Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I am a child of the Light. I wake up with the sun, love the sun's warmth on my skin, the brightness of it in my kitchen. Lightness of spirit is another meaning of Light, and for the most part I am that. These days, especially this week, it's very difficult. However, here are some enlightening photos from the past day or two that have lightened my heart and lifted my spirit.
March 17 on my beloved empty lot on Lake Erie's shore at the end of my street.
I wasn't sure what these were, thought daffodils maybe. Today, I think I know...

This morning I spied these! They were out in the woodland path between the two halves of our cul-de-sac, and in one of the back yards.
Snowdrops! Maybe those in my empty lot are snowdrops? I will have to walk in there tomorrow.

Monday, Tuesday, and today's walks I walked 'with' Brady. We start together, he on his treadmill in Alberta, me outside with my doggy in the 'hood. Sometimes we chat along the way. It's quite lovely to be able to do this together in isolation.

Here are two videos for your viewing/listening/doing pleasure. One is from Sunday. Lake-gazing never fails to calm me and make me more in love with this planet, and my little corner of it. Sound up!

My dear friend Danielle, who I mentioned in my last post, and whose advice (she's a nurse and worked through the SARS crisis) was in my last post, has been urging me for a few years now to upload videos of me teaching Yin on YouTube. I went as far as recording Voice Memos on my phone of half a dozen classes I taught, and giving them to her and my other good friend Liz for when I'd be away in Florida. Well, in light of the self-isolation we are all being asked to do, I thought, Sandra, screw up your courage, and make one for YouTube. So I did just a short 27-minutes one, which Brady and I did together yesterday afternoon. THAT, my friends, was awesome. Precious. At the end, when we came out of savasana (final relaxation), me on my back, he sitting in, 'criss-cross applesauce' style, he said, unprompted, "Nana, I feel really good!!"

No fabric purchase can compare with the feeling seeing and hearing him say it gave me.

Also, yesterday, I screwed up my courage even more, and, despite not sleeping well at all, one of the worst nights of sleeplessness in my life, for a few reasons, I did a Live Yin class on Instagram at 6 am EST. Tuesday and Thursday 6-7 are two of my five classes I normally teach, so it makes sense for my students who are used to that time. Several of them are younger and hopefully their kids won't be up at that time so they can practise with me! I was so nervous, to the point that my mouth was super dry for the first five minutes! I'd had a half glass of water ahead of time, rest assured.

Anyhow. I survived. Several of you readers joined me, and that was another profound feeling, knowing friends in England, the US, Canada were together in spirit. I've uploaded that hour, a Beginner Flow, on Youtube. I plan to do another one tomorrow at 6 am EST, so if you care to join me, I am @mmmquilts

Know that teaching online is a little different than in real life; I normally don't do the flow with my students, but walk around and help, suggest, etc.

I will upload tomorrow's flow to YouTube as well if that Live time doesn't work for you; my channel is simply Sandra Walker.😁

I just have found another online resource, this one Canadian, now free to all,
We will remember all these small and large acts of kindness once this is over.

Stay home. Save lives. Think of your community. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.
Much love.


  1. Snowdrops, my Mum had some along the side of the tall hedge at what we called the house paddock, on the farm where I grew up, and I have some here, given to me by a friend many years ago. They flower down here about the time of my birthday in July. this year no party as a friend in Auckland and I both reach the magical 80. And you did it, online, well done to take that first plunge, and to share with family and friends is so special.Stay safe up North.XXX

  2. I love that Brady is sharing walks and Yin yoga with you, that makes my heart happy. And way to embrace trying something new, Sandra. I've set up to be able to do my normal exercise at home, but I think adding in some of your Yin yoga sessions over weekends might be a really good idea for me in these times.

  3. Nancy above had the same thought as me & maybe snowdrops. Here "down under", my freesia foliage is already appearing, but I'm sure plants are as confused with weather patterns at the moment, as much as we are with world turmoil. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  4. Whoops me again, but my old laptop only brought up your first picture, then comments bit, so I've just seen the "yoga" bit & if I can get Youtube on my device, I'll give it a go. Think I need to learn to relax in these trying times. Well done you for taking a leap & doing it. Thanks again.

  5. How very special to be able to take a walk with Brady even when you are provinces apart. These are trying times and we need to be able to relax our minds I hope your yoga classes help you to relax your mind and body. Off to my sewing room.

  6. How neat that you have worked out a way to be with Brady even though you can't be together in person. And what great memories you are building with him! I don't know if I've ever seen snowdrops; what pretty little flowers! I had to chuckle at Bella taking center stage in your video, typical cat behavior. I need to find something less stressful than trying to upgrade my blog, so maybe some sewing today.

  7. I love snowdrops! We’re seeing signs of spring in our neighborhood as the ice on the lake looks a little more mushy and the ducks are returning. Hopefully today’s rain (and snow) will bring on the green grass and leaf buds. I’m packing up my quilt room explosion today and converting it back to my home office. After 6 months of driving to work, I’m back at home. Actually, this is our normal rhythm, so we’ll get along. I’m used to hearing my husband’s business calls all day long. Thankfully my coworkers and I communicate with online messaging so we don’t have dueling phone conversations. Take care! Online connections are wonderful.

  8. Snowdrops—what a lovely name! Your walk and yoga with Brady are heart-melting-into-a-puddle inducing. A positive side effect of this worldwide disaster is finding all the creative, loving ways people are finding to stay in “touch.” I have never done yoga, but I’m going to check out your selfless video, Sandra, because I think even just watching it will be calming. Thank you!

  9. I haven’t done yoga for a few years, might be time to get on the mat again. Will check out your YouTube videos. Take care and be safe.

  10. Thank you for continuing to reminds us that we have ways to reach out to family and friends. Your Brady is such a jewel and such quality time for both of you in the morning. Take care of yourself.

  11. Yes, you are a child of the light. How seeet spending time with Brady this way. I will be watching and practicing with you sometimes - although the recorded sessions not the early ones. 🙏

  12. Hi Sandra! You and Brady - walking together, doing yoga together . . . does it get any better than that?! Just to be able to chat while you walk - you ease his worries and he eases yours. Calm. It's all about finding your calm and being able to keep it. The snowdrops are fab and even more so is the Lake. Just seeing that video makes me feel calmer. I would love to join you for yoga! Maybe I can follow one of your YouTube videos this weekend when I'm not working. {{Hugs}} Stay healthy and safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Well now, Sandra, you've thrown down the gauntlet. If you can record a video, perhaps I can try the yoga. Goodness knows I need some limbering up. Glad spring and Brady are there to bring you joy, one way or the other. Thanks.

  14. I am glad you spotted the snowdrops, they are my favourite. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Love that Brady and you are walking together, so wonderful. Congratulations and Well Done on teaching online. Take care, Sandra!!