Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rounded Edge Bag #2!

This is another rendition of my Rounded Edge Bag tutorial here, that was also featured on Totally Tutorials. :-)  By the time you are reading this post, it is in the hands of a very good friend of mine.
It has bias binding piping in the sideseams to give it a bit of a pop.  I'll show you how to make the bias piping in a moment.

This bag happened because a sweet quilty friend of mine, Tish, of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland, sent me a bundle of fat eighths of Gooseberry by Bonnie and Camille, just because.  She figured I needed some, she said.  I figure she needs some back, and in the form of 3D sewing.  :-)
I had got a mini charm pack of Gooseberry from Fat Quarter Shop on one of their Flash Sales, so I thought I could use what Tish sent me and a bit of the mini charms to create a bag for her using this fabric.  The bag would go in with her mini round robin quilt I had to mail to her.  This is why it took a little bit longer than it should have to get into the mail.

Here's side 2, since each side is a bit different:
I quilted it on my Bernina with my favourite overall floral motif with random leaves.  On the side rectangles, I did Christina Cameli's 'Pragma' motif.  This was a fun design!  I added a bag handle to this because I had forgotten to add one in my green original one, and they are very handy.

You might (or might not) notice I added in a couple charms not from Gooseberry that really worked nicely, an older Daisy Kingdom one, an Art Gallery one, one from Amanda Jean's "Good Neighbors" line, and the buttons, or circles with 3 dots, hmm maybe not buttons, although I do see buttons...

A view of the inside shows you I used a laminated Kona cotton whose colour is absolutely perfect for the lining and a small inside pocket:
Note the label?!
Another darling friend, Lara, of Buzzin Bumble, sent me a chunk of this way cool fabric, two winters ago.  I've used it in a few bags now and just love it.

I quilted the bag with two colours of Essential thread from Connecting Threads. (no affiliation)  How I LOVE their thread!!!  I totally forgot to put the Tea Rose one I used for the dot to dot in the flying geese in the photo, duh! It's a really pretty one too, but not variegated.
The creation of this little bag, which measures 8X10", is just so... I don't know.... ahhhh!!  That gorgeous Ocean Jewels variegated thread is a gift from Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts, (click there and you will see she, like me, has been making some little bags) sent to me last winter.  Like I have the very best of friends, so thoughtful. :-)

All right if you are still with me, here is how I made my own bias binding to go around the bag. It's a snap.

Lay a ruler (I used my 15" square) with a 45-degree angle line marked on it, having that 45-degree line along the straight edge of the fabric.  Cut.  You will have a large triangle like the one below.

Carefully turn the triangle so the just-cut edge is to the left, and slice off three 1" strips.  You could use the 'cutting backwards' technique I showed you here, so you'd start by slicing off a 3" wide strip, and then moving the ruler back to the 2" line, and finally the 1" line to give you your three strips.
Voilà!  You have your three strips to go around your bag.
Now join the ends as you would a straight of grain binding, but being extra-careful because the bias is mighty stretchy, then press in half, and you have the 1/2" wide bias binding ready to be sewn into the side seam of your bag.  :-)

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  1. It must be bag week! I just finished a padded bag for my ipad last night, but haven't posted it yet. Your bag is so nice! Love the colors, fabric and quilting. What a lovely gift.

  2. Great bag. Where did you find laminated Kona cotton??? Love the labels.

  3. Laminated Kona?!? I. MUST. FIND. SOME. Seriously, I've never seen laminated fabric in person but am anxious tfixed some to my fabric collection. It would be perfect for small pouches and bags. How is it to work with? The cuteness factor of this bag is way up there, And has been elevated with all that yummy fabric you used! Tish is sure to love it!

  4. I LOVE my bag!!! Everything about it is perfect. And my little forgot to mention that cute little addition as well. I was just thinking last week, I should make a little basket to set on the sweet 16 for catching threads. Thank you for reading my mind, because we know how my basket sewing turns out :) You are the best, Sandra! Be prepared to get knocked down my a hug in October.

  5. Now that is a neat trick!!! Send fabrics to Sandra and get completed 3-D projects in return. I will be there in spirit when the hugging, kissing, drooling and slobbering takes place in October. The most searched phrase of the day is "laminated Kona"

  6. Such a darling bag. Love the texture from your quilting. The lining is really neat.

  7. So the bias binding is added kinda like piping would be....without the pip?

  8. Gorgeous bag. I have never seen laminated kona . The Bonnies and camille is so sweet .

  9. Love the bag -- I've been making lots of bags recently! I'm wondering where you had your labels made? It would be a lot of fun to have some of my own for little gifts I make...

  10. Fabulous bag and it's so true about bloggy buddies!


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