Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Stash and A Quilt Show

The Year of the Stash?   Well, not this weekend... I went to the Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild show on Saturday.  It was pretty good.  The merchant mall was decent too.  I might have shown a little love to one shop in particular, and of course, I had to visit my LQS, Expert Sewing Center, on the way home from the show so they didn't feel left out.  Take a look at what came home with me.

I seem to have a new love affair with Moda's Grunge after buying two pieces of it for nephew #2, Aidan's quilt, Triangle Tranpsarency.
Their fabric was 30% off for show-goers who had a coupon :-) because they'd taken their machines to the show, not fabric.  In the rich orange Grunge I got for Aidan's quilt, there is a slight "scratch" of purple.  Thus, I think a purple binding will look fabulous.  However, in case it maybe doesn't, or if I want the quilt to read more masculine, I picked up a half yard of the grey.  Be prepared, right?  When I was buying the oranges for Aidan's quilt, the owner showed me what she had just put on the shelf that day, "Black Tie Affair".  It preyed on my mind these past few weeks.  Half a yard came home. Another repeat purchase is Zen Chic's Modern Background Essentials, a good white to have on hand.

Laid it down in the spot where her cushion went last year...immediate approval
This is from a home-based quilt shop.  She had lots of bolts for $5.50/yard, with the rest $7-9/yard.  These were $5.50/yard.  When I saw the kitties, I had to have a half yard to make Miss Bella her "pouffé" that I left behind.  When I also got a yard of the grey cut, the owner told me it is part of the same line, along with the red, which some of the kitties are wearing as their knitted sweaters, so of course I got a little bit--I'll have to work in some 4-patches or a cat head or something, right?

Speaking of animals and grey, just look at this masterpiece that was at the show!  The guild had a challenge to use only grey as the background fabric in a quilt.  This took first place.  It was about 20" high.

There are even elephants quilted into the fabric here and there, eyes from a Sarasota designer and artificial eyelashes that a human would wear.

How's this for threadplay?!  Eric Drexler's work was the Special Exhibit.  He uses Sulky threads, so I was pretty interested to see his work.  Oh my!  (that's his thread-painted dragon hanging up)
A Recycled Challenge. Eric used 25-year-old Sulky thread...makes me smile, as I have some that is close to 15 years old and still stitches out beautifully.

When I got home, the mail lady had delivered a package from Craftsy!
Of course she has to investigate and approve all new fabric
I had never heard of the 6" strip that Preeti reviewed.  I decided to get one.
20 strips @ 6" = 120" works out to CA$10.07 or US$6.77 per yard; that's a good buy no matter which way you slice it!
Can't wait to use these rich vibrant colours.

Last chance!!
If you haven't entered the Craftsy giveaway, then please do not wait a moment longer:  click here.  Three great prizes are up for grabs.  If you haven't checked out all the stops on the Craftsy blog hop that Julie and I hosted from Feb. 10-15, click the heart on my sidebar and you will be taken to the schedule.  Until the end of today only, all classes reviewed in the hop are discounted 50% or more simply by buying them through the blogger who reviewed the class.  Not only classes were reviewed; there is great information and evaluation of patterns, fabric deals, and tools (the iron Jayne reviewed is back in stock!) on the 12 blogs in the hop. Some sweet opportunities for sure!

The winners will be announced here at mmm! quilts and on Julie's blog, Pink Doxies, tomorrow.

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  1. Wonderful fabrics. Who could resist for that price??? Looks like the show was a fun time.

  2. That elephant is amazing. I'm so glad that clicking on a photo in your blog enlarges it. It makes it so easy to see all the details ... including a better look at that thread painted dragon ... wow! You had yourself quite a fabric day. :D

  3. Thanks for giving us a peek into your local quilt show down there! It's always fun to get a glimps at one elsewhere. I have loved grunge fabrics for several years after having quilted a quilt for a quilt shop, it still gives me a thrill to have had a quilt hanging in a shop that I quilted!! Great shopping you did;-)

  4. Glad you're keeping the fabric industry in business! Nice picks, but especially the eggplant Grunge. Yummmmm.

  5. Bargains and a quilt show...WOW. Great new additions. Bella looks like she is saying come on where is my cushion already.

  6. great fabrics, I love the grunges!!! and the elephant is awesome!!!

  7. I love all the pictures from the quilt show. Not being able to go to any, I adore seeing them online.

  8. Wow, those fabrics are gorgeous! And that elephant is wonder it won!

  9. Thanks for sharing these fun photos. My boys love the elephant. (To the point of pouting and wishing they could buy it.)

  10. Looks like you had a really enjoyable visit to the the quilt show and quilt shop! It's fun to see your new acquisitions. I zeroed right in on that Modern Background fabric - I love that fabric line, especially that particular one! I'm using all of the "paper" fabrics in that line for the backgrounds of my Quilty 365 blocks.

  11. All great additions that you certainly can't go wrong with. I think that all of them together would make something beautiful. And what a price??? I need to come to FL and go shopping with you. I would expect Miss Bella to inspect my fabric purchases as well :)

  12. That elephant IS adorable!
    Your new fabric is beautiful, love those bright happy colours!
    Oh Bella❤


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