Saturday, April 25, 2020

DrEAMi #39

Welcome to another squirrel-chasing celebration. The above squirrel was made by Carol at Quilt Schmilt. Perfect! Chasing a squirrel that IS a squirrel. In these strange unsettling, and now crushingly heartbreaking times, with the horrific massacre in Nova Scotia, it's even more okay to just Drop Everything And Make it (something, anything) especially if it gives you joy. I don't know about you, but chasing squirrels, having a DrEAMi moment gives me nothing but joy and pleasure.

I stayed pretty much on task this month, surprisingly, but that's because I'd been so scattered in March. I did spend Friday following my nose and I have a sort of squirrel to show you...

So Friday. I am supposed to be laser-focused on my Island Batik project. And I am. In the back burner of my mind. So I dither. And I keep guilting myself for it being the end of the fourth month this year and I still haven't chosen one RSC project. Oh, I have two in mind. Trees for one, and using up my overflowing strips for another. Have I put two pieces of fabric together yet for either? Nope.

I've sorted a bunch of fabric and folded it and petted it all pretty, as I do a little organizing up here in my new sewing space that is in limbo with cabinets needing ordering, nothing much doing because of isolation. In so doing, I happened upon an old American & Patchwork magazine from April 2006 with a stickie marking a quilt (which I adore) that I badly want to make. Scrappy. Pinks and greens with some brown and burgundies, just wonderful.

A page fell open to a Weeks Ringle quilt, yup. Modern as all get-out. Rainbow as kind of all get-out. My 2.5" scraps tray is stuffed, so I have been thinking I need to design a quilt to use these. When I saw this, I thought, 'I think this may be the one.' No designing necessary.

And of course, today, since I had planned to use the day to concentrate on Island Batik, this called me, and I succumbed.
This month is light and bright blue, and my blue 2.5" squares comprise the biggest section in that tray. Turquoise was last month, and surprisingly, I didn't have that many. Orange? Rather dismal. Never fear; I have lots in my scraps boxes from which to cut 2.5" squares. The cool thing about this quilt is that you start and end with an 'improv' sliced off block. That means that instead of six 2.5" squares, the first column could be 1.5" squares, and this makes the rows offset, so no matchy-matchy to worry about. With all my scraps, I won't be slicing; I'll just find 2.5" by odd-width patches for those. So you see this isn't exactly a DrEAMi, but it sort of fits because I did drop everything I should have been doing to make these blocks.

Last month there were some awesome projects that grabbed us and ran away with us!
Kathleen at Kathleen McMusings made this for a hop; isn't it fabulous? She walks us through her process in this graphic representation of the phrase, 'When the queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom!'

Helen of Word Weaver Art made this adorable chickie bags. She is primarily a painter, an incredible one at that, and sews a little, and even made a quilt last year! These just grabbed her and she didn't stop until she had not one, but four! Visit her blog to get the link to the pattern.

Well, with all the time in isolation, have you stayed focused on tasks you need to complete or have you strayed? Link up below! Please remember to provide a link back to my blog, and/or copy and paste the button so others can find the party!

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  1. Oh, a Weeks Ringle quilt! I have a feeling I'll recognize it, since I had all those magazines for quite awhile. I might've even saved that issue. I'll have to look. I've been a big fan of WR since I began quilting. Can't wait to see it. I've had a few squirrels this month, but only posted one (so far).

  2. Those chickie bags are adorable. Can't say I've chased any squirrels, more like I just have been having difficulty settling down to do anything. Oh sure, I've made a boatload of masks, and I did finally finish a quilt, but staying focused on anything has been a chore.

  3. lol that's one cute squirrel. Funny so many of us relate to a squirrel, right? Take care of your self home and family Sandra...during this unbelievable demanding time we're living in

  4. Now is when I wish my collection of old magazines was organized. Instead? It's a jumbled mess of boxes. Looking forward to seeing how this RSC quilt turns out!

  5. I like those blocks you're making with your 2.5 inch pieces, especially your idea for offsetting them! Fun!

  6. I wasn't going to do RSC this year because I'm trying so hard to finish up the 4 RSC quilts that aren't done. But this is year 9 of RSC for me, so how can I not play along? Of course Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts posted the most perfect block for playing with scraps. So I'll be playing catch up with you on that front.

  7. LOVE the squirrel! It totally got my attention. Lots of fun projects happening here!

  8. Sweet! Thanks for the mention! I am working on an Elvira quilt that should go on here, needs binding...we'll see if it makes it. There is another I could post about....hmmm....the light goes to blog tomorrow. I should make it!

  9. Like you and Wendy, I remember Weeks Ringle quilts in the APQ magazine. That was my first exposure to modern quilting and I loved her work. I have so many squirrels running through my brain. I even pulled fabric for two. But my Village quilt will be a long term project (distraction) and I have the Row Along with a deadline, so the squirrels were tucked away for another day. I love seeing the projects, so thanks for sharing these, Sandra!

  10. Those squirrels just come along at the most inopportune moments... but I rarely regret dropping everything and chasing the squirrel!

  11. I'm looking forward to the WR quilt! I do love their Modern Quilt Studio designs.