Thursday, March 24, 2022

Postcard from Sweden Winners

I am so excited to announce the three winners of the grand prizes. There were 34 quilts linked up!

Two people in the QAL made two quilts each which blows me away. Quilters joined in from around the globe, something which is just so very meaningful to me, because the more we connect with actual real life people around the globe, the more we come to understand each other, and the more we put human faces to countries we just tend to hear about either on the news, or in sport events, films, etc. Quilters joined in across Canada, United States, Scotland, Norway and Australia. In both Canada and the US, the range was from east to west and north to south, just so cool.

First of all, I'd like to thank my two sponsors, Cali Quilt Co in the US and Mad About Patchwork in Canada.

Each shop has offered a $50 gift certifcate to their shop. I am pleased to announce that Turid in Norway has won the gift certificate from Cali Quilt Co and Stephanie in Ontario, Canada, has won the gift certificate from Mad About Patchwork. Stephanie is one of the quilters who made two quilts, and is seriously contemplating making a third!

I offered the winner's choice of five patterns from my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts. This went to Kylie in Sydney, Australia.

Each of the links will take you to the winner's quilt. They have all been notified. I am tickled that the three winners come from three different continents! That in itself means a lot to me, as I have nothing to do with who is chosen; the widget does it. Here is the link to that final parade of finishes if you missed it, or want to gaze at a veritable riot of colour.

Thank you to all of you who visited with me over email or Direct Messaging on Instagram; my circle of quilting friends has widened and that is always a good thing. Thank you again Tracie for nudging me to host another QAL. And of course, MANY MANY heartfelt thanks to Kelly Liddle, for writing up this pattern after buying that fateful postcard in IKEA. The ripple effect of these beautiful quilts around the world is beyond measure. If Kelly ever decides again to open a shop, I do hope you will all buy at least one pattern from her as a thank you. She does incredible beautiful rainbow work in her quilts but also in her real life job in healthcare in England.


  1. Thank you for hosting this sew along! It was a fun top to make and just looking at my quilt top brightens my day...can't wait for my backing to arrive and finish it!

  2. Congrats to the 3 winners! Every participant is a winner, with a new, beautiful PFS quilt, or two! So fun to see all of these together, Sandra!!!

  3. I also completed my top and have finished quilting. I'm in the process of sewing down the binding. I will be putting on a hanging sleeve as I intend the quilt to adorn a wall in my dining room. Did Kelly Liddle share the picture on the postcard? I wonder if the quilt is an exact representation.

  4. Congratulations to the winners and all of the others. Sometimes, the prize is the finished quilt and they were all beautiful!!

  5. What a perfect time for such a colorful QAL in the middle of winter, and now enjoying the parade of colors just as spring is around the corner for us! Thank you again Sandra for outdoing yourself again!

  6. Congratulations to the winners!! All participants win because we created gorgeous quilts!!! Thanks Sandra for hosting and nudging!!

  7. Congrats on another successful QAL. Sorry I missed out this time around.