Thursday, September 22, 2016


Brady's summer jammies shorts are done!  Well they were like over two months ago; I just haven't posted about them.

Minions on the left; Ninja Turtles on the right!
Easy enough to sew two at the same time.  I found the Ninja Turtles fabric when I was looking for something else...  My sister, Wendy, gave it to me years ago (if you zoom in you might see a "c"1991 in the fabric), leftovers from snazzy baggy pants she made her boys who were about Brady's age in the mid-90s...Yup, that's 20 years ago!!!! Egad. How did that happen? I had thought it would be great for stack 'n whack (but there weren't enough repeats) or maybe parts of it for colourwash (you can use both sides of fabric depending on the fabric) and then realized get a grip Sandra, ain't gonna happen; use it for an I Spy kid quilt...  And then.  I thought hey, it might work for a second pair of shorts!  Only enough for one leg out of each colour, so they are WILD! I thought he'd love them as he loves the Ninja turtles. He was trying to teach me who was who the other night: Raphael, Donatello...

btw that Ninja Turtle fabric glows in the dark!

So he modelled them earlier this summer when his grandpa was out west visiting him:
He wore them while he was here this past lovely 8 days.  He didn't bring his Minions ones but he loves those too.

As I type this part now, he has lifted off out of Toronto a few minutes ago, headed back home with his mum.  Sniff.  Listening to his almost constant chatter gives me a glimpse into his amazing brain; the depth of thought this child has is nothing short of ahhh-mazing.  Such a thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, sweet, compassionate child I have never before encountered.

Going to assuage my sadness by applying this 378" long roll of eggplant binding onto Dayna's quilt this afternoon:

Quick note that you might want to assuage your feelings of hmmm, sadness that summer is nearly over or boredom or freedom now that your kids are back in school, or no reason LOL, by picking up a class from Craftsy...I got a surprise email today that they're putting every one of their classes on sale for less than $20US ($26CA) starting tomorrow.  Wow! That's an affiliate link, as you know ;-)
Click here for my reviews of some of Angela's classes.  I should be back within a day or two with a review of the latest one of hers I snagged, which I started watching (which made my mind go about the same speed as Brady's plane, 500mph with ideas):
Machine Quilting Borders and Backgrounds
as well as Natalia Bonner's brand new class
Free-Motion Motifs for Classic Blocks 

One of my good friends from my teaching days, and a faithful blog reader, Janis, sent me a couple of photos of what she has been busy sewing up for her twin granddaughters, just a month older than my Brady!

IT'S MY PYRAMID POUCH PATTERN!  Yes I yelled that in excitement!  It's my pattern that I designed for Moda Bakeshop (see sidebar link, no affiliation)  When I saw this, I actually said, "Oh! Yay! Wow!" and immediately asked her if I could post it sometime...  Isn't her owl fabric to DIE for?? And her accompanying colours?  and LOOK at her points!!  Okay, where else can you say that phrase without sounding rather rude? LOL
How I love these!  And I love that someone else is making my little pouch. :-)  Diann of Little Penguin Quilts made one too; click here to see hers.  This has lifted my spirits today.  Thanks so much Janis for sharing this!


  1. Hmmm, glow in the dark jammies. It doesn't get much better ... at least not if you are a little boy. lol

  2. It is an exhilarating feeling when you realize that your pattern has inspired someone to make something. Such a dose of validation!!!
    Those jammies are adorable. May be I need a ninja glow in the dark night shirt. I am sure Jonesie will be chasing me like he chases a laser pointer.
    What class will you get, now that you have all of Angela's classes?

  3. Cute jammies on a darling model. So exciting that you are working on the binding!

  4. That's a lot of binding are you machine stitching or hand stitching it to the back. Adorable jammies on a sweet little boy.

  5. Looks so cute and colourful ♥

  6. Great points indeed ! I love the ninja shorts, my sons loved them first time around .

  7. So glad you had a great visit together Sandra! The shorts are so cool - especially the glow in the dark feature.
    How fun that Janis made your pyramid pouches with her granddaughters!

  8. Love those shorts! I think the fact that both legs are different just adds to the Ninja Turtle fun! I can remember watching them after school, but I promise I was older than Brandy's age, just loved my cartoons ;)

  9. Love my little great nephew! ❤
    That's great about the pyramid pouch!


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