Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lost and Found

A few days ago I was on the hunt through my sewing corner's various Ikea drawers, Rubbermaid totes and Sterilite plastic drawers for zippers.  Just two days ago it was for cording for my yoga mat totebag.  As usual, I was also keeping my eye out for a few missing items, "lost" in the move across Canada that involved packing up my entire sewing room in our former house so it could be renovated-- how I miss all those beautiful cabinets and countertops!-- into a bedroom prior to selling our house.  I didn't see the majority of the contents of my sewing room for 9 months.  So you can appreciate how things "disappeared".

Well, FOUND!!
This blast from my past is almost older than dirt...
I was hoping I hadn't tossed this in the severe culling I did before we left.  Phew.  I hand-sewed all but two rows of squares on this Barbie doll quilt, cutting out rectangles (pretty smart to save myself one seam), stitching them together, stuffing each one with some polyester stuffing (not batting) and then joing the puffy squares into rows.  I was about 10 years old.  Once I was 12, I was allowed to use my mum's old sewing machine and I made the quilt a little bigger.  These fabrics are from my mum's scrap bag which had some upholstery samples as well as some scraps from clothing she made us four kids.  It's kind of cool that before I became a quilter, I already was one in my soul.

I also found (HOOOOORAYYY!) the label for my Cloud 9 quilt.  This was only the second quilt I quilted on my Avanté, and I didn't sew the label high enough up the backing.  So when I got to the lower section of the quilt, I was pretty upset to see that the top ended half way into the label, meaning I'd be trimming it off.  So I unpicked it (that was fun, sitting under the quilt back still loaded on the machine, arms in the air, reverse-sewing).  I put it in a "safe place" so I'd stitch it back on once the quilt was done.  Well, I misplaced it shortly thereafter, which was last April, and only, finally, found it again 2 days ago, through looking for my X-Acto knife and blades!  Woo hoo!  I sewed it back on this afternoon:

I plan to carefully go over the waves on my Bernina, so the quilting will go through the label, as always.

Finally, while looking for backing for my June Scrap-a-Palooza quilt, I found some more of the Simplicity fabric I had hoped to use entirely up by making this quilt...and the makeup bags...

Ah well, this will become the lining and some of the patches in the other two makeup bags I have started.  Or maybe the binding on the scrap quilt. . . maybe both?!  There is 2/3 yard!  How I love Moda fabric.

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  1. OMG LOLOLOLOL. ALMOST older than dirt? C'mon. T-Rex was a baby when you made that Barbie quilt!! But I must add it is ADORABLE and I recognize some of the fabric lol!


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