Friday, July 18, 2014

Shortest. Post. Ever.

I have Floral Dreams finished, and can just make it in time for Laura's TGIFF linky party.  Today it's hosted by Izzy of Dizzy Quilts.

Sorry for terrible lighting, blurriness, and inside shots, but my eyes are blearly (so maybe the photos AREN'T fuzzy??!!--here's hoping) and if I took the quilt outside, well...let's just say it's darker than the inside of a cow out there, as it's 10:30 and my bedtime...

Here you are:

I'm really happy with the edge-to-edge spiral+feathers pattern I free-motion quilted over the entire top.  I used a rayon thread in ivory so there's a gentle sheen to the quilting.

A quick view of the back:
Love how the quilting shows up so well.  It's a brushed flannel I had in my stash, bought for a quilted jacket lining that...well...never happened.

One last shot for tonight:
This quilt is for sale, but I haven't listed it -- wait I don't even HAVE a tab to list it on yet! -- on my "coming" Quilts for Sale.  You can always email me if you just have to have it...

I will take some better outdoor pics tomorrow, weather permitting in the afternoon.  I'm volunteering, sitting in the Kingsville Folk Fest booth, from 7:30-1:30 at our Farmers' Market tomorrow!

Quilt Details:
Size: 52 X 54"
Fabrics: scraps from Moda's Simplicity and Seaside Rose lines
Pattern:  June Scrap-a-Palooza Bricks quilt from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework


  1. Hurray for a finish! Have a great time at the Market tomorrow.

  2. It looks lovely! Thank you for linking up at TGIFF.

  3. Very pretty. Hope you're enjoying your stint at the Folk Fest booth.

  4. Very sweet and your quilting looks really beautiful!

  5. LOVE this! Your gut was right about the border! Looks fab :) Congrats on a great finish!

  6. Oh, breathtaking!! Just gorgeous!!! And YAY!!!!!!! SO glad you (took my advice LOL) have decided to SELL!!! This is the beginning of a new business venture! Godspeed!


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