Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Yellow Month of March - RSC

I posted these finishes on Instagram earlier this week, but I like to keep track of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge progress on the blog too. My main project this year is making Kelly's My Quilt Infatuation hot air balloons from her book Scrappy Improv Quilting. Yellow was the colour for March, so here is the yellow balloon.

They are truly such fun to make and use up all of my small scraps that I keep in little baggies inside their scrap box of scraps about a fat quarter or less in size. I thought the scrap of Kaffe Fassett crisscross fabric made a great zing across the balloon!

Here are all three for the year so far. It's going to be such a fun quilt!

I plan to offset them, not clear on whether it will be in columns or floating across the sky... I think I'll have two quilts out of these as the blocks are 12.5" x 18.5" unfinished.

My second, squirrel-type project are my rainbow string placemats. Here's the yellow one.
I'm pleased to get another scrap of the yellow taxi fabric bought during a 2007 trip to NYC. I only have two triangles left now.

I actually remembered to head to The Joyful Quilter and link up for her table scraps linkup. Unbeknownst to me she is doing a word prompt as well this year, so when I saw she had used 'flowers' for March I was pretty pleased because there are a few prints of flowers in the placemat! 

Here they all are together. They might end up being outside placemats for those much-longed for days of eating outside.

The backs all match at this point, but once I make a fourth, I'll be out of the backing fabric. Maybe I'll stop there, or make a second set of four with different, but matching backs. Oh the possibilities! The bowl on the dining table is carnival glass. It was given to my grandma upon the birth of my dad. My aunt saved it for me when my siblings were cleaning out and getting rid of stuff from my mum's house. I'm so glad she did, as it was a prized possession of my grandma's and I remember it on her sideboard proudly displayed. It will be 100 years old in 2026.

I've been making a few more makeup bags (leaders/enders style) as a fun little diversion
(for sale in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts)
The dark blue one is listed here. (it is SOLD!) The Postcard from Sweden pouch is available here.

from getting eye strain and brain strain as I work on the pattern for my upcoming quilt along. This year is just slightly different in that I will release the pattern on the day I release the fabric requirements so for those of you who don't want to wait for the weekly instalments, you'll be able to purchase the pattern, (yes, it will be on sale). Otherwise, the directions will be here free as per usual. Here is the QAL graphic. I would love it if you would post it on your sidebar or Instagram. I'll post it on Instagram today as well. Sunday, April 3 is the kickoff with the schedule details and sponsors announcements!

Here is the HTML code:

<div style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img alt="Pop Star Quilt Along" height="200" src="" width="200" /></a></div>

If you post this on your sidebar, when visitors/readers click on it, it will take them to the Main Page for the QAL, which will be published on April 3.

As for the makeup bags, the blue one is listed, but I haven't listed the Postcard from Sweden style one yet because I have another one in the works and I wanted to have more than one available! The last one sold in 24 hours, so email me if you want to 'hold' one of them.

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  1. You’re doing so well with the RSC challenge! I love the hot air balloon blocks.

  2. The RSC challenge blocks look wonderful, and I love that you have also made a placemat each month so far, too. I think it's fun that they style of the placemats match but that they are each a different color. So bright and fun!

  3. Your table looks wonderful with those bright and cheerful. The glass bowl is so special and wonderful that you shared it with us. Those hot air balloons are going to make a lovely quilt (or two). Love the PCFS makeup bag. Can't wait to see the new QAL!

  4. The hot air balloons are such a fun block - and wow - such a great use of some scraps. And the placemats look wonderful too now that your collection is growing. Oh the graphic of your QAL tempts me even more......!

  5. Lots and lots of beautiful finishes!!! I'm looking forward to the Pop Star QAL - I already KNOW that it will be a fun quilt to make!

  6. I LOVE your Hot Air Balloon blocks!

  7. Love the balloon blocks & I will be joining in the QAL, but not sure how to put it on my sidebar so you can click & move to your blog. I'll try & work it out. The placemats are gorgeous and the tble looks like it has an interesting pattern too. Take care and hugs.

  8. I love the balloon blocks! How fun and cheery a quilt made from them will be.

  9. Great job on the RSC Challenge. I am behind, but its okay as there is almost no pink in my stash. Love the balloons and the placemats. Put your QAL stuff in my blog today...and away we go!