Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sewing 240 Squares is Faster Than...

attempting to get one more quarter of my appliqué round of my round robin done for this post.  Seriously.  I cannot get over how time-consuming and labour-intensive this appliqué is.  I feel like I am doing something wrong.

Here it is as of last night.  I took a break from it today.

It is all sewn down except for the pink flowers, the top stems, (and I know, the one on the left is a little wonky in one spot but it will be covered by a purple ball) and two of the leaves.  I also am making the parts for the two remaining quarters as I go, so hopefully those last two will go relatively quickly, fingers crossed.

We had company today, but I did get in a couple of hours of sewing to work on the May Scrap-a-Palooza quilt.  I now have 24 blocks done, which is where the 240 squares title of the post originates.

I'm loving all these blues, and reminiscing about the projects from whence they came.  Quite an array.

As for the green dilemma, I went with Joanne's (Canuck Quilter) suggestion, looked for another green, and found one, a scrap from the first quilt I made one of my sisters.

I'm hoping, fingers crossed yet again, that there will be enough.  I used the Robert Kaufman app again today and I might just... barely... touch and go...have enough.  I will be following Cynthia's layout very closely, being a copycat extraordinaire this time.

I was feeling a little stressed today that I haven't got very far in these projects, and I haven't been as regular of a blogger.  Then I gave myself a mental shake, and thought seriously?  You are creating stress!  So, although I do have a deadline for this round robin as well as the paint chip challenge, both due in mid-September, I need to chill-ax.  There's no competition, no blog police! Right?!


  1. Absolutely no blog police! They have been banned to the same dimension as the quilt police!! :) I totally know that feeling (having stressed myself out more than once over the same thing) though and it does take a good mental shake to get back on track :) Your applique looks great. The other quarters are bound to go quicker, I promise! Yay for more green!

  2. You don't just live, breathe & eat quilting you know! Well in a sense you do lol but you're completing so many things along with your daily tasks, well it's amazing.


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