Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mini Round Robin - Round 3 and Final Reveal

Along with the summer speeding on by, our Mini Round Robin has come to an end and I can hardly believe it!  Of course there will be the final reveal of the quilted mini at the beginning of October.  The original centre, called The Attraction Block, is Tish's.  Julie added the first round.  Here is what I received from Cindy.
I knew two things, well three if you count the fact that I LOVED what Cindy did on her round!!  Okay, first I knew I had to do angles, not angels, angles, although I needed some angel guidance as August neared its end...45-degree angles are in each round as well as in the centre.  Second, I knew it needed pretty much all black and red as it was reading pretty white.

But what to do...

Tish had talked about her colour choices of red, black and white as classic, so I knew the final round should be in that theme.  I thought of a fancy appliqué, and I kept thinking 'classy' and classy ladies, and black tie affair, and tuxedo, and tuxedo cats (one of which chose Tish as his human), black cats, which Tish told me often find their way to her, and I, too, have a soft spot for black cats...
My darling cat, Raffi, had her from age 4 weeks (bottlefed her for two weeks) to the ripe old age of 17 1/2 years. Her whiskers and even her paw pads were black, AND she was a polydactyl.  She had 'thumbs'.
So a frame was added.  I had just the fabric, bought a piece when it first arrived in my LQS, Moda's Black Tie Affair by Basic Grey.  Thus ensued the math angels deserted me...
This is the second frame I added; the first had to be ripped off as I'd done the math wrong for calculating the width.  The block was 16 3/4", a most unusual size, so I knew I needed to bring it up to 18 1/2".

I remembered a mini log cabin pattern I had that had 3 1/2" (I thought) log cabin blocks. Log cabin is a classic block, my second favourite block after stars.  I'd made several of the runners over the years.  Did I still have that pattern?  A little digging, and yep.  Sadly, the blocks finished at 3 1/2", so they wouldn't divide into 18".  Still, I loved the idea and knew I could do something with it.  What about offset log cabins? They can produce some wonderful curves.  (You're thinking, 'Wait, Sandra, thought you were doing angles?' and...bada-bing! Welcome to my muddled menopausal melon.)

I pulled out three fabrics from the stash and scraps to make a few test blocks to see what size they'd end up.  Math had already gotten the best of me, so best to make some rather than trust my calculations...
Nope. Sadly these ended up at 4 1/2" unfinished, so 4" finished which did not divide into 18.  Should I pull off the frame and add a thicker one to make the starting block 20"?  That would mean the mini would finish at 28 1/2" not 24 1/2" as we were supposed to...still it was under 30" and somewhere along the way I thought we'd determined we could go that big if we wanted to add more to it when we got our own back...but that would mean more ripping...nooooo. There had to be a way.
The offset log cabin blocks didn't really curve the way I wanted anyhow with only two rounds and with only half a set of four, so I thought I'd go back to the log cabin runner pattern.

White centre squares.  I did 1/3 of them in an embossed white that looks like the exact same fabric in Tish's centre, that 'box' around her red centre.  But I noticed she also used black on white, and so did Cindy, so I looked through my thin stash of that, and came up with two, one with flowers on it (I remembered Tish sending me a photo of her newly planted flowerbed in early May) and another with sketched cat faces on it:
Perfect.  The grumpy ones are Bella and Princess Caroline LOL

Red and black for the logs.  The blacks in this block weren't solid, so I found one I'd bought last winter at a quilt show with a large line-drawn floral pattern, and then... in my MacGyver's flaming skulls quilt (yet to be made) stash I found a black with white pawprints on it fabric.  Tish and I both love animals; especially our pibbles, but we have all dogs' and cats' pawprints on our hearts, so I knew I had to do one round using this fabric.

Right.  The math was still worrying me, but I figured I'd start adding rounds as it was uh, August 28; time was a-ticking.

As you sew, you think.  It's very meditative.  Somewhere along round two, I thought of doing two sides with the red logs in and two with the black logs in.  Placing the red logs borders where Julie's black frame was, and the black logs where her red half-frame was.  Keeping the 'attraction' theme.

Yep I think that will work...Bella was helping as per this pesky math...

I'd somehow only made 20 blocks, not 24, 6 per side...don't ask me what I was thinking as I don't even know. Five a side??
Made four more blocks.  The logs finish at 1/2".  Just sayin'.  They're pretty small.  Sewed 6 together per side.  What to do in the corners... All black?  HSTs of red and black?  What a minute...

Tish's centre is two right triangles sewn together on the 45.  Julie picked up on that by mitering the black/red seams in her round.  So I followed that theme, placing a solid black square in one corner where the two mainly black log cabin borders meet, and a solid red in the opposite.  For the corners where the black meets the red I did an HST.
After all the ripping and hair-pulling it took with the math issues I am pretty pleased.  I also noticed that my tiny white square centres echo Tish's red centre, and Cindy's black squares on white fabric!  That wasn't planned but I'll take it!

You can see the other finished flimsies below:
Cindy at Stitchin' at Home (she did the final round on my centre and I just LOVE it!!)
Tish at Tish's Adventures in Wonderland
Julie at Pink Doxies

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Jeez Louise I only posted 6 times in August.  I reached (bashful face) rather a milestone in my bloggy life a week or so ago, over 250 followers now on bloglovin'.  WHOA Nelly.  (see? Louise and Nelly both got in this post) Should make a quilt and call it that...there will be some celebrating in my future. Which is looking rather busy for the month of September...but I hope to post more than six times sheesh!

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Here is a Bonnie and Camille Hello Darling one, and here is a Kate Spain Canyon one. There are LOTS more.  I've bought these before, 1 yard cuts and a 5-yard cut of RJR Handspray in black.  Just like for clothes, you can never have too much black.  I see several of the Handspray precuts are on 35-40% off too.  Might be a time to investigate a little stash enhancement. ;-)


  1. I'm speechless. I LOVE this so much! Everything about it. When I read the part at the beginning about me and the black cats, and seeing the picture of Raffi, I teared up a bit. You get me. I apologize for all the math :| I will owe you a glass of wine, say maybe in October? This has been the best experience EVER. Thank you for encouraging me to join in. I can't wait to hug all three of you! See the attraction block worked!

  2. i love the frumpy cat faces....i don't know how you all do it, but the round robins turned out great....sigh

  3. Stunning! There are 4 very talented ladies in this Round Robin!

  4. Perfect. (Or should I say purrfect?) I love how you did the corners like her center.

  5. Love it... I love that you have explained your thought process to us... it really helps to understand how you got to the final outcome. I have just completed my first ever Round Robin and found the thinking bit hard lol. It's when it is for someone else, you want it to be perfect😀 or as perfect t as you can get it. This is very striking and it sounds like you have a very talented group of ladies involved. Well done missus.. and yes, we missed you in AUGUST....Welcome back 😉

    Hugs from over the water.


  6. Beautiful work, great that the 'coincidence' of squares happened, the colours look fabulous. Great stuff.

  7. I love the round you added! It is striking! All that quilty math and seam ripping was worth it.

  8. Oh Sandra: I am very impressed with your math skills in figuring this all out. It looks wonderful.

  9. Those corner HSTs pulled it all together so fabulously! I love how you were mulling this over as you went along but also trusting your instincts and then everything aligned! Bravo!

  10. Oh, my gosh! You should more than 'pretty pleased'! I think this so beautiful how your border literally dances around the center. I looked at it how many times before I realized the borders echoed the center alignment. The tiny squares repeated, the continuity of the 90 degree angles, and especially the cat fabric add all the little details that are personal and touching. Congratulations on your awesome addition, Sandra!

  11. Oh that turned out really well despite all the maths! I love the pawprint fabric and the cat fabric is purrfect!

  12. Can I wake up now? All that math..... snooze LOL ;p

  13. Definitely worth all that work and math anxiety, LOL. The blocks added to the beautifuk effect are the perfect finish Sandra! I can all too well imagine just how tiny those log cabin pieces were. Tish must be thrilled!

  14. i have a order from Craftsy that got lost in Atlanta , Has been their since Tuesday and want get here until next Tuesday

  15. I love the way you did this and I went and looked at the others ... all just wonderful. I must admit that the thought of all those itsy bitsy pieces kind of makes me twitchy. lol

  16. Oh I love it - the mirroring is so effective and the whole thing comes together beautifully - what a stunning quilt!

  17. I love your mini round! Looks like it was worth all the work.

  18. Wowee! That's the perfect finish for the mini round robin. Tish will be thrilled. Sorry the math angels deserted you for a moment, but it all worked out in the end, and beautifully!

  19. I'm loving how this little quilt is coming together. Your border looks great!!!

  20. I love your addition! The two corners are awesome. Well done!


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