Monday, June 27, 2016

Mini Round Robin - Round 1

June has definitely been a challenging month for me! Well and truly.  There's the ongoing Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire Challenge (big reveal later this week--eep!), getting two quilts made and sent off to England to my aunt and uncle, doing the Rainbow Rose QAL from my stash, making a minimini for Make Modern's #MMminimini Challenge, and also the Mini Round Robin.  Here is the link to the original post with my centre and our rules we decided upon.  You can still join us by setting up your own group with your own rules.  Without further ado, because I have still some serious sh*! to sew, here is my addition to Cindy's lovely original design centre:

I knew right away that I wanted to do some Seminole patchwork (yup there will be a tutorial on the blog).  It was a matter of exactly what design to do, and then getting the math right so things would line up.  Choosing colours, and where to place them was another factor.
I first thought a darker green would look nice but once I placed it against Cindy's centre, uh nope.  Headed back to the batiks stash and found a better one.

Seminole patchwork is a cool technique where you make stripsets and then cut them into varying widths, or not, stagger them in a certain order, sew, and then trim off the sides (so ya, you have to be comfortable working with a bias edge).  I added in the pale mauve because somehow it jumped off the stash shelf and said, "Hello," and I liked it with the greens.  I originally thought I could put the Seminole patchwork the entire way around the centre, but no, it overpowered it, and it would not have lined up properly in the corners.  I am pleased that I got the black small squares centred and then played with the black squares theme by using them in the corners.

I'll be sending this off to Tish to work her magic for Round 2.  This is really a lot of fun!  Here are links to my other quilty friends in the Mini Round Robin in shuffle order:

Tish @ Tish's Adventures in Wonderland
Julie @ Pink Doxies
Cindy @ Stitchin' at Home

Linking up with:
Cooking Up Quilts
Patchwork Times

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  1. I LOVE what you did to my block!!! This is so much fun! Your minimini for Helen is fab and the backing oh yes.

    1. Just to note I took off the section about Helen's minimini and updated this post so it is just about the Round Robin. Helen's will appear at another date!

  2. Round robins are such fun! And your addition does what is needed: echoes and extends possibilities. Claire aka Knitnkwilt

  3. I love this! I know I've seen you do this somewhere before, but can't remember where. It looks like it was meant for it. Nice job!

  4. I love what you have added to Cindy's block! It's like all of the games have been turned up a notch. Time to start my brain storming :)

  5. That's a wonderful addition to Cyndi's centre - seminole isn't something I have ever tried.

  6. It looks wonderful, Sandra! I am definitely enjoying watching you all collaborate. :)

  7. When I first started quilting, oh, a million one years ago, I was fascinated with Seminole patchwork, and your beautiful round on Cindy's center clearly shows me why! It's gorgeous, not to mention the perfect choice! What fun! I can't wait until my little group gets started with our r.r in August! XO

  8. Oh, wow -- that tiny block is magnificent! So precise, and your color/value placement is perfect. Not surprised to see that you're a teacher! :-)

  9. Your addition looks so good with Cindy's center square. It truly looks as if it was planned and made by the same person - you must be in her head! :) Adding the black squares in each corner echo's the center of her block and pulls it all together. Great job!

  10. I love this mini round robin idea. wonderful!

  11. Your addition of the Seminole really compliments the initial centre piece so well! Maths isn't my strongest point but it looks like you've got your points perfect here!

  12. Perfect addition to the centre, and just the right shades. This will be another super one when finished.

  13. I am enjoying your round robin adbenture very much. Your addition to the centre works very nicely. I am looking forward to seeing more of it.

    Are you also participating in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop?

  14. Loving this post as per usual. 😀 Missed you missus... but know you've been the Round Robin, what a great choice. I love Seminole. And the thought you have put into Helen's mini is wonderful. Congratulations on your June achievements, you have been far more productive than me. Xx

  15. The Seminole patchwork added the perfect touch and I do like it with the lighter green.

  16. Your Seminole patchwork was a really terrific way to play off Cindy's block. Great work Sandra! Who's do you receive next?


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