Friday, February 26, 2016

We All Love Deals

I do especially.  I love saving money.  I love getting new fabric.  Happy dance when those three come together!  However, I am thinking it may be time to do an intervention on me...  Well, maybe after this weekend.  Craftsy is having a huge Winter Clearance Sale on their project kits and supplies.  So good, (an extra 20% off existing clearance prices!!) that I am interrupting my WIP, which I'd hoped to have finished for today but fabric shopping has put a dent in my sewing time! Drat. ;-)

Swoon Mini
This is my OMG (One Monthly Goal) if you didn't recall, so I am under the gun to get it done in time.  However.

As my friend Pat pointed out, I am being an enabler.  As a bona fide enablee (that is a term, I am sure, lol) I feel it is my duty and my privilege to invite others to join me in my pursuit of fabric.  Bahaha.   This week in my life:
JoAnn's (no affiliation) had a 60% off coupon, which I took advantage of yesterday on Warm 'n White batting.  Happy dance!!  Fat Quarter Shop (again, no affiliation) had a terrific deal on one of their 24-Hour Flash Sales this past week.  Pink Castle Fabrics Monthly Club (my Christmas present from MacGyver, no affiliation) sent the second of my 3-month installments and I whooped for joy when I opened my bundle of Avant Garde!!!!  See? I spread my love around.  This weekend, however, my love (read moola) is headed full tilt boogie over to Craftsy.

I might have already loaded a few items into my cart.

Below you see some of the great bundles I've bought in the fairly recent past on Craftsy.  These often work out to $1-2-ish per fat quarter Canadian dollars.  I figure $7-8/yard CA is pretty awesome; $5-6US about the same.
The top two are both Windham Fabrics bundles, and the bottom is Robert Kaufman
You may recall the ten 1-yard cuts bundle I bought and made into a lap quilt using a 2.5" strip off each fabric plus some Kona Snow:
You can read more about this quilt and other Craftsy goodies here

There are excellent deals such as these and more to be had, quilt kits and totes among them.  Take a look:

Many of us quilters also do other hand work.  I knit.  Here is just one of the kits on sale:
Linea shawl
I haven't had a knitting project on the go in some time, so I'll be snagging something that's for sure.  You all know by now how much I love and have talked about Craftsy, from before I was an affiliate even.  This post does contain affiliate links, so I do get some commission on any purchases made through them. As always, thank you in advance. :-)

Once I'm done placing my order, and if I can just keep Bella off my Swoon mini,

as well as from running from one end of the house to nearly the other trailing the thread I'm using to quilt it, I may just accomplish my One Monthly Goal.  There are a few of us in on this Swoon Mini quilt along; you can check out Tish's finish here.

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  1. I do love where this Swoon is headed. Heck. you have plenty of time to finish this, get it bound, by a truck load of fabric and still have several have 3 days left :) I am always amazed at the fantastic fabric buys you find, and it's always the coolest stuff. And Miss Bella, she's just trying to help. I'm pretty sure she thought if she could get that thread off the spool she was just saving you time. :) Can't wait to see your finish in the next couple days.

  2. Yes, you are definitely an enabler! I am sticking to my new rule, though, no sewing, no buying. :-( Can't say it isn't tempting. Love your mini. Kisses to Bella ... as Tish said ... she's just trying to help.

  3. Those fabrcis are looking wonderful in the Swoon mini. I confess I couldn't quite see it when you shared your fabric picks earlier, but now I do and I love it!

  4. I'm loving the swoon blocks! I may have to cross the swoon line sooner than later:)

  5. SWOON! Wow, Sandra, it really is looking fantastic!! I agree with Tish, three days, no problem!! ;)

    Your enabling has cost me but man did I get some deals. . . and I might have to go back for more. . . so much for using all stash for the last couple of quilts. . . I'm just replenishing right? Right? LOL

  6. The swoon is looking great! I am excited to see how you finish it. :)

  7. I looked and looked yesterday at craftsy and decided I just 'can't' get anymore fabric as I made a deal with myself no fabric purchases in Feb and March. Man it is about killing me!! But maybe you will do enough damage for the both of us, LOL Your swoon is so pretty!

  8. Your Swoon is going to be beautiful. I am still cutting mine out so not likely to be finished in 2 days. I have not seen the JoAnn's 60% off coupon, maybe it is not on their app as I need to update my phone apps. It looks like you are finding some lovely fabrics to purchase. Have a great weekend!

  9. You are wayyy ahead of me on your swoon. Do you know how your going to quilt it? Love all your fabric deals.

  10. Intervention! Haahaahaq! I hit THAT last year! Ive done good though, only a few small fabric purchases since January of 1015! And NONE yet this year. Im hoping can vontinue this trend. Ive told myself for every bin. Empty, i get to buy a few, i need to get to making! I stopped quilting for about six months last year when i got bit by the bag making genie, so, not a lot od yardage used, though a ton of purses were made.
    But, im back on quilts, so my yardage is going quickly! And the quilting is faster too as my latest "endeavor" is making quilts that are only 3-4 foot or so for the dogs and cats at the local specialty clinic in recovery from oncology...when one of mine had to go there for major surgury to remove some cancer, seeing all those critters laying there with cheap Walmart blankets drove me crazy! So, im on a mission to get them stockpiled....and im a determined gal!
    As for Craftsys deals, im quite fortunate tha my local quilt shop has a pretty good spread on her "bargain" rack and i can regularly get good quality fabrics (though not the latest releases) for $5/yard....i mean, IF i get to buying more fabric heeeheehee
    Dont you just love the feel of that fabric coming out of the wrapper?
    Looking forward to see what you make with it all.

  11. You are an enabler!! LOL Good luck finishing your goal.

  12. Sandra, your swoon blocks are lovely. Someday I will learn to piece as neatly as you do.
    Just got the Foundation Piecing class by Carol Doak on Craftsy. Time to learn something new.
    I am sure you will finish your goal in time.


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