Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gears Progress!

Woo hoo!  Despite being away for the majority of the day, and I mean 9-5, I did put in a few hours, (yes!! cutting out these gears was Tedious, capital T intended) working on this little quilt.

It is my Finish-Along goal for July, so I just might finish 2 out of the 3 I've submitted for Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs A Lovely Year of Finishes since joining in May.

I bought the pattern at the Sarasota Quilt Guild Show in spring 2013.  It has my husband written all over it.  The pattern includes the blackline masters for the gears and the photo transfer already on fabric.  The instructions are non-existent for assembling the quilt background.  The pattern calls for  "a 7"X11" strip of brown and gold fabric" and "1/2 yd dark background fabric and facing or binding", yet the quilt finishes at 17" X 12 1/2".  Um, okay?  Inside the envelope, in red ink they've added an additional fabric to cut:  "1 1/2" X 12 1/2" strip for below the wide contrasting strip (same as background)". 

Do you see this 1 1/2 X 12 1/2 strip on their quilt picture?  I sure don't... 

Come to think of it, I don't see this "wide contrasting strip".  They haven't once mentioned that except for that phrase in red.  And it gets even better.  On the envelope it calls for optional dark brown sheer fabric.  Yet on the inside 1 1/4 pages of instructions it is never once mentioned, unless "optional piece of non-woven polyester (dark brown)" is one and the same.  Come on!  Consistency people!!

"Confident beginner".  Uh, nope.  A confident beginner would be pretty stumped as to how to get the quilt to this point.  At least "quilt as desired" can be seen on the pattern picture, so there's that.

It's definitely not worth the $15 I paid.

So tomorrow is layering, appliquéing and quilting this sucker to have it DONE!  I do really like it; I just don't like the very poor and minimal instructions. I'll be appli-quilting by the way.  I'm serious.  Note the new button on the sidebar, a not always true one, because I usually, like most firstborn children, do follow the rules!

And yes, I know, I know: I'll also be working on the other appliqué quilt in my world right now, my Self-directed Round Robin.

Loved listening to my YouTube New Rock playlist tonight.  I have a new love, Bastille!  Great English new rock band.  Also Tom Odell's "Another Love", not really new, but god, I love his voice and his piano playing in that song in particular.  There isn't a day goes by without music for me.


  1. Those gears look daunting to me, even before you throw in the minimalist instructions! Good for you for pushing onwards with this.

  2. oh yikes!! You should email them, tell them there's "so e thi gs are mis ing, which ma es it very dif icult to fi ure out" LOL


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