Monday, March 14, 2022

Postcard From Sweden Quilt Finish

I am so happy that the sun was shining and the wind wasn't too crazy to take this beauty off the design wall where she was being blocked,

and on a little trip to Windsor for a glamour photo shoot. The Canadian Coast Guard ship was docked at the riverfront, and boy, did it make for a great photo.

I am also pleased that I got it done with a couple of days to spare before the linkup opens for the final parade of finishes! That linkup is tomorrow, but I did have the quilt done on the weekend. However, it was horrible weather: gale force winds on Saturday and January weather on Sunday! Today Spring is back, 13C and sunny, so I am a happy camper.
I knew there would be some good places in the Walkerville neighbourhood of Windsor. It was named for Hiram Walker, no relation, damn. Anyhow one of my thoughts was in a recently renovated former power station there, where, when they were renovating, they discovered an old roundabout for the streetcars of yore to turn around, which they preserved, intact, and then renovated the remainder of the building. Disappointingly, it is closed off to the public, though you can peek in at it through huge windows. Drat. MacGyver, however, had thought of the Willistead Manor, so we headed there.

The wind was a factor, but we managed to get a few decent photos here.
Plane trees are one of my all-time favourites; their bark is amazing. This mansion and its grounds is also amazing.
Whenever we go to Windsor, a drive or walk along the riverfront is a must. Sharp eyes MacGyver (tbh, I was looking at the photos he'd just taken at Willistead Manor) spotted the Coast Guard ship, and I said that might make a good shot, so he did a Fast and Furious turnaround (ha, not exactly; he was well-behaved) and back we went. I cropped the first photo; this one gives you an idea of just how big this boat is! The Detroit River is a major shipping route.

The riverfront always makes for good quilt photos (see sidebar of my Make Modern quilt - oh and that's an affiliate link in case you want to pick up the latest edition).
against the Detroit skyline

Several people were enamoured of the quilt backing when I showed a glimpse of it on Instagram.

Incidentally this photo was the lead in this week's Sunday Showcase on the Auribuzz blog! That, let me tell you, was quite the thrill!

Back to the backing. It's 'Smashing Atoms' widleback by Henry Glass Fabrics available at Connecting Threads. (affiliate link) I'd bought it with an RSC quilt back in mind, but when I pulled out a couple of wide back possibilities from my backing vault, this one was it.

The first PfS quilt I made I bound with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics China Blue solid (love these, just love - the hand is sooo soft), and yay! I had enough left to bind this one in it too. The first one I gave away (I had a very hard time letting it go, but it's in a loving home, and became the inspiration for an entire little girl's room décor) and this one, before it was even finished, has had an inquiry as to whether I'd sell it (to my niece, who appreciates handmade items and will pay without complaint - gotta love those types of family members right?!) but I'd told her that I was going to keep this one.... for now. It definitely is a much-loved design around the world.

I got inspiration for the dot to dot quilting motif from the person who inspired me to once again host this QAL, Tracie at Riceford Streams. I stitched in the ditch on the diagonal seams, horizontal seams, and added a bit more quilting inside the diamond shapes.

The Hobbs 80/20 cotton/wool batting is wonderful to quilt, and is so soft and drapes well. For the quilting I used Aurifil variegated threads, one rainbow, and one orange and yellow, and the blue to stitch down the binding.

One other Willistead Manor photo:

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Postcard from Sweden by Kelly Liddle
Size: 48" x 60"
Fabric: Kona Cottons by Robert Kaufman
Backing: Smashing Atoms by Henry Glass Fabrics 
Batting: Hobbs Batting 80/20 Cotton/Wool
Quilted: on Avril: 64 688 stitches
Threads: pieced with Gütermann and Aurifil cotton; quilted with Aurifil cotton 50 wt variegated 3817 and 4657

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  1. I just love how the backing compliments the front *and* quilting motif you chose. Hooray for having the quilt done with enough time buffer to allow for better weather, and what lovely photographs. :)

  2. PfS, Another stunner, and a keeper !! Hooray for that. The extended view, a superb setting.

  3. Love the quilting motifs! I would want to keep this one to it is a beauty! And the photos are super.

  4. That's awesome to be featured in the Auribuzz! Your quilt photos are gorgeous, so they were definitely worthy of a feature. Thanks, again, for hosting the quilt along. I'm in love with my PfS quilt and thoroughly enjoyed the process!

  5. Postcards is such a pretty quilt, and your outing with the photos really makes it shine!

  6. What a field trip for your latest beauty! So many gorgeous backdrops, but the real stunner in each photo is your quilt! I'm so glad you're keeping this one.

  7. Great quilting!!! And the photos are smashing!!!!

  8. As usual, another lovely quilt. Love the location shots Sandra.

  9. WOW! you did a great job on the quilting on this. The photos, too, are just perfect. I do love that backing! It is a great quilt and what a great hop. To think, I have been in those spots, on the Detroit River when I was younger, but don't remember it.

  10. I sat here smiling at the lovely photos and locations. I just LOVE the colors of this quilt and think it is one of my favorite. Congratulations on the Auribuzz feature. I's so happy to hear you are keeping this one. Oh, and my favorite photo is in front of the ship. Also, I'm a great believer in 108" backing!

  11. Well done. As I said on IG, this is such a vibrant quilt and the backing is perfect. Will there be another in your future, as I know you probably are a little sad to disappoint your niece?

  12. Working through this with all that colour was a welcome distraction! Hope to do this again in another 4 years Sandra! Thank you!

  13. That's such a beautiful quilt, Sandra! The backing is perfect for it, and so is your quilting. I loved seeing the sights around town where you photographed it, too!

  14. Gorgeous!!!! Love your hero shots too. Can't wait to join you in your next QAL. Take care & hugs.

  15. So wonderful and I love all your photo shots! That backing is perfect! This QAL was such fun and I will be posting my photo tomorrow.

  16. It's beautiful Sandra, I'm not surprised you're keeping this one for yourself!