Thursday, August 20, 2020

TGIFF - Makeup Pouch

Welcome to TGIFF: Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday. This is where we share a finish from this past week, not a WIP, work in progress, but a finish!

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I had great designs on finishing up my Island Batik challenge for TGIFF, and it was close, but no cigar. I should have it done tomorrow, so I'll link it up here with my own party LOL. One of the things on my To Do Tuesday list was making another makeup bag for my Etsy shop since two of the three I had listed have sold, a nice problem to have! So here is the latest one, available in my Etsy shop, free shipping within Canada!

I follow Jillian Harris on Instagram. My daughters both got me to follow her. I do like her style, but I absolutely love what a proud down-to-earth Canadian she is, (she was the Bachelorette in 2011, has had her own TV show, and her business is huge) and even more how she is using her platform. She makes a point of helping small, women-owned and operated businesses, and this year with all the light that is shining on the systemic racism around the world, she is also highlighting and supporting, in multiple ways, Indigenous and Black women-owned businesses in Canada. 

Boxed bottom which means it stand up nicely.

Yesterday she did a thing where 100% of funds from the sales of her cameo that a business can purchase, went to teachers. She hopes to fulfill at least 100 teachers' lists, she said in her stories. She talked at length about the most important thing a society needs to invest in: education. Our youth. Our future. I hope you check out her Instagram which will lead you to her blog and her business.

So all of this (Hey! They've fixed the annoying double-spacing that was happening every time you hit 'return'!)... all of this background is to say that I love her soft pinks she uses and thought I'd make a Jillian Harris-inspired little makeup bag. It measures approximately 7" x 9".

Inside view

So that's my finish for this week! How did you do for makes? The linky party awaits! If you'd like to purchase this makeup pouch click here. SOLD I also have one other available in aqua colours.

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  1. Hi Sandra, what a lovely bag. Those are really great colours. Good luck with your Island Batik Challenge. I hope that you get to post it on your own party (I've done that before :-) )
    Take care.

  2. Lovely soft pinks! I imagine it will sell quickly.

  3. I really like your pretty little bag! The colours are lovely!
    I hope to see your IB challenge soon! I've been enjoying the sneak peeks!
    Happy Quilting!

  4. Your makeup pouch is lovely, Sandra, and yes — I can see how the flat bottom would make it even more useful!

  5. That's a great pouch. Hopefully it goes to its forever home soon. Yes, education is key. My dad was a teacher, and I was fortunate that education was a big part of our family.

  6. Very pretty pink make up bag. Education is definitely key to success, we don't may near enough attention to it as a society.

  7. Lovely bag....I'm up for next week....think I will do a quick bag myself!