Saturday, August 29, 2020

DrEAMi! #43


Welcome to DrEAMi! #43 where we celebrate those Drop Everything And Make it! moments. This meme of perfection for those squirrel projects is off Carol's of Quilt Schmilt blog. It describes my yesterday and this morning to a T. I actually had a squirrel interrupt a squirrel and one was my OMG but it started acting like a DrEAMi yesterday...So my OMG should have been on the To Do Tuesday list but I forgot all about it until after I'd posted... I had one test block left from A Positive Spin and I'd had the idea even before I published the blog post of seeing what if I popped the corners a second time? Well, it niggled at me, as squirrels are wont to do, and so I cut a few more pieces to make the plus blocks, popped off a few corners, recut a few replacement triangles to see... and then stopped.

I'd remembered my OMG was making another scrap basket, either a neutrals one or a second pink one, as per a certain request. I could sew the basket pieces as leaders and enders while I satisfied this squirrel

I'd been sewing some of the cream scraps already, so I got back on Tillie, my '47 little Featherweight sweetheart, and started sewing a few... Half an hour later I came up for air because real life...

and remembered the plus blocks, so THEY became leaders and enders! And the OMG had turned into a squirrel because it became the priority. I don't know, improv is a love/dislike thing for me: the piece I want to sew onto the slab is always a tad short, yet the puzzle-like, serendipitous nature of it fascinates me and is addicting. Well the basket slabs got all done. In fact I made too many because last night I suddenly had a feeling that I may have already made one slab??? Oh no, not one but two! At first I was annoyed because I liked all three intended fronts/backs of the basket, but then I thought hey, I can make a little mat for my sewing room, whether it's for a mug or a candle or a pot.

The pink and black scrap will be the backing for that little mat.

I lost steam last night, and planned to get up and write this post first thing. Well the original squirrel interrupted the DrEAMi! post! Some days I get squirrel fever bad...
Isn't that cool?! It's 20.5" square, think it will become a table centrepiece. What's with the purple 9-patch? Well that's on my Tuesday list and I need 11 more by Tuesday. Not a one got done because of these two squirrels. 
So? Will she finished her OMG scraps box by August 31? Will she succumb to finishing the squirrel tabletopper? Will she get her purple RSC 9-patch blocks done?  Oh, and what about that backing for Sweet Star that's also on the Tuesday list... And starting her bag for the IB blog hop in September... 

Stay tuned!

Here were a couple of fabulous DrEAMi! projects last month:
Jan on Instagram had a quintessential DrEAMi! in that she dropped everything and made it, and I mean a total finish! My two DrEAMis were not TOTAL DreAMis in that they are not fully finished, but hey, we can bend the rules slightly, right? But only slightly; I'm a firstborn and rule-follower to a T, just sayin'...

Diann of Little Penguin Quilts also had a quintessential DrEAMi, well a couple! Check out her stitching station makeover!

Purple is the August RSC colour of the month, and so I'm linking this post with Angela at soscrappy because it has a fair amount of purple in it, and scraps boxes are Angela's tutorial.

Let's see what had you Drop Everything And Make it! this month. Remember this is not a party for regular finishes please, or WIPs, but those squirrel projects. Uh, we kind of like to breed more squirrels here, lol!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my purple DrEAMi project, Sandra! And squirrels interrupted by squirrels are totally understandable! Those beautiful low volume improv blocks really caught my attention, and now I want to go sew. :)Have a lovely Saturday!

  2. I just read through your latest posts, Sandra. So much to absorb and note down. I now have a list to check out. I so appreciate the journey you are on. Meanwhile, I have to be very careful re these squirrels. I like bigger projects and there really is only so many hours in the day!

  3. and all of a sudden my head hurts with all the squirrels. Recently my squirrels have been slugs, I am blogged down with stuff, computers who won't cooperate and just stuff.

  4. LOL!! Best of luck on finishing up your PURPLE 9-Patch blocks by the end of the month, Sandra. It's time to tame those DrEAMI squirrels!

  5. Lovely post & I should join in one day as I too put other things on hold occasionally to do something lurking in my thoughts. I thought after naming the different things about the table mat, ie:-mug-candle etc, maybe "cat" might pop up. Just being silly. I do like the second take on Positive Spin. Is it nearly time for another Modern by the Yard? Great.
    Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  6. The squirrels got me last night and today...made more skirts for my nieces. And I have another pattern in mind to try. I think I'm addicted. LOL

  7. Hi Sandra, it sounds like you have a family of squirrels in your sewing room. Actually my squirrel right now if dyeing fabric. I'll have to remember for next month. Good luck!

  8. You got squirrelled but good. Love the extra chop off on the positive spin blocks.

  9. Reading about your frenetic day brought to mind the little red squirrel who has been racing back and forth across our deck, up a shrub, onto the garage roof, then up the black walnut tree on a continuous loop. Makes me tired to watch either of you. I went into the studio intent on doing something to relieve my boredom, picked up a project that required some pressing, realized it was too warm to turn on the iron, and just like that, I was back to reading a book. I wish I could settle down and get to work.

  10. You've got squirrels - they're multiplyin'!! How fun is that?? Well, you know I like that kind of fun. Yesterday, I cleaned/organized my space. In doing so, I found a stack of batiks off-cuts from a previous quilt, so I thought I might as well sew them up while they were right there (like they were going anywhere fast), so far I have a runner and two minis and I'm not done yet. Squirrels - gotta love 'em!

  11. That plus top will be a lovely table centerpiece! I really love those colors. And the dark purple of that 9-patch! Interested to see what that is destined to be!

  12. I couldn't picture the second corner pop until I saw it. Ooooooh! Wow! So much motion. Love it! :)

  13. Hi Sandra! I say it's your party so you can make the rules fit the crime. I do admire Jan's total finish as a DrEAMi - it is lovely. And Diann's is definitely rocking her sewing area. That has to pump up her productivity (not that she needs it pumped up). I got nothing this month - I just eeked out my OMG project. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. The squirrel made it! Trying to finish a quilt for tomorrow and I got it all done but facing and post, that will be after dinner, in a bit. Loved making the walled and linking it up to your party.

  15. Great DrEAMI projects! Isn’t it fun when the squirrels fall all over themselves trying to be done first! Not much sewing for me this month. Life has a way of interfering with what we love to do sometimes. At least I’m finally getting time to catch-up on emails and reading blogs! Thanks for the mention. 😉 Carol