Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March OMG and Giveaway Winner

I didn't get an OMG together for February, and my January one, which you can see here, got done in record time, like within a day or two of my post but I forgot to link it up! I'd added a second one, to finish another scrap box, but that didn't happen. So! For March I am planning to get my turquoise scrap box done. I have the panels made:
That is an in-progress shot, but rest assured, they're all four complete now, just need quilting and assembling!

So far, I love this box the most! Blue is the one colour I have the most scraps of, and the Rubbermaid plastic container is so full the lid just perches on top; it doesn't close. Not surprising as my favourite colour is blue. I'd love to have these all done in rainbow order for when I move up to my new sewing studio. Here is where I sit as of this morning, starting to move stuff up!

I got my design wall up without taking off the gridded flannel! It's in four panels, each 2' x 8', so I hope I can, with MacGyver's help and ingenuity, maybe figure out a way to have a folding design wall that only needs to be fully open to its 8' wide capacity, when I'm designing or piecing a big quilt.  MacGyver is planning to assemble today some of the new IKEA pieces I've bought. Two of the old IKEA dressers I used to make my sewing desk are literally falling apart. They're 30 years old, so they've served me, and my brother, from whom I bought them 20 years ago, well! New sewing room, new cabinets and storage pieces. Lots of organizing to do, and it will be a slow but steady process.

Giveaway Winner!
Now the other main reason for today's post, is to announce the winner of my giveaway on my 'Centred' post. Rafflecopter chose Joyce Carter as the winner. Congrats! I've emailed her, and will send out her rainbow of fat eighths as soon as I hear back. If I don't hear from her within 24 hours, then I'll have Rafflecopter choose another!

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to so many of you who are regular readers and commenters. I didn't respond to comments because of volume during a giveaway, and I'm a bit behind in visiting DrEAMi! linkups and visiting blogger blogs due to being logged out of the comment ability once again, sigh, and the previous fix won't work this time. I can only read blogger blogs on my phone, in Google search engine. It's beyond annoying. I also have had my head down for the past week, secret-sewing like mad. We hopped over the river to mail it from Detroit yesterday, so it's off to be professionally photographed. I'm really excited to let you see the full quilt; there have been a couple of peeks on my Instagram feed.

DrEAMi! for those who like to chase squirrels, and for those who don't, but still get pulled in from time to time and need to Drop Everything and Make it! the linky is open until midnight tonight.

Okay a certain doggie needs walking, so I'm off, hoping the rain holds off!

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  1. Just read your email Sandra and I am very excited about winning your giveaway. Thank you so much. I have sent you an email.

  2. I finished my February OMG...then forgot to link up. LOL Guess I need to think about a March goal.

  3. Your blue scraps are like my green ones. Way too many! The sewing room is looking good!

  4. Oh yippee - you're moving in to your new space! Squee! Cannot wait to see you settle in and give a tour!

  5. You must be so excited to move into your studio. Studio!!! Keep those photos coming. It’s fun to see all your (and MacGyver’s) work coming together. And I know the two of you will find a nifty way to make that design wall work for you.

  6. Lovely. You will enjoy the transition to your new space. Have fun.

  7. oh i love your space. all that wonderful light and the back wall. you will have a ton of fun here.

  8. Love the color on that accent wall! You'll have so much fun moving in to your new space. Fun, fun!

  9. Hi Sandra! Oh yes, those scrap boxes in rainbow colors will look so fab in your new sewing quarters. I think you should just make the time, if you're able to, do get them all done so you can just gaze upon their beauty. It'll be fun to sort and organize for your new space, don't you think? I am certain that MacGyver will come up with just the perfect solution for your design wall. That's what MacGyver-types do best. With a single shoelace and a bolt. I can't wait to see! {{Hugs}} Congrats to the winner! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. How excited you must be!!! Yes, it's a load of work to move into that sewing room, but after waiting for so long, you must be beside yourself with excitement. Love the teal wall, and the floor, but mostly the promise of quilts to come.

  11. Happy scrap blocks! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  12. Everything is looking great Sandra! I am forever forgetting to link up at the beginning or the end of OMG. But this year I am trying to do better. So far, so good. Yesterday I linked up my March goal at the 11th hour but hey - got it done. Haha


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