Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rainbow Rose & A MiniMini

For Week 3 of the Rainbow Rose QAL, we made the four corners to the quilt.  I hadn't cut any more of my 5" squares, so I laid out what fabrics I had thought I'd use in the places where I anticipated placing them:
That helped me with the flow from say red to red-purple.  From there I was able to complete the corners.
Three fabric in here are from the Benartex bundle I received a couple of months ago for recommending their emagazine
The bottom is not as dark as it appears here; I tried to get natural light on it with limited success.  I really am liking it so far; it's a great blend of older fabrics with modern ones IMHO.

In other news, Bella has accepted that we now sew upstairs on the dining table.  It's only taken her 6 weeks...  That's a cat for you!

I've made several scraps and trimmings piles that resemble this:
Trimmings from the first Henry Glass Fabrics Challenge project
which has yielded two completed projects so far with more to come!  That is why I haven't posted in a week, and haven't been that active in QBL.  I have to say that I am enjoying how much I am getting done!

Bella is supervising in all things Henry Glass as well.
Sneak peek of second project which got completed this morning
I've finished my round on Cindy's block for our Mini Round Robin.  Watch for that reveal next week as we send them on their flight to the next in line.  Speaking of flight, I made a minimini for #mmminimini for Make Modern Magazine Challenge on Instagram.
Flimsy on the left; quilted top on the right
It's paper-pieced, a pattern from Carol Doak's Easy Machine Paper-Piecing.  The ghost geese are 1" wide at the base, and 1/2" high.
Birds of a feather....
and here's the photo I posted to Instagram for the challenge.
It's bound with a Michael Miller Eiffel Tower print that I thought gave it a little pizzazz.  I named it Flashing Geese.  It's winging its way to the recipient (yep it's a surprise) as I type.  More on the name and the mini once it has arrived.

And great news, today was Rocco's first walk, 6 weeks after his surgery.  He got to walk to the end of the driveway, stand and sniff the breeze, then turn around and walk back.  He was a happy boy, but sad because it was over all too soon and he wanted to RUN! (and would have had we let him...)
Heading back (so not ready to go back in) and a little later, chill-axin' in the sunshine on the patio
I photographed this jaw-dropping majestic Catalpa tree last year about this time in full bloom.  The photo does not do it justice; not only is it covered in orchid-like blooms, but it also towers over the adjacent trees, dwarfing the 2-storey house and the streetlight.  It just takes my breath away.
Ahh happy summer!  Happy International Yoga Day!  Happy me.  Namaste everyone.

Linking up with Modern Quilters Ireland.

One little update, sorry: I forgot to mention that Craftsy is having a 2-day sale today and tomorrow, any one class for $19.99! That's pretty sweet.  Let me know if you buy one and what you think of it! I will have a review for you in early July; gotta concentrate on Henry Glass for the next several days. :-)


  1. I am really loving seeing how everyone's Rainbow Rose corners are blending their colors together. And I have been thinking of Rocco; thank you so much for the update on him. I sure hope he'll be ready for longer walks and running soon!

  2. Your Rainbow Rose is looking awesome! Thanks to your over the top generosity I'm hoping to start on mine maybe tonight? Shhh...don't tell, I'm supposed to be sewing a certain someone's binding. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be half as productive as you are if Bella didn't over see things. That girl has it going on :) And it is 100% good to see that pibble on his feet again. I can just see that snout high in the air sniffing all the wonderful sniffs the outside has to offer. Baby steps, Rocco buddy, you'll be playing outside before you know it. And man is he solid. Not an once of fat on that boy.

  3. Glad to see Rocco is progressing. Now that Bella has accepted sewing upstairs it is probably about time to return to the lower regions. :-) That tree is amazing. I wanted a better look at the flowers on it and found this. http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/FullImageDisplay.aspx?documentid=8682 That would be such a fun tree to have as a neighbor.

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one slacking on blog writing/reading lately. It does help to push those projects along, doesn't it? Your rainbow is really coming along--and I love your mini mini. Yea for Rocco, and I guess for Bella, too, as she's made progress of a different sort.

  5. Sandra, love that mini block, what a super challenge photo!! Look closely at your tree, on the right hand side is a sheep's head, and above her!!! is an eagle, just the beak showing!! And your colour choices, at the beginning, wonderful.

  6. How do you find time to sleep, Sandra? You've been a busy girl, but certainly not short on creativity!your Rainbow Rose project is perfect with your fabric and color choices. So glad to hear Bella and Rocco are progressing along.

  7. I just had to comment that it took Nancy J pointing out the sheep's head for me to look closely enough to see it! It's there! I like that the projects you're working on--with Bella, are all getting done. Mine...not So much. You give me encouragement, friend, and I'm dying to see your Henry Glass projects soon. Drumroll please!

  8. Love this! I know you texted me most of these pics, but WOW that Catalpa tree!!! And awwwww, love LOVE my furry nephew and nieces so much! <3

  9. Wonderful post. Lovely to see your sewing table in action and well supervised too. It's great to see links out and about, not long he can run free hopefully. The tree is beautiful too and the rainbow and mini's are gorgeous. I need to who less and get more sewing done, now that Mum has gone home. 😉 Hugs xx

  10. God not sure what happened to last post! Spell checker thingy has a mind of its own arghhhh. How can Pibble end up as links? Xx

  11. God not sure what happened to last post! Spell checker thingy has a mind of its own arghhhh. How can Pibble end up as links? Xx

  12. I love a rainbow!! And I'm loving this quilt-a-long. If I wasn't in the middle of a BOM, I might have signed up! Congrats on your adorable mini mini! The quilting is just amazing. Was this your first? Yay Rocco! It's very hard to keep an active dog from being active!

  13. I love the richness your fabrics have in the rainbow - looks beautiful! Glad Rocco is doing well - can't imagine trying to hold him back! Bella seems to have be quite comfy now!

  14. I like your rainbow progress. I'm not sure if I could enough from from stash to make one, only one way to find out. It's 'Stash Play Time'. Nice to see Rocco doing the walk.

  15. I like the mixture of modern and trad fabrics you are using in your Rainbow Rose....and the mini is to die for. It's wonderful that Rocco is getting a bit better.

  16. Love your mini mini! Those ghosty geese are brilliant!

  17. Your rainbow rose is looking exciting! and I just loved that 'birds of a feather' pic, made me smile!

  18. The rainbow rose project is looking great, love your color choices. The mini is really cute, but oh so tiny!

  19. Not so much blogging but clearly a whole lot of sewing. I like your rainbow rose a lot; I think you have got the mixture of older and more modern fabrics just right.

  20. Wow you have bee up to soo much Sandra! Love how your rainbow rose is progressing - I'm playing catch up this week. Just have to say we've had a lot of oohing and aahing over Bella just now!!

  21. Aw....at the risk of sounding boring and dull I've just got to say I LOVE this post! I love your Rainbow Rose, I love regal Bella at the sewing table, I love seeing recovering Rocco, I love your mini-geese quilt, and I love the bird sculpture! Did I forget anything? Oh, yes....I'm pretty fond of you too! Keep up the good work...I've missed your posting but I see you've put the time to good use.....very inspirational. Blessings....Kthy in WV

    1. ...and don't YOU just love that I misspelled my own name?

  22. congrats on the walk, speedy recovery. Bella is adorable. She might fall off the edge of that table. Your work is awesome and I mean to do that star, yes I do, I just don't know when

  23. Your process of choosing/matching/grading colors is so effective. My favorite is that little mini with flying geese. However the juxtaposition of the hard cold metallic bird against the warm colors of the mini - is the winner!!! Hug Rocco for me - brave guy.

  24. A beautiful rainbow and silly Bella. Love the quilted (ghost?) triangles in your mini mini.

  25. I am so glad to see Rocco out and about. Silly Bella! Those eyes!! The quilting on your mini is stunning! Such tiny swirls!



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