Sunday, April 12, 2020

Guest Blogger Appearance!

I am tickled, honoured, and pleased to announce that I am the guest blogger for today's slot on Confessons of a Fabric Addict. One of the obligations we have this year as ambassadors for Island Batik is to make two guest posts on big blogs, and I thought of Sarah, who has guests write posts on her blog on Sundays with a tutorial for a potential comfort quilt for Hands2 Help.

This was my entry for Project Quilting 11.3 challenge, Put a Heart On It. I planned all along to donate it to the Windsor Sexual Assault Centre, destined, as I have done for four years now, sadly, wish it weren't so, for a kid. They just love getting my quilts, and the kids love them, and get to keep them.

This is my fifth year participating in Hands2Help.
 It's a drive for making comfort quilts for specific charities, which you can read about here. Sarah also gives the option of donating to a local cause, since postage can be a hindrance to a lot of us these days.

So I have started a second version of Smooches. This one is going to a healthcare worker, another option Sarah has added to this year's drive. It's going to be a rainbow of hearts.
The red is not as intense, nor is the purple, but inside light, even when I hit 'enhance' in Edit mode, doesn't always show true colours. I'm doing all cream/light beige backgrounds as a softer look for this one. I have to say, making these hearts is addictive... And fast! I used the construction method that is in my Grace pattern for the 12" hearts, almost no waste. You can get that pattern in my Etsy shop. 😍

That quilt lives with Dayna's friend in Alberta. It was made as a comfort quilt for her; you can read the original post here. She recently said how much she loves it, because I'd sent her the photo of my friend Helen's quilt

to show her another rendition, and she told me again how very much the quilt means to her and how much comfort she feels when snuggled beneath it. Well, I believe, because I've felt them, that quilts have vibrations within them, especially those made for a person, for a specific need or reason. This was yet another confirmation of that. So remember when you're creating quilts for a specific need, whether you know the person or not, think good, healing thoughts as you sew.

I'll post the tutorial for Smooches later this week so it is always here on the blog. For now, hop over to Confessions of A Fabric Addict to see it. If you make one, I would love to see it. You can email me a photo, ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com or tag me on Instagram @mmmquilts.


  1. Your guest post looks great, Sandra. I wish that quilts were not needed for a Sexual Assault Centre, but I'm glad that your talents go to comfort them.

  2. Just read your guest post. Nicely done. Love those hearts, a perfect quilt for sending some quilty love.

  3. Great guest post! I see lots of hearts being made.

  4. Just read your post over at Sarah's. Very nice and thank you!!

  5. I was surprised and delighted to see Smooches on Sarah's blog! Thank you for generously sharing it :)

  6. Congratulations on your guest post on Confessions of a fabric addict and a big thank you for offering a tutorial of an amazing quilt. As I've said before, you put your heart in every one of your projects and this one proves it.

  7. Your quilt is beautiful and, as always, your post inspiring :-) It was lovely to see you pop up on Sarah's blog.

  8. Congrats on your guest post. I'll head over to read it.

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  10. What a great tutorial! Love your quilt, so much so that I've already made the 12 blocks and have the sashing pinned and ready to sew! Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow.


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