Friday, February 12, 2016

Craftsy Blog Hop--Giveaway! and a Sweet Story

We're still hoppin' this week, professing our love for Craftsy, but I am bursting to show you this finish.  I have kept mum about this cushion since I started it in the last week of January.  It arrived at its destination yesterday, so I can show you and tell you a bit about it below... only a bit, because

the Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life! Blog Hop is still happening!  Today two more talented ladies are ready to show you what they have discovered on Craftsy's website.  Zenia at A Quilted Passion is passionate about FMQ and her review of three classes, "Start FMQ" with Elizabeth Dackson, "Secrets of FMQ" with Christina Cameli, and "Help! How Do I Quilt It?" with Angela Walters will open your eyes to the benefits to be had with these quality classes literally in the palm of your hand.  If you buy any of those classes through Zenia, they will be 50% off!!! And then...

Jayne at Twiggy and Opal has a sweet purchase from Craftsy to show you: a pressing/cutting mat and mini iron.  We quilters adore our tools!  Jayne will point you in the direction of some pretty terrific finds!

Sweet Giveaway On Now!

Enter the Craftsy Giveaway here as well as through any of the bloggers in this hop.  The main schedule can be found here or by clicking the Heart Button on the sidebar.

Over $500 of free Craftsy products up for grabs, simply by clicking here.  That's it!  
THREE prizes:

One entry per person.  Enter until Sunday, February 21, 2016, at 11:59 pm MST.  The winners will be announced Feb. 22 here and at Pink Doxies.

Now about that heart quilt.
If you've read my blog since last summer or before, you will remember a Namaste Hug for Gillian.  After I finished it and sent it off, I knew I wanted to make another one.  I also wanted to make a smaller one.  Well, the latter happened.  Except it became a cushion cover.  Or pillow (is that American?)  I call square poofy things on couches, cushions, the larger, rectangular poofy things are pillows.  On your bed.  That you sleep on.  But I digress.
Outlining the heart...wanting a lacy effect...can I do circles in a curved "trough"?
I can!
I loved the lacy doily effect.  But I also wanted feathers on this baby.  Destined for a darling friend.
Got 'em.

Also got dirt.  Yep, you know me, take a beautiful quilt and throw it around on the ground or in a parking lot or on rocks or sand...  Here's the back, which is when the front (WHITE!!!) got dirt on it:
Back and Binding are Paradiso by Kate Spain--ADORE!!
So I had to wash it.  I was worried the dirt might not come out.
But it did! Yay!

I hope something like this has happened to everyone (not the dirt and the ensuing panic atack lol) but receiving a totally unexpected gift.  When we arrived here in Florida, I had a couple of packages waiting for me.  Two were from Craftsy, and although these made me very happy as only new fabric can, the third package warmed my heart, bowled me over, and still, every single day that I use it, fills me with such joy and wonder that someone would do something this sweet for moi.  So I had to return that feeling.

Who's this for?  Why am I not keeping it? Did you see the cool design in the "V" of the heart? My own idea... Did you notice any names quilted in?  It's someone who's in the blog hop.  Why am I being so mysterious?

You will have to come back next week and I will tell you more of the story that will give you the "warm fuzzies in your heart" feeling.

Right now you need to get your hiney over to Zenia and Jayne, take advantage of the 50% off, and enter this suh-weet giveaway!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday, with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and with TGIFF at Devoted Quilter!


  1. I like v a mystery... You'll be keeping me in stitches!!

  2. Lovely quilting! Beautiful pebbles and patterns xx

  3. Hmmm...I think I might be able to make a name out ;) Sandra you are the best and everyone should be lucky enough to call you friend <3

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!Your quilting is amazing! Thanks for linking to TGIFF :)

  5. Georgous cushion and that quilting is stupendous

  6. This is beautiful Sandra!. This is what the secret sewing was. I'm pretty sure I know who it was for.

  7. Such a cool cushion and LOVE the quilting!

  8. GASP!! Oh my dear sister, the Sistine Chapel pales in comparison, not? Seriously, I kept gasping as I went through....the white parts remind me of Roman columns and such, oh my!!! Beautiful!!! <3

  9. A very beautiful cushion with such wonderful quilting...I'm looking forward to the mystery reveal.

  10. Wow, that is seriously wonderful. How clever you are. Might just have to check out those classes if that's what helps you quilt like that. Fantastic.

  11. I love the quilting on this pillow! It is simply amazing!

  12. I loved your first heart quilt, and this one is just as beautiful! You are such a generous friend. And I am really enjoying the Craftsy blog hop! In fact, I am signing up for my first Craftsy class ever - to get started learning free motion quilting! Yay!

  13. Fantastic combination of piecing and quilting!
    Quilty gifts are the best!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  14. How exciting to co-host this blog hop. And your cushion/pillow is absolutely gorgeous. Personally, I would call it a pillow. A cushion is something I would sit on, and this is definitely not something I would sit on. Pillow does sound like an American word.

  15. Oh Sandra, the colors and the quilting on this cushion (ahem - pillow) are so luscious! You did amazing designs around the heart! So lacy and beautiful! LOL and now I understand your comment about licking a quilt, hee hee. And that's because I was over on Tish's blog and read her joyful post. Yup - I got my hiney over to visit Zenia and Jayne too. :)

  16. Absolutely love your finish! It's gorgeous!

  17. Wow, and wow! That stitching is sew absolutely gorgeous on the cushion cover!


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