Sunday, February 14, 2016

Craftsy Blog Hop Day 5 - Finding Balance - A Sunday Stretch for Sewists Post

Life just seems to get busier and crazier by the year.  Trying to find balance is extremely difficult, and one can feel defeated and deflated in no time just trying to find time for oneself.
Tree of Life block - one of my Q1 FAL goals
The Sunday Stretch is below... as we are currently balancing quilting, blogging, real life, (Happy Valentine's Day everyone!) and a blog hop this week and we are on Day 5!

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Today is all about S.E.X. and Education: (hope you didn't choke on your coffee or tea, but you read that right)
Stash Enhancing eXperience.  It's a real term!  See Quiltbug.

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Be Kind to Yourself

Yesterday we talked a bit about RAK Week.  Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb. 14-20.  Being kind to others is so simple.  Being kind to yourself is sometimes not so simple.  But you will be a happier sewist and person in general, if you remember to look after yourself too.

Long hours at your sewing machine, hunched over hand-sewing, or long hours standing at your longarm can lead to very sore muscles.  Last summer Julie of Pink Doxies sent me a cryptic text, something like:
Aching muscles. Need Sandra to tell us how to work out the kinks.
A few more back and forth iMessages, and Sunday Stretch For Sewists was born.

Here is a great pose that takes no more than a few minutes and can do much more than ease those aches.
Er, no Rocco, not Frog pose, although that is definitely a great hip-opener!

Tree Pose - Vrksasana
Helps to improve focus; calms and relaxes your mind and your central nervous system.
Strengthens posture, leg and foot muscles; stretches your inner thighs, groin and shoulders. (Gaia Yoga)

You can start with any of the variations shown below, or start with stage 1 and work your way slowly and mindfully through the variations.  Remember to do both legs.
Stage 1
Hands in prayer. Shift your weight to one foot.  Lift the other, resting it gently against the side of your lower leg, below the knee.  Find a spot upon which to softly gaze. Breathe.  Hold for 6-10 slow and even breaths. If you need to lean on a wall in the beginning, not a problem.  You'll improve.

Stage 2
Place your foot against your inner thigh in this stage.

Stage 3 with either of the leg placements....note the furball photo-bomber ;-)
Slowly raise your arms above your head. You can keep the elbows bent or stretch the arms straight.  Trees wave in the wind, so it's okay if you sway a little!
Remember to do both legs.  You can let your arms come apart like the branches of a tree
Think about being tall, straight and strong here. Pull in your tummy; find your core; lengthen the low back and tuck in your tailbone.
Stage 4: For a real challenge, if you feel stable, slowly close your eyes!

No matter where you are in the pose, be happy. Visualize your healthy strong body rooting into the ground. Feel the energy from the Earth, the energy and lightness in the skies above as you reach up!  Ahh, do this outside! Even better.  Gratitude for a strong body and for Mother Earth.  This reminds me, I used to haul my Elna (pre-Bernina days) outside onto our deck, with my ironing board and iron, so I could sew in the sun, soaking up Vitamin D and soaking up birdsong. "Ahhh!" indeed.

I did not do my regular Sunday Stretch for Sewists in December, no big deal with all the rush and excitement, but somehow it escaped me in January.  Thank you Liz, of Lizzy Clips Design, who asked me about it, thanks to those of you who have told me how much you enjoy these posts, thanks to those of you who are doing them (ahhh), and wow, kudos to those of you who have told me that you now have started yoga!  These posts are usually out the last Sunday of each month.  Yep I will start a page with the links to each one so you can easily find them all.

Now that you are balanced, and have that 'ahhh!' feeling, mosey on over to Beth and to Preeti for some 'ahhh!' for your creativity.


  1. I might just have to start yoga... Does it help with stress?

  2. Love, love, LOVE the photo of Rocco! He's such a cutie. After reading all your praises of dot to dot on Craftsy, I finally took advantage of the sale and signed up. Now I have watch it and do it. I think my OMG should be catching up on my Craftsy classes. lol That tree of life block is awesome.

  3. You have amazing balance Sandra! Both in life and in Yoga. Loved Rocco's frog pose, LOL. I'm going to give a modified tree pose a try. Your talk of sewing in the sun is especially welcome today. This morning it was -8 degrees... too cold for little doggies.

  4. Rocco's pic made me laugh-I thought that was the pose for the day, ROFLOL!!

  5. I do that to keep my balance as I get older.Happy Valentine's

  6. Beautiful tree of life block!
    Oh Rocco ❤❤

  7. Yay, Sunday Stretch is back! Tree pose is one of my faves. Rocco's frog pose is priceless!

  8. Love love love when you post photos of Rocco!