Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Wrap-Up

I did a little more shopping, Indie style over the past week.  This was in support of some wonderful designers who, like those I already purchased from in a previous post, give a lot of free stuff to QBL in the form of tips and tutorials, patterns, quilt-alongs, and so on.

May is for Makers is the initiative of Lindsey of LRStitched. You can read her post there, where she talks about the philosophy behind her mandate.

The pattern I purchased first in the last week of May is by a lovely Canadian quilter, who lives about 3.5 hours north of me: Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts.  Lorna hosts one of my favourite linky parties each Wednesday, Let's Bee Social.  It's a great place to find some new blogs, maybe make some new friends and oh, you betcha, find some new distractions, er, inspirations!

I plan to make her free QAL Doggone Cute quilt yet, just couldn't stuff it into the projects list when it was going on, but oh did it look fun.  And IMHO, the 'poster dog' for the quilt is a pibble!  Um yeah?!  After much thought (she has some fabulous designs), I decided to buy her Black Birds Quilt pattern.  I have a lovely neighbour down the street who is an avid bird guy, raises them, and has forgotten more about birds than I will ever know.  He knows a ton about trees and plants around here too, has taught this Alberta-girl much about the Carolinian forest where I now reside.  So this quilt will eventually go to him.
I also (finally) ordered some "mmm! quilts" labels to sew into my quilts that I list for sale on Etsy.  I followed Lorna's link on her blog to Ikaprint so she should get a little commission off my order.  More than one way to support a blogger/designer. ;-)

Second on the purchase list was from Cindy of Stitchin' At Home, also another Canadian quilter and now good friend of mine.  She lives even closer to me than Lorna does, just 'up the lake' a ways, maybe a couple hours?  For Buzzin Bumble Lara's Crafted Appliqué blog hop, Cindy designed her own pattern and did such a sweet little quilt.  Then she decided to offer her design for sale on her Craftsy pattern store!  This is her first 'for bucks' pattern. And uh, it's just over one buck you guys!

Love her fabric choices - used with permission

Third is my friend Beth, at Cooking Up Quilts, who is, like my good friend Tish, a West Virginia gal.  We met during the New Bloggers Group last summer, and got to know each other better through a mutual friend, Julie at Pink Doxies.  We got to know each other even better through the Craftsy blog hop that Julie and I hosted in February, as well as through some email conversations that occurred following her wonderful linky, Main Crush Monday.  See how linking up, or joining in a hop can bring you new friendships?  Love that.  Beth has some lovely patterns.  It was a hard decision!  I chose Floating.
My favourite colour combination - used with permission
I've bought patterns over the years from independent designers; I am a firm believer in supporting them.  However, having this gentle reminder and encouraging others to remember to support designers and bloggers was a terrific idea.  Buying something through a blogger's Craftsy affiliate link is another way to show someone a little love....which brings me to this:  can I ask each of you a favour?  Because I've had more than a couple of orders from friends and even a family member NOT get credited or tracked to me, can you shoot me an email if you do order through my Craftsy link?  I don't need specifics, just an order # and then I can be sure that it went through me.  This has been going on now for nearly 6 months, so I'm concerned, since these are only the orders I know about; how many will I never know about?

Speaking of Craftsy, who I do love, despite this glitch, which I hope will be figured out asap, the pattern for Blue Skies & Sunny Days is about to launch through my Pattern Store!  You can bet I will have it on sale for the launch, and you can also bet there will be a giveaway or three.  Should be this Friday.  Eeep!

Linking up with Let's Bee Social.


  1. These patterns look amazing, and I am soooo envious you have ordered labels! Woo-hoo!

  2. It really is nice to have just the right label for yourself. I love mine, but often I forget to put them in and have to go back and undo to add them. I love the ones from IKAT that Lorna talks about because they aren't too too big. Is that what kind you got?

  3. I love all of lorna's patterns . Like yourself intended to join the doggone qal at the time . It us still on my bucket list . You have been very supportive of May is for makers . Well done

  4. Great choices. Really like them all. I have really cute basset hound labels but I am terrible at remembering to use them!

  5. The neighbour will love the quilt!!!

  6. Thank you for supporting me it it much appreciated! Lorna's pattern are great. mmmquilts quilt labels? WOW.

  7. That blackbird quilt was joyous to make! But all the tiny pieces prompted me to redraft Lorna's Block to 9 inches instead of 6 inches. The eye of the bird on her pattern is cut three quarters of an inch -- ouch!

  8. Looking forward to seeing your pattern Sandra.

  9. Thank you so much for your support, Sandra. Not only for purchasing patterns from indie designers, but also for participating in the Let's Bee Social each week. I am so glad to know that you have made so many friends through your efforts to connect with everyone in the quilting community. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know you! Congratulations on your soon to be released pattern!

  10. I did use the affiliate link on your page to order a few months ago. I left you a blog post at that time telling you i did! I certainly no longer have that number, but i hope you received credit. I will save the number in the future.

  11. It's so true about how through participation in blog events and linky parties that we meet the nicest people and then become friends. I credit Pets on Quilts with meeting you Sandra. :)
    I love all the patterns you chose for May is for Makers!
    Wow - I sure will always let you know when I order something from Craftsy through you!


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