Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Some of us crave routine; others thrive on going where the wind sways them.  Once again, I find another similarity between myself and my beloved pibble, Rocco.  He loves routine; it keeps him stable.  Stability is good.

You can set the clock by my boy.  Well, for parts of the day: morning walk, and evening couch.

7 pm routine
1. Stare at human.  If no result, put muzzle on the couch and sigh.

2.  Remain perfectly still while human puts sheet on the couch.  Patience.
Such focus!
Do not move, even if covered by the sheet, or...
The mama human takes my picture.  Okay, I'll turn my head for Sandra.

Back to focusing.  Soon now.  I can feel it.  My spot.  Dibs.

Ahh!  Got it.  Good chi.  Happy pibble.

Ahhh! Good chi.  Happy quilter.

It's been a whirlwind of a past couple of weeks while Julie and I hosted the Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life blog hop.  It's been a terrific learning experience, the first hop of this kind in some time, apparently.  We've had a great response.  Thank you so much for your support; I've been so pleased with those of you who helped us, so impressed with the hard work of our bloggers, and touched by the generosity and kindness of so many of you to spread the word.  Friends indeed.

There's still time to enter that giveaway!  Don't wait!  Seriously, just click here and that's it.  If you aren't a Craftsy member, signing up takes a few clicks, and it's free.  Two free classes to two lucky people and that wonderful grand prize:
All the classes reviewed in the hop are still on sale 50% (or more) off through the specific blogger who reviewed them, until this coming Sunday, Feb. 21.  Click the heart on my sidebar to see the schedule and links to each post.

AMEN!!  Thanks to Judy for sending me this.

I'm going back to my routine of sewing and a little blogging.  Like Rocco, relax in my "spot" - my sewing room.  But I'll be back this week to tell you the story of the heart pillow.
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  1. He's such a sweetheart waiting so patiently for his spot of the couch. It is funny how they get in their routines. But the boys have always cracked me up because they have learned my routines over the years. Back when we use to crate them before we left, they knew that when Jen and I were putting shoes on and gathering purses and bags we would be leaving and putting them up. When they would see us doing that (I always imagined them tip toeing at turtle speed), they would sneak back to the create as quietly possible. We would just assume the other one put them up and leave. They then enjoyed free reign of the house all day. So sneaky!

    1. Tish your dogs are hysterical and so smart to figure that out!

  2. I know I am supposed to be editing, but who can resist Rocco? Love that little story illustrated with pictures! Some of the best dogs I've ever known are Pibbles!
    I am curious about all that fancy stitching Sandra.
    You all did a wonderful job on the blog hop!

  3. Rocco sure is patient. I can't believe he just waits like that, how sweet.

  4. Rocco, sweet boy to wait. Jack thinks everything is his spot ... covered or not ... he doesn't care. :D

  5. Hi Rocco! You are a beautiful boy! Lovely photos! x Teje

  6. That's what I said when you sent me that pic - AMEN sister!!! A-flipping-MEN!!!!!

    Oh how I love my not-so-furry nephew, my Rocco, <3

  7. What a cutie! I don't like routine, but I recognize that I need routine -- keeps me on track. But I'm not good with following the routine. LOL

  8. What a sweet little boy. You are definitely warming me up to pit bulls Sandra.

  9. Ah he's gorgeous - they do love their own space on the sofa!

  10. I like routine and the sweet story.


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