Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Like/Love #43 with some Thoughtful Thursday Added

Welcome to another I Like/Love post. Once again, I am adding in some of my thoughtful work.

1. I've finished a couple more very important books:  The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King and Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. Both of these are excellent, thought-provoking, soul-shaking/searching, and should be required reading for all North Americans.  I'm currently reading White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo on audio, and Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. I think my next read needs to be a light one, maybe another Flavia one. I see, thanks to emails from Chapters/Indigo (love them) that Thomas King's newest book is out, Indians on Vacation. I enjoyed reading the transcript of his interview with Shelagh Rogers from CBC in the back of The Inconvenient Indian.

2. Laura (@lolly2430) sent me this article. I forgot to put it on last month's post. As she said, it is heartbreaking, and I think it's a tragedy.

3. I like this article on CBC's site that tells of an anonymous person in Toronto who has been putting up plaques that give the whole history of well-known, 'respected' families. Read the article.
And earlier this evening, a story was on our local Windsor CBC news of our Museum Windsor curator now including the whole history of the Baby (I learned it is not pronounced as you'd assume, but bah-bee) family who were slave owners. Here is the article. (Okay what is going on...since Tuesday's post, they've change the insert URL popup and I can no longer test the link?) She's researching the life histories of the enslaved people, which makes me think of The Book of Lost Friends.

4. I like Dan Levy, and I love and am so impressed with how he uses his platform to inform and educate about systemic racism, LGBTQ2S people, issues in Canada and America. Thanks to him, I am now auditing Indigenous Canada, a course offered by my alma mater, the University of Alberta.

5. I finally got a rock on our lawn! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know what I'm talking about, and if you've read previous I Like posts, you've probably seen a couple photos of the incredible painted rocks dotted around our little loop of a neighbourhood that I spy on my walks with my dog each morning. I've been hoping and hoping one would get planted on our lawn, because we have big rocks from possibly a long-ago rock garden by the previous owner. We did get a couple that look like they were painted by a child, so cute, but never one of the beautiful, clever ones. And then, we did! I forgot to post it on Instagram for a few days, but remembered yesterday. Afterwards, I went out to gaze at it again, as it really did make me happy. Life lesson: we like to be recognized. Much to my dismay, it was gone! I know you're supposed to 'hide' the rocks again in the 'hood when you find them, but as MB, my neighbour had said, I was taking the privilege of just enjoying it perched there for a little while, and then I'd move it. A lot of these rocks have never moved from the first place they've appeared, so hmmm... Well, I found it on my dog walk today. The fish had swum five doors closer to the lake! Here it is in its original perch on our lawn, and the back which is when I first understood these rocks.
Underneath the instruction photo, you see where the fish are now, on top of an internet provider box! Watch for Rocks I think is so humorous, and I've seen it a few times. The new one today that made me oooh out loud is the M&Ms one, like WOW! There are several M&M themed rocks around the 'hood, some with a 'bite' out of them, and they look SO REAL. I have a soft spot for house quilt blocks, so that house rock which has moved around a bit I've noticed, might have to come live on my lonely lawn for a bit, and isn't the Lakeside Park one gorgeous? The detail...  I have talked about Lakeside Park a few times on my blog, a beautiful park established in 1907, site of the Kingsville Folk Fest.

6. I love flowers. Two that really have made me stop and pause this week are sunflowers and morning glories.
I love the furry little bees, and watching them so happy in the sunflowers gives me such joy.
You know, I've rescued a few bees from the pool this summer, gently fishing them out on a leaf and placing them carefully down in the sun to dry, watching in fascination as they do so. Not so spiders, ugh or crickets, I will confess that I help them meet their demise in the circulation catcher-thingie. Why is it some insects I'm okay with, (butterflies, moths, katydids, ladybugs, dragonflies) but most I am definitely not? The beautiful moth below is a Carolina Sphinx, just gorgeous in its rabbit-soft fur. It was huge. That's our garden hose it was perched on nestled amongst the canna lilies.

Incredible the two blues, the pentagonal shape, the yellow and white against all that green.

7. I love Mimosa trees, and had plans to buy one this fall. Well, on one of my dog walks, a man who lives on the lake in another of the 'loops' of neighbourhoods that line the shore, was working in his garden. He has a gorgeous mimosa, and I told him so. He said, "Would you like one?" I couldn't believe my ears. Of course I would! He pointed out a baby that he wanted moved, and offered to dig it and pot it up for me. He was a bit surprised that I said no, I won't come back with a vehicle; I'm pretty sure I can manage carrying it the rest of the way home (about a kilometre). Well it did get heavier...! But we made it. I planted it, talked to it, watered it, and was so unhappy when it lost all its beautiful leaves and branches but for two main ones. I still kept watering it and talking to it, and was I over the moon this week to see it is growing new branches and leaves! So it was in transplant shock, and busy sorting out its roots, and now is seeing to its above ground features. I am so glad. There are some absolutely stunning ones around here, huge and still with their feathery plumes of pink finery.
8. I liked watching this fledgling robin hopping around the yard, mama or papa nearby. This must be a second hatching as it was earlier this month!

9. I love this lake lot at the end of my street, as you know. I've taken many a quilt photo on that ramshackle lovely fence. Several on the grass by the lake's edge, others where I've stuffed a quilt in one of the giants trees. It's up for sale again, nearly a half million apparently, gasp. I love the Lycoris, aka Surprise Lilies, Resurrection Flowers, or Naked Ladies that grow wild here. I still may rescue a few that are in the centre of the lot, as they will get bulldozed over when someone decides to build. Hmmm, have to figure out a plan with my friend Dave, who let me take the photos of Still Waters and the Flying Geese quilt on his lake lot, two over from this. He looks after it, cutting the grass.

10. I love my cat, Bella. She is such a little character. A little human. She clearly needed attention. Or treats. Dayna used to do this type of thing when she was four and I was practising four hours a day for my grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music exams, "No more 'pano' Mummy." I think Bella was saying, "No more quilting Sandra. I need some attention."
11. I love living where there is such an abundance of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables. Oh the peaches this year, yum. Juice running down your chin kind.

My own tomatoes, the Roma plant especially, have been very good producers. I made some bruschetta with them this past week. Parsley, oregano and basil, with a few chives thrown in, were all from my little herb planter too.

12. I like the COVID Alert app, a great idea, IMHO, and I downloaded it. It will alert you if you've been near anyone who has reported having a case of COVID through the app. It doesn't give specifics, but through bluetooth it exchanges random codes with others who have told the app they tested positive.

13. From little acorns... This was another moment of amazement for me this month. This beautiful English oak we have is dropping acorns like crazy, and the squirrels have been going crazy for them. Potential. Possibility. Purpose. All contained within that tiny nut. Would that we humans were more like this.

14. As always, I love Lake Erie. Yesterday was #wearelakeerie day hosted by Environmental Defence Canada where we to post photos and tell stories of our love of the lake with the intent to raise awareness, especially at the government levels, to protect it, stop using harmful pesticides, protect the shoreline, our drinking water, complex ecosystems and more. I posted a couple of photos, a morning one and an evening one. It just settles me, seeing it, listening to the water in all her moods, the birds, feeling and smelling the winds off her surface. Ahh. That moon last night! I love the moon too. And have you noticed Jupiter this past month? Wow! I was tickled to read, and see a spectacular photo on Dione's blog, Clever Chameleon, that she and her family have been enjoying seeing it too. Ah, connections from Canada in the northern hemisphere to Australia in the southern. Love that.

15. And finally, foof, 15 this month! I really like my latest quilt, A Positive Spin, posted this past Monday. I'll be linking it up with the Friday finish parties tomorrow. I had planned for it to be the TGIFF finish since I was hosting last Friday, but it didn't happen. Several IRL things from fun relaxing stuff, to duties stuff, to back to work teaching yoga meant that blogging took a back seat, kind of similar to this post not being out first thing in the morning! No matter. Enjoy the incredible weather, our beautiful yard and neighbourhood, and life, period. All too fleeting.

I called the quilt A Positive Spin because of the double entendre with the plus (positive) blocks and the spinning stars, but I also was thinking that even in these past 5 1/2 months of isolation, anxiety, upset and major change, there have been so many positives. You can put a positive spin on just about anything. 

Slowing down, reflecting, enjoying one's own abode, inside and out, and taking time (having time) to beautify it, is all positive. 

Thank you if you've read this far; no matter if not as I enjoyed the writing regardless! I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and if you enjoyed this post and would like to read more in a similar vein, then hop over to LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color, where you will find several more of us like-minded, gratitude-expressing peeps. Feel free to write up a post of your own and let LeeAnna know; she'll link you up!

Now I have a certain OMG I'm hoping to finish, but I'm also chasing a pesky squirrel... I host a linkup for that affliction, DrEAMi! for those who find that sometimes there is this particular project that just makes you Drop Everything And Make it! See you Saturday if that may be you!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous and some of my favorite colors! I love peaches too and had some slices this morning. And the painted rocks are such fun. I wish I would find one on the trail again.

  2. The ROCK and his new home, love all the others too. Your lake is a beauty, we lived by Lake Tarawera for many years, and it always showed such beauty, and in winter when the sun shone on the frosty mountain, even more so. Off to finish another 4 masks for friends who will be in Wellington this weekend. Lots more people there, maybe public transport, every good reason to take care. Stay safe up North.

  3. Yes, I did read to the end & always enjoy. Talking of the mimosa had me puzzled as the English call our wattle (Acacia) mimosa, but it's yellow in colour, not pink, so am a bit confused. I saw some rocks too earlier this year, so maybe I could start a trend locally??Your squirrels would have a ball in the little park behind us as there are acorns "everywhere". I love stoned fruit & can't wait for our summer. Thanks for this lovely post, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  4. You always share so many wonderful likes, Sandra! I enjoyed your post today! I love your Lake Erie, and am so glad people are intent on taking good care of it. I'm missing being by water this year - that is usually something we try to do multiple times each year, but have to stay home this year. Boohoo! Love those rocks! The M&M one is really something.

  5. Hi Sandra! So, so, so many fabulous likes this month. Oh, the bruschetta is making my mouth water. Yes, Bella is definitely giving you the eye for more attention. The Mimosa tree made it! You'll have to give us an updated photo next month, please. Maybe that lot will be for sale for a while and you can save some of the wild flowers, I hope. It would be a shame to have them just bulldozed over. {{Hugs}} Take care my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Thank you for the book recommendations. I added them to my list. I love your likes and all the photos. Hope your tree does awesome. I want a Catalpa tree, but where to put it? Planting becomes such a debate around here. Can we get a hose to it, will it interfere with another tree, a foundation, roof? How easy will it be to mow around it in a chosen spot. The rocks are fabulous.

  7. So many wonderful likes from the peaches, which I agree are sweeter and tastier this year. I put a bunch up in the freezer this year to enjoy during the winter months. Do spend time with Bella she looks like she really needs it.

  8. When I first saw the Carolina Sphinx I thought it was some small bird perched there.
    Here in Alabama, we consider mimosa to be an invasive plant. I keep having to cut them down at Mom's.

  9. Sweet Bella - she's such a beauty. So many likes this week for you! Glad that you finally got a beautifully painted rock; too bad it disappeared to a less lovely location so quickly. Perhaps you should move it back ;-)

  10. A great list of likes! That moth is gorgeous. I tend to save spiders and bees but not other bugs. I love seeing moths and butterflies outside, but I hate seeing caterpillars munching away on my beautiful flowers (yes the contradiction!!!). Unfortunately I have a pervasive moth problem inside, and not even pretty moths, so I'm currently in a moth eradication mode...

  11. What a great list and post. Thank you for the referrals on books and articles. That rock is wonderful. We had a number appear on the walking path during the beginning of the pandemic. But people took them and never brought them back. Now a new one may appear once a month. I used one as inspiration for a birthday card for my sister and now the artist has placed a "sister" to the first. I'm trying to figure how to use it as inspiration. Those flowers and trees and nuts are wonderful and the tomato mixture looks so yummy. Have a great week.

  12. So many wonderful things in one post! I love all your outdoor posts, yours are my favorite posts to read (savor) with my morning coffee.

  13. What a fun and inspiring read.Cats and lakes and quilts oh my.

  14. I LOVE your like posts and yes to them all! I admit I'm just a little jelly of your harvest, mine is dried up on the vine from extreme heat, smoke and wind (good thing there is "no climate change" right) mm rocks rock! Mimosa tree, apps, lakes, your cat is gorgeous please pet her for me.

  15. And I like your post! Pure and simple.

  16. Thank you for the infusion of positivity, Sandra! I walked with you vicariously. Those rocks are adorable—and a true labor of friendliness, as I’m sure they take a long time to make. All those M &Ms!! What fun finds for your neighborhood. I’m kind of hoping that lot doesn’t sell, or maybe the neighborhood can buy it together and keep the view!

  17. You have so many wonderful loves. I especially love the rock story and finding them in various places.