay in my bubble. Funny, I used that term the other day in reference to how I've set up my cushioning from the world, and now I've seen it used in a few places. Stay in your bubble. No problem here.

So let's see, three of my DrEAMi! projects were Project Quilting makes. Here is my micro-mini, Hummer:

Here are two placemats for Meals on Wheels (in the Hummer post):

And a grocery shopping bag made in oh, just 24 hours:

Two decent-sized lap quilts. Bohemian Rhapsody

and Stars Aligned which is in the current just-released issue of the ezine Modern by the Yard. You can get your free copy of the ezine through the link to my post. I'm pretty thrilled with this latest publication.
See how tightly my crown is back on my head? Island Batik sewing has suffered as a result, but oh man did I have unbridled fun here. But WAIT! Hold the phone! I have yet another! I nearly forgot it. This one was another true DrEAMi! and it wasn't an obligation like the above two quilts were, no. This one was just for sheer fun and it just grabbed me and I HAD to ignore IB and just make this, and not rest until it was a quilt top. Lots of you saw it in stages on Instagram:

I's the Elvira QAL hosted by Gudrun Erla last weekend. I happened to have this stack of Greta Lynn 'Limoncello' by Kanvas for Benartex. Last year I'd designed a modern take on a Log Cabin in an issue of Modern by the Yard for them using this fabric. I thought it might look cool in Gudrun's design, and yup! It does!
None of the above six projects were planned. All were sewn pretty furiously, focused and fast. This last one will be another Hands2Help comfort quilt. It's going to either a health care worker or to a centre in Windsor for young men who are recovering from substance abuse. I was struck by how austere their bedding was and thought, hmm, they need quilts in there. I have so much admiration for people who acknowledge their addiction and take steps to overcome it.

Last month we had once again some great DrEAMi projects linked up I want all of them here, but to recap, here are two with a nature theme that I loved:
Life in the Scrapatch made this Sweet Lily Cushion

Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts made these two lovely flimsies for Australia

Okay now I've re-established my rule, lol, let's see what you've been madly chasing in your sewing rooms!

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  1. Atta girl, getting that crown properly placed back on your beautiful head! But if that squirrel was enjoying a Tim Horton donut, surely she had a double double with it? It just seems that had to be so. The squirrels have been very quiet here, until this week. Not sure I'll get it in for this month, but definitely next. I've invited them in to play :-)

  2. That was a very determined squirrel you saw there! I loved seeing everything you've accomplished recently, Sandra - your Elvira quilt is really neat!

  3. Hi Sandra! The well-earned crown should be always be on your head, and also on your mentee, Wendy. You have definitely inspired many this month with all of your projects - I can hardly wait to jump over to see Modern by the Yard. And I've started looking for some fabrics for my own version of your bag . . . not that there's a rush to make it other than I like it. Oh, that squirrel with the donut! Holy moly that was a good sized one too. Stay healthy and safe in your bubble! {Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Good morning, from across the country! Really great fun to wake up to your lovely list of projects. Love that new star quilt! So glad it is available for any and all to have some fun.

  5. The squirrels have been enjoying an early spring here and have been chasing around and up and down the trees outside. Inside I have been doing a lot of squirrely sewing. I seem to be making lots of nice squishy pillows so far this year. Linking up my newest pillow creation for this month. Thank you, Sandra, for hosting and for the lovely shout out for my Sweet Lily Pillow ... :) Pat

  6. That crown is so well deserved and nice to see it sitting proudly were it belongs! Great projects all!

  7. An entire donut? I love that you were able to bear witness to the grand find and snack! You certainly had a lot of great projects that just had to be made. It sounds like a great quilting month, honestly!

  8. Wow, Sandra. You are one busy lady! I love all of them and the story of the squirrel. That must have been a fun sight. Did she eat the whole thing or just stuff pieces in her cheeks? Thanks for the heads up on the new issue of Modern by the Yard.

  9. Crikey! A lot of finishes there & all so lovely. I'd like to join in too, but not sure of the criteria for this link? I do like the story of you squirrel. Take care, stay safe & big hugs from down under.

  10. Glad to see you chasing squirrels and having some fun! It can't all be obligation sewing, right? I did the one-day Elvira QAL, too, and really enjoyed it. That pattern goes together fast fast fast. Yours is lovely :)

  11. Thanks for the chuckle, I really enjoyed the squirrel story. You did well with your squirrels for the month. I'm avoiding squirrels and instead am instead chasing UFOs. At least that keeps me out of trouble and my mind off the sorrows of the latest news. Stay well.

  12. It has been fun to see your projects. Love your Elvira quilt. I printed the pattern out and want to make it, but I have been making masks for a daughter who works in an ER in a hospital in VA. How do you think Elvira would look in Kaffe Fassett fabric? I bought a bundle when we were traveling last fall. Nancy A:

  13. That squirrel is too funny!!!! Love all your projects!

  14. Congratulation son yet another feature in the zine - Modern by the Yard. Squirrel with a Donut - now that is a book that I would happily read :-) Your Elvira look gorgeous.
    Thank you for featuring the Bushfire flimsies. Sending hugs and best wishes for your safety and sanity.

  15. OH wow - that is such a clever squirrel! Whew you have been so happily busy and achieved so much! Thanks for encouraging me to sign up :-) Our PM is using the bubble term a lot. It is the catch cry here in NZ - who's in your bubble?, how big is your bubble?, etc etc. I think it's a good visual term for us to be using.

  16. That squirrel! We had one that would stash stuff on our hose holder at our old house. I only wish I had snapped a picture of it eating the pizza! Always was a hoot to see what was stashed there....I would momentarily think it was my son but then realized he couldn't eat the things that were there (food allergies)! Anyway, you have been one busy busy woman. You are outdoing the squirrels and making so many gorgeous things! Congrats on the productivity and the wonderful quilts, tiny things and patterns you a getting out into the world and sharing your light!

  17. Lol, that squirrel!!! Love your Elvira, Sandra! I love looking through this link-up. Thanks!

  18. Wow, that squirrel was determined for sure...she, sure it would have been a she...would have used up lots of energy and so deserved the doughnut..lots of lovely moments in here. I think my quilting mojo is coming back as my energy seems to be increasing Sue xxx


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